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Gridlock Jude Wagner computer whiz has helped develop the Grid a computer program that can personalize low cost medicine based on individual human genomes Now he is responsible for safeguarding the programIt certainly needs that for the Grid has enemies whether pharmaceutical corporations or religious fanatics Someone is killing computer engineers to keep the Grid from operating Someone is attacking the Grid itself Jude partners with a sympathetic FBI agent Nathalie Noiret to stop the attacks before it’s too late Characters have depth are distinct from one another and are deeply motivated The author immerses them in an environment that has its own personality with its own agenda Conseuently individuals are affected by such things as fog cable cars and tourists and gulls And we are there with them caught in the dramaHere is a potential blockbuster intelligently written with a great plot Unfortunately the text is riddled with errors which can cause confusion Ziegler’s knowledge is astounding And edgy We marvel at how much of the technology already exists and its potential impact on society Very tight plot Very topical Personally I'm interested in scientific thrillers and when they are well researched like this one all the better I finished it in three days Not for everyone but I couldn't put it downThis is a plot driven techno thriller that is indeed intricate There's a big cast and the story goes into some depth on genomic medicine and supercomputing If you want to explore these topics with an FBI backdrop then you'll probably enjoy this The story builds for sure though the suspense isn't full throttle until the second half of the book I'm one for twisty plots like this and I liked that the scientific revolution in the story came across as well researched Very good Well structuredVery good Well structuredThis is a book that you want to finish in one sitting Genetics and modern medical science well portrayed I love itI love itGood suspense read Action and mind blowing issues Most books I figure out before the climax This had me puzzled until the reveal This book held my interest from beginning to end This was a free book of the day at and I thought I had nothing to lose by getting it I was actually uite surprised by how good it was and it's fast paced action kept me reading Gridlock A scientific thriller Computer genius Jude Wagner has unlocked mankind’s greatest scientific discovery—the human genome His invention accelerates the Grid a vast computer network making the interpretation of an individual’s DNA lightning fast In fact the Grid makes diagnosis of disease affordable to all The breakthrough heralds the dawn of personalized medicine—and personalized cures It sparks a healthcare revolution promising hope for millions But when Wagner’s closest colleagues die under mysterious circumstances he's hurled into a battle to protect the Grid pitting him against a powerful faceless enemy Could Wagner be next To save himself and his invention he must forestall Gridlock The author’s publisher Loma Vista Press gave me a copy of this novel in exchange for my reviewMedical thrillers aren’t exactly my wheelhouse An overload of scientific principles in a recipe for boredom which is why “Gridlock” was the perfect medical thriller for this reader Ziegler who has a strong background in medicine and computer science gives the reader all of the facts to be convincing but not so inscrutably as to weigh the story down “Gridlock” is Ziegler’s first novel and shows the signs of an author with talent looking to tackle what is perhaps a timely subject At the start of the novel the ill fated Dr Hideo Onagi presents the idea to people who might donate to its success he tells them that customized health care will be expensive but also effective Social commentary poplar or not sets the stage for this impressively knowledgeable workZiegler’s work features a number of somewhat generic characters Even the assumed main character Jude Wagner seems to lack a uniue voice He’s a somewhat generic lead What we lack in development Ziegler makes up for in pacing Ziegler’s writing style leaves the reader barreling from big idea to bigger idea crashing into the knowledge nuggets laced through the narrativeIf you like medical thrillers and have a strong interest in current affairs give this novel a shot Keep your eyes open for Ziegler’s next novel as this author has the talent and is sure to develop the focus Firstly I won this book as part of a Goodreads Giveaway Thank you to all authors and readers who support this excellent scheme'Gridlock' is very much a novel in the mould of science cum business thrillers such those by Paul McEuen or Michael Crichton Jude Wagner has unlocked a discovery that can potentially change the nature of medicine promising hope to millions with aggressive conditions such as cancer but potentially threatening big business interests The cast is wide and well drawn although ironically it is some of the 'villains' such as Ferguson Ramsey and Cesar that come out best Personally I found Wagner a bit too much of a Matthew Reilly type protagonist too good at everything and with no real flaws Eually Natalie was unengaging the other FBI characters were better drawn The real strength of the novel was in the plotting and scientific background The plot is fast moving had enough red herrings to keep me guessing and had a satisfactory ending Given Ziegler's background the science is both impeccable and engrossing and really helps give credence to the plot I found the style engaging with short sentences to drive pace However it did seem a bit choppy at first with a bit too much tell rather than show However this soon settles downOverall I really enjoyed this and hope there will be a follow up case I would highly recommend

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