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Meet Me Halfway The endingIt could have been a better ending I wanted The description doesn't really explain the book But It was a good read More a 35 in part because I think I wanted something different than what this story offered Interesting piece and a uick read but I sort of wish it had been longer to fully develop the characters I had a harder time connecting to the heroine but the hero's struggles spoke to me Mark and Beth were anxiously awaiting the arrival of their son ZacThe Nursery was Painted the Furniture Assembled Clothes bought and Christmas Presents under the treeTheir dreams we coming true things couldn't have been any betterHeartbreak Grief Shock Dismay and Confusion are the emotions that have now taken over Beth and MarkThey try to come to grips with the tragic outcome that they've experienced but life gets in the way I wasn't so impressed with this novel it wasn't very well thought out and I certainly felt no emotion to the novel I was slightly disappointed granted this subject hits home for me but I couldn't connect with this novel Beth can't forgive her husband for cheating on her just after they lost their son during childbirth Struggling to come to terms with his infidelity Beth decides to push Mark out of her life for good and books herself on a prolonged cruise just as the anniversary of their son's death approachesMark is still devastated at Beth's complete lack of trust in him and has given up trying to reconcile with his wife When he learns of her cruise plans it shakes him out of his stupor and fills him with a renewed determination to woo her backWith the cruise booked to depart in just a few short days and with Christmas just around the corner Mark has no choice but to re open old wounds with the hope of convincing his wife that they should never have partedBut Beth has secrets of her own If they are to reunite she'll need to forgive not only her husband but herself too

About the Author: Amber T. Smith

Amber lives in Cardiff the busy capital city of Wales A married mother of two she writes contemporary romance usually with a comic flavor Now and then she also delves into deeper territory and likes to explore the darker side of relationships IF THE SHOE FITS her debut modern romantic comedy releases with Crimson Romance April 29 2013

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