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5 StarsThe Getaway God book 6 in the Sandman Slim series is still fresh and exciting to me This series is tailor made for me It has an amazing bad ass natural born killer that is loyal down to his core for a hero It has Gods Demons Ghosts Vamps Zombies and much It is extremely violent with no holds back heads a rolling on the floor writing Kadrey uses clever dialog sarcastic humor and relevant references to make things fun and freshIn this book we are treated to an ever darkening setting with even end of the world doom at stake James travels back to Hell on several occasions and that rocks This book is a page turner that never lets up Once again I love the clever references that make me like Sandman Slim and Richard Kadrey and “Samael is the prick who stuck me with the job of playing Lucifer But we kissed and made up We have similar tastes in Dario Argento and Takashi Miike flicks”— my favorites as wellHumor and wit““How’s this? I’ve saved this world than once already I have friends here and I’ll kill anything that walks crawls flies or oozes out of the ground if it hurts one of them I know God and the Devil and their worst secrets I know how to pull the plug on this whole rotten world and I don’t do it You know why?”“So to sum up Tonight I had my throat crushed I was tossed around like a beanbag I was beaten with a gun butt I was shot And now another God hates me I want a smoke but when I cough I taste blood Maybe some bullet fragments in a lung I put the Maledictions back in my pocket”The only thing that I do not like about this Urban Fantasy series is the wait for the next book I love this series the writing and the whole biblical horror genre I cannot recommend this series enough to fans of Urban Fantasy and Horror alike It is not to be missedFreaking bad ass fun 35 stars rounded up to 4I've been a big fan of this series since book one but this definitely fell short for me Stark spends a lot of his time running from place to place worrying about the destruction of earth While that's a huge thing to worry about I miss the books where Stark was tearing stuff up all of the time He does get back to his nature around 80% through the book when he brings back some hellhounds to assist him The rest of the book goes on the be a bit anti climatic with how easy some problems were solved Death like birth is a secret of natureOnly with birth you get a blanket and a bottle You get a blanket with death too but they call it a shroud and everyone else gets the bottle How am I supposed to be okay with that? What an experience it was By far it is the best book in the series with Sandman Slim running a close second The book is a like a galvanizing baithak with a bottle of Aua Regia and a pack of Maledictions The one fifth of the book builds up serenely to the last titillating eight odd pages How the book can go wrong if it starts with You'd think the end of the world would be exciting but this apocalypse is about as much fun as dental surgery The book is full of dark humor and dank jokes Eg It’s like a joke the Irish used to tell“What do you call a dead Englishman?”“What?A good start” I always was in awe of the way Richard Kadrey has portrayed his magical world with the framework shit I do sound like an Ivy League prick of our Christian own world The truth that everybody some of the people feel miserable is perfectly articulated Eg No matter which God is in charge we’re bugs on his windshield Always were Always will be AmenAnd then there is the usual dose of philosophy Only a man with a guilty conscience keeps reminding you of how innocent he isStrangely one sui generis Power to you It is the word of day at theasauruscom appears with the Golden Vigil a four hundred fucking years old Japanese monk I had enjoyed his literary jabs with Stark Moreover I am starting to like Samael and Read this Wino I heard one about someone using your skull as a bedpanSeventh book Hear I come to break your spine I received a digital advance copy of this book for personal blogging and reviewOnce again I had a nice four hour long chat over drinks with my favorite anti hero James Stark Oh my god this book AMAZING Kadrey does it again no surprises there with exploits of the hero we all love to hate and hate to love Stark deals with the less than appreciative Golden Vigil bossing him around about a serial killer investigation all while facing the looming threat of the Angra Om Ya in the latest installment of the Sandman Slim series Old friends and some old enemies find their way back into Stark's life as the world is about to end Yes again It's always a frolic through a field of daisies when you're with Sandman Slim Who's side are Stark's allies really on? Will they find a way to stop the Angra Om Ya in time or will Heaven Earth and Hell all be destroyed from internal and external forces? Read this book Find out You won't be disappointed Sandman Slim must save himself and the entire world from the wrath of some enraged and vengeful ancient gods in this sixth high octane adventure in the New York Times bestselling seriesBeing a half human half angel nephilim with a bad rep and a worse attitude not to mention temporarily playing Lucifer James Stark aka Sandman Slim has made a few enemies None though are as fearsome as the vindictive Angra Om Ya the old gods But their imminent invasion is only one of Stark's problems right now LA is descending into chaos and a new evil the Wildfire Ripper is stalking the cityNo ordinary killer The Ripper takes Stark deep into a conspiracy that stretches from Earth to Heaven and Hell He's also the only person alive who may know how to keep the world from going extinct The trouble is he's also Stark's worst enemy the only man in existence Stark would enjoy killing twice First off legalese I received this eARC as part of the Harper Voyager Super Reader program in return for an honest review i know it sucks but someone has to do it ;Spoilers spoilers spoilers and coarse languageNo really if you haven't read the series you should stop nowOkay don't say I didn't warn youSo I'm still mixed about this series Sandman Slim started off rocking and rolling hardcore I would tell people that Stark was a no holds barred Harry Dresden while being nothing like Harry Dresden i know confusing but if you've read the books you understand That being said Butcher just gets better with each novel and Kadrey has again just my opinion so don't crucify me folks seemed to stumble from book to book Stark has mary janed his way out of plenty of situations and with the last couple of books the Big Bosses Angra Om Nomnomnom just seem contrived Of course once you've beaten God and the Devil you have to figure out something bigger This entire novel seemed too gloomy with too much navel gazing I don't read about Slim for the angsty sick of it all introspection I read about the Monster that kills Monsters because Fuck You if you don't understand that but aren't offended you obviously haven't read the series and should do so if you don't understand that and are offended you obviously aren't the target market and should go find another book to read possibly something by Nicolas Sparks At least with the ending of this book it seems that Kadrey is poised to return to Stark's beginning but view spoiler I just don't know if I can handle him as a gumshoe Killer for hire yes PI no hide spoiler STOP If you have not read any of the other books why are you reading this review? In all fairness I never offered a review for Sandman Slim But I did give it 5 stars I suggest that a person start by looking at the first book in this awesome series This is book #6 And Yes I own them all In hardback I suppose one can loosely compare them to the Harry Dresden series Only in that there is magic and each book is a stand alone story Beginning middle end But that is all I assure you Sandman Slim is no Harry Dresden He likes to kill people and is all out for vengeance Don't fuck with his friends Oh and if your this far in we know he isn't all human As with the other books this picks up close to where the story ended in the previous book The last book fell a little flat for me but this one did not This one is a game changer And I am looking forward to see how the game changes I haven't told you anything about the story? Seriously if you have read all the previous books you already know the story It good its fun I love all the playful banter There was a new character a monk Curious thing about that monk I read an article online we know everything on the internet is true about a monk that was mummified and still alive He had been stolen and was returned to his rightful place the monks share similar backgrounds Yes I know the monk in the book was not realBut I really liked him And who am I to decide what is real and what is not All I can really say is that I love this series And I uote MrSlim We're living in an open air auariumEveryone and everything is wet inside and out Soon we'll grow gills and fins We'll swim out into the California current and let it carry us down to Baja where we'll live off cheap cerveza and krill Until someone decides our bones make good soup Then we'll head out to sea into the deepdeep water where transparent creatures so long in the dark they're born blindskulk along the ocean floor waiting for us to tire out or die or just give up We'll drift down to the bottom of the worldfood for things that have never dreamed of land or humans or the Angra Will we be happy then? Primordial shit in a volcanic trench older that God's jodhpurs? I doubt it We'll just get absorbed by something else and fed up the food chain again until we're back on land food for the God or Gods that marooned us here in the first place And we'll start the whole thing again Our only consolation is that maybe in the new world the studios will have sense and no one will green light Battlefield Earth That would be worth coming back for Mixed feelings here You have to like I don't want wisdom I want a bazooka or we could have been playing badminton with a baked ham for all he cared You have to admire the constantly increasing scope of Stark's adventures and that despite being almost a cartoon character he is still showing a tiny bit of emotional development You have to recognize the challenge for Kadrey to bring the series to a major turning point if not an end There are a lot of things to wrap up a lot of characters to account for I will however be glad to see the end of the motorcycle the Aua Regia and the Maledictions Couldn't help thinking they were just there to pad out the word count The ending as others have noted felt like the kind you get when the author realizes that he's only got a thousand words left and has to wrap it up Kadrey tells and shows us at great length what a powerful badass Saint Nick is and at the end he is taken out by view spoiler an ordinary pistol hide spoiler Typical Sandman Slim story but lacking a bit in innovation and with shallowly drawn characters Also the last third of the book and in particular the final big climax were lacking in detail and were perfunctory at best leaving the novel unsatisfying overall 35 stars Audio VersionI don't know exactly what it was but this one just didn't hold my attention Not bad but I didn't enjoy it as much as I usually do It picked up towards the end and I'm looking forward to the next oneAs usual with this series the narrator was fantastic The Getaway God

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