Electronic Value Exchange MOBI ¶ Electronic Value

Electronic Value Exchange I read this book as a reminder to anyone that would like to challenge VISA VISA is very fundamentally strong business 1 It has a very good business model 1960 70 four party instead Diners Amex third party2 It battle proven against similar concept 1980 1990 ATM EFT3 VISA and Mastercard basically a duopoly a self regulated industry So I can say it will defeated the electronic money and digital wallet business in 2000 2020 Visa already win several battles1 online EFT 2000 paypal2 digital wallet 2010 apple pay google walletI get the notion that many fanboy here would proudly saying that insert a name here will replace VISAMastercard domination It is like saying Google will replace Wikipedia VISA will not be replaceable even if Apple mandatory use of Apple Pay in its paystore Electronic Value Exchange examines in detail the transformation of the VISA electronic payment system from a collection of non integrated localized paper based bank credit card programs into the cooperative global electronic value exchange network it is today  Topics and features provides a history of the VISA system from the mid 1960s to the early 1980s; presents a historical narrative based on research gathered from personal documents and interviews with key actors; investigates for the first time both the technological and social infrastructures necessary for the VISA system to operate; supplies a detailed case study highlighting the mutual shaping of technology and social relations and the influence that earlier information processing practices have on the way firms adopt computers and telecommunications; examines how “gateways” in transactional networks can reinforce or undermine established social boundaries and reviews the establishment of trust in new payment devices

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