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John Major The Autobiography Major's early life was extraordinary; his rise through Parliament meteoric Soon a favourite of Margaret Thatcher he became Foreign Secretary and then Chancellor of the Excheuer When Thatcher fell he fought and won a shrewd campaign to succeed her

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    If the market is to be believed then this book is close to worthless You can actually pick up a paperback copy for a penny on This is a lamentable as the memoir at the very least provides an interesting look at how political parties commit suicide under the strains of irreconcilable centrifugal forcesThe key to understanding John Major's premiership is an offhan

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    A truly revealing and at times very humorous account of a man who history and conventional wisdom have derided as the boring bloke between Thatcher and Blair Instead John Major was in power for six and a half years during which some of the most important events of the post Cold War era occurred and that's before you even consider the pivotal role he played in the latt

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    Isn't it funny how tastes can change over the years? I'm not talking about books this time though I only started reading political memoirs over the last five years or so but I always had an interest in politics even as a kid When I was twelve I could name every member of Margaret Thatcher's Cabinet I grew up in a family of Labour voters with a cloud hanging over the polici

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    A fascinating insight into the workings of government Covering both external politics as well as internal party wranglings it allows a deep insight into how policy is created and decided What can we agree on as a party what will the electorate vote for as well as the additional expectation of international partnersIt is easy to forget how many significant national and internati

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    I was lucky enough to be in London when I was reading this book The only problem was that I had been back in the States for 3 weeks before I finished it There was an extraordinary amount of detail that just didn’t interest me ie Major went into an inordinate amount of detail when he talked about Cabinet reshuffles giving me the names and personal history of every practically every

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    This book is about John Major the politician who took over from Maggie Thatcher as leader of the Conservative Party and British Prime Minister She had an intense focus span her views well but approached it from what was the extreme right of her party In many ways she was the British Ronald Reagan implementing many of his policies hereMajor was of a centrist the sort of leader who wanted

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    For a book I didn't choose to read it was bought for me at a carboot I got on ok with it The only similar one I can compare it with was James Callaghan's memoir which I remember being eually favourably surprised by 25 years ago My sole criticism would be that it's not really an autobiography you don't get much about him in it You get a detailed account of the problems he faced and the decisio

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    Considering the amount of detail and the size of book it was well written and really interesting It changed my views on John Major and definitely he is nothing like the picture we were presented with at the time by 'Spitting Image' I'm not a Conservative fan but he had some really interesting ideas philosophies and it is disappointing that so many of the MP's elected under the Conservative banner

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    I do like the memoirs of former Prime Ministers I was interested in John Major's book because I was too young to experience his government as it was in power and remember very little about him except seeing him depicted on Spitting Image the peas are good tonight dearBut crikey; he had a rough ride

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    Got this book from someone having a lockdown clearout but I am interested in politics and uite like autobiographies of major political figures I guess if you are not that into UK politics then you aren't going to be that bothered but I uite enjoyed a run through of all the big UK 90s political issues from the inside Black Wednesday Northern Ireland the break up of Yugoslavia the ERM the fall of Thatcher pub

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