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Season of Change When three best friends decide to take a summer long vacation to Nantucket Island their lives and marriages begin to unravel one affair at a timeA woman’s intuition has always been a finely tuned trait for Cyn so when photos of her husband on a cruise with a mutual friend surface her world crumbles – but only briefly She is strong willed and no woman beds her husband and gets away with it Their vows for better or for worse take on an entirely new meaningSuzie finds herself instantly attracted to Adam Baldwin a well known author when he shows interest in her unpublished novel and offers to review it What starts out as a business dinner soon turns personal and their romantic feelings ignite When Adam by chance discovers Suzie is married a detail she has not revealed he takes off for New York feeling betrayed and used Suzie ends her marriage to Sam and her attempts to contact Adam are unsuccessful leaving her in limbo but not for good Jo’s life goes into a tailspin when she receives a letter from Stephen asking for a divorce saying they have grown apart A cliché at best she thinks until she learns he is expecting a child with his girlfriend thirty years his junior Later he begs for a second chance which Jo contemplates until three time married Dolly Fletcher dishes up some wise and witty words of advice Yearning for her old family life Jo still struggles with her decision until Stephen empties her bank account cuts off her credit cards and locks her out of their home What happens next leaves Stephen a well respected physician with his pants down 3 ⭐⭐⭐ OK decent readsThree long time friends all married for 25 years and about to turn 50They decide to spend their vacations on the beach and from there a series of events happen that will change their lives foreverTwo cheating husbands and two ways to deal with the situation It is easy to give advice in the life of others but when it happens to the person herself she sees the problem totally different Go figuresWhile two friends deal with cheating husbands and the chaos that this causes in their lives another friend falls into temptation herselfIt was cool to read about middle aged women who are forced to face change in their lives when they thought they figured it all outThe story caught my attention from beginning to end but I confess that the end of the book was abrupt and left me wanting answers I was disappointed by the lack of a complete end But I recommend it Very nice ensemble cast with different but complimentary story lines in the style of Nancy Thayer or Mary Kay Andrews LL could hold her own with those ladies any dayThis is true Women's Fiction and I really enjoyed it a lot All of the ladies changed and grew and the cheating ex got his just deserts A lot of infidelity excused and shirty behaviour I hated Stephen and glad he got some comeuppance But I was not exactly inclined to root for Cub and James either A lot his behaviour was excused as if because he wanted to stay with Cyn she should be grateful? She apologised to him for his cheating with someone she hated? Also why was Maxine predominant bale day and targeted by Cyn? This book also shied away from truths and anything thy might make us dislike James for example when Cyn asks how long The affair was going on for he never answers her Also to say it was a just sex is naive it was implied the affair had been going on for along time and they were going going on trips together this wasn’t wam bam and done sexually release Also the cheating friend was not a treat in my book

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