The Abduction The Sa Tskir Brothers Chronicles #1 Kindle

Samantha needed a break and Las Vegas seemed like the perfect escape After inheriting her father's farm and being cheated on by her long time boyfriend she decided she needed a change and set to make her own destiny She expected sooner or later Prince Charming would come along and sweep her off her feet She did not expect to be swept off to the stars literally Bound to a young alien who's inexperience with anything female proves to be an inconvenience Samantha's days of house arrest on a war torn planet are boring and dull Until her mate's older brother comes home wounded from the war Then things start to heat up considerably The Abduction The Sa Tskir Brothers Chronicles #1

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    Finally an alien romance book that involves an invasion on Earth And what do we get?Alien Romance meets Jerry SpringerOn the left side of the stage we have Krissik The baby brother The alien kitty man who risked h

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    Alright so here goes the whole review on this novel that left me kind of confused and uncertain of what I could say about itI had to read it twice to be sure I could give a full description of my feelings and thoug

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    I very much enjoyed this book PLOT SPOILER WARNING Samantha her BFF Carly take a vacation to Las Vegas to help Samantha get over the breakup with her ex fiance' John who she strongly suspects was cheating on her Saman

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    It started out really interesting but gradually faded out into obscurity The main male character was described as being a tough alpha alien but was so lame I just skimmed through the pages until I got to the end

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    DNF I tried I really did but there was just too much intimate contact with the little brother before the hero and heroine got together and I felt bad for the little brother This just didn't work for me for several reasons

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    This is the first alien and human romance novel that I have read and honestly I was uite pleasantly surprised I really enjoyed this book I liked the relationships that Samantha established between Krissik and Rikist The book kep

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    Nice although I think the first half of the book was slow and kind of dragging until we got to some emotionction between the main charactersFeel bad for the little brother

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    I don’t believe in restating the description of a story You can read that on any book site and usually at least half of the reviews consist of a recap of the description so what I thought about the story is that it was great I was

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    This was definitely different but fun Who knew a uick trip to Vegas could land you on an alien planet abducted to be some virginal kitty's mate That's where Samantha found herself on a planet ravaged by war and a dying population of kitt

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    I liked the characters and the plot It was a very engaging plot too It had bits and pieces of details hidden throughout that link together in the end but didn't look like they were related at all when first introducedOne thing that could ha

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