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The Masque of Mañana This volume contains the major short science fiction of Robert SheckleyIntroduction by David G HartwellContains Leech Demons Fool s mate Monsters Seventh victim Shape Untouched by human hands Something for nothing Accountant Thief in time Battle Milk run Ghost V Laxian key Skulking permit Squirrel cage Lifeboat mutiny Necessary thing Citizen in space Ticket to Tranai Skag castle All the things you are Bad medicine Early model Pilgrimage to earth Native problem Language of love Deaths of Ben Baxter Wind is rising Gray flannel armor Holdout Prize of peril Minimum man Sweeper of Loray Triplication Store of the worlds Prospector s special Shall we have a little talk Sarkanger Dukakis and the aliens

About the Author: Robert Sheckley

One of science fiction s great humorists, Sheckley was a prolific short story writer beginning in 1952 with titles including Specialist , Pilgrimage to Earth , Warm , The Prize of Peril , and Seventh Victim , collected in volumes from Untouched by Human Hands 1954 to Is That What People Do 1984 and a five volume set of Collected Stories 1991 His first novel, Immortality, Inc 1958 , was followed by The Status Civilization 1960 , Journey Beyond Tomorrow 1962 , Mindswap 1966 , and several others Sheckley served as fiction editor for Omni magazine from January 1980 through September 1981, and was named Author Emeritus by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America in 2001.

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    Of the 41 stories collected here, at least half represent the cr me de la cr me of vintage SF satire of the 1950s and early 60s, boisterous philosophical hi jinks with a scorpion strike of cynical glee.Just be forewarned that potential new Sheckleyans will have to filter his dry, flaky, clich parched prose the original markets for these tales were mostly drug store pulps like Galaxy and Astounding, though five of these stories initially appear

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    My entire feeling after reading this book not once, but several times can be summed up as if only the recent lot of authors can dream of writing like this These stories are funny, poignant, serious, action packed, tight, and under all circumstances highly readable NESFA has done us, the lovers of science fiction the field has got really swamped by guys who are heavy on character building moods, at the expense of taut narratives and clean stories a hu

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    This is a great collection from a great SF writer Only a couple of stinkers in this one, which is remarkable considering how many stories are in here My favorites involve the AAA Ace guys, Arnold and Gregor Someone please tell me that Sheckley did a series of novels about them I could watch them in action all day long But there were a lot of other interesting stories in here, too If the STAR TREK writers weren t fans of Sheckley, I ll eat this book page by

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    Interesting mix of short stories in this Some disturbing, some funny, some just odd, mostly good reads This was a good book for reading over a long period of time, a few stories at a time, which is what I did.

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    Classic SF humor.

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    only two science fiction story writers have been able to surprise me on a regular basis The great Isaac Asimov was one Scheckley is the other, His stories display exceptional cleverness in both setting up and resolving the central conflicts, all with a twist that left me consistently wowed Examples In Ghost V, two intrepid planet explorers have run up against monsters borne out of their childhood imaginations, finding the only way to deal with them is to revert back to their ch

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    45 short stories by the brilliant satirist, famous in Russia but almost completely forgotten in his native country Unfortunately, my favorite story of his, Watchbird , is not there I once stepped into a discussion in the Russophone blogosphere about whether the indigenous population of Kosovo are the Serbs or the Albanians I noted that no anatomically modern humans are indigenous to Europe since we all came from Africa The story Sarkanger makes it clear that wild cabbage predates both

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    I ve been a Sheckley fan since I was a kid getting into SF and I was thriled to be one of the people suggesting which of his short stories ought to be in this volume This really is a collection of his very best, including to my knowledge the only place to have all of his AAA Ace Interplanetary Decontamination stories If you love humorous SF and don t know Sheckley, this is the place to start.

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    This is a great collection of sci fi stories that take place in galaxies far, far away Many are hilarious, and others force you to question humanity is this really what we re like I highly recommend it for everyone, but you should note that some of the stories seem a little repetitive many of the characters are reoccurring , but this is easily fixed by reading one story, switching to something else for a day or two, and then going back to it.

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    Wonderful, quirky collection of short stories Got me hooked to Sheckley, so I am collecting his other books Love his sense of humor which adds a nice twist to the endings of his short stories.

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