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The Miracle of Christmas I got this book a while ago and in going through my books thought since it is a blizzard outside the stories would fit my mood I gave only three stars because I felt 48 pages to tell two different stories wasn't enough The first story is about a brother and sister Jacob and Sandra Rawlings who run a ranch in Casper Wyoming together after their parents are killed in a buggy accident It is the day before Christmas Eve and the two set out to cut down a tree and are caught in a terrible snow storm I liked it okay but felt I had already heard it beforeThe second story by far was my favorite It is a story of three sisters that lived during the depression A niece and nephew recount family traditions and memories Aunt Dora is the star and she remembers her marriage and courtship of her true love It was such a heart warming affair that ended up with me balling my eyes out It brings to mind The Notebook Such a romantic man her husband was and their Christmas song Blue Moon and all the dances that surrounded it Nice storiesI wouldn’t say this was my favoritecollection but I love reading about Christmas miracles God is full of surprises all year round Delightful Christmas StoryThis is a very sweet story that takes place in Chicago one of my favorite cities so I was familiar with the setting having visited there during the beautiful Christmas decorations time I did wonder how the characters played golf during a northern Illinois winter Normally that would have to be the miracle in the story I loved reading this short story Very cozy and entertaining Read this during corona social distancing it really lifted my spirits It was a wonderful set of stories that kept me from the outside worldAnd it's issues it's than the perfect time to be reading something cheerful and with some hope Easy and uick readingA collection of short stories Nice Christmas stories that show the good ualities in people and showcase Christmas spirit A uick read Wonderful Christmas storiesIf you are looking for a set of short positive Christmas stories look no further these are the ones you should read A series of short stories that were rather boring I think I started it a year or so ago and couldn't complete it until now Two heartwarming Christmas stories of faith and loveThe Shepherd of Casper Mountain When brother and sister set out two days before Christmas to cut down the best tree they could find for the community an accident and a snow storm trapped them in the mountains A shining star and an old man would come to the rescueSnow Angels When Dora lost her first husband at the tender age of twenty she thought she would never love again but just around Christmas time love came knocking and so did a new Christmas carolThe Miracle of Christmas is novella length with approximately 18000 words MehShort stories that are based in different places and eras The one common element is the Christmas season None of these stories were particularly impressive or stood out RomanceI loved the stories filled with romance and finding love and finding their way with God's help and grace Never give up is the lesson in these stories

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