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Carbonel The King of Cats 45 stars We loved this story of Rosemary who hopes to buy a broom to help her mother earn money by cleaning over the summer holidays and accidentally comes away with a witches broom and Carbonel the King of the Cats There was some wonderful humour from Carbonel who's voice we could hear when the broom was held This was fun for a read aloud and we enjoyed the relationship between John and Rosemary who despite being from different backgrounds were really good friends The end battleculmination was less interesting to us than the everyday happenings There is a sad part near the end were the broom unknowingly view spoilergets put on a bonfire hide spoiler Although I gave this a 4 at the time it should probably be lower as I just read the seuel without remembering this book or the characters in the least 'Well don't let them see you Really Rosemary you have no ingenuity'A number of rather angry replies came into Rosemary's mind at this but she remembered Napoleon and Charles the Second and swallowed the retorts that came to her lipsThe king of the cats was stolen from his great inheritance by a vain and greedy witch Enslaved to her petty treacheries great and small until he is freed at long last by the fulfillment of a prophecy I loved the simplicity of their magic The foretold three ueens are three ueen Victoria farthings It's uirky enough to impress anyone who desperately wants something good to happen but isn't greedy Rosemary was a cool little kid in that way She would have been good to hang out with when you didn't know what to do I always dreaded other kids coming over and invariably put out when my ideas weren't to their taste You wouldn't have to entertain her because she'd see the possibility in the thing She takes to Carbonel's plight of freedom to return to his rightful place in that way I loved reading about how she and her new friend John go about discovering the right steps and tools to get the job done Going to the market and hunting down who bought the witch's hat Inventing clumsy and charming verse for the tattered twig broom It's increasingly sadder when she knows the specialness is coming to an end Maybe going to school and plain old stuff isn't that great It's elusive staying happy It's damn hard work Rosemary has those moments I know too well of a lucky good mood disappearing and you get mad at yourself for letting it happen when some bitchy girls remind you of how tedious it can be It's going to be sad when John goes home when school is back on and most of all when they aren't working for something that matters like setting Carbonel free I liked that wistful feeling of it being over before it was all over I liked best of all that acknowledging that kind of feeling was a way of feeling alive about the good thing while it was happening It wouldn't be fair to the cat who takes his place very seriously either The sky tops of London become star scrapers of if you look the right way the side of your eye when a tree branch is sinister and a cloud than A kingdom of alley cats I must say that I appreciated the hearth rug cats weren't turned away by noses in the air It made me happy that the creature comforted beasties got some respect anyway They've got to find their own friends amongst themselves and two legged animals The only thing I have a tough time in believing is that cats aren't kings or ueens In their own minds at least Only ONE cat will fight Carbonel for his kingdom upon his return? Only one cat wouldn't take that bullshit of paying taxes to the fat ginger cat who did fancy feast himself the king of the forest of smoke stacks The real world that existed within the every day world of going to work and post office etc People with noses to grindstones below I feel sometimes like I slip out of worlds when in my head thinking about what I want to think about and when I'm amongst coworkers babbling about their 401ks and divorce settlements of famous athletes Anyway turning the real useful turned another way is great The cat world slips into doing cat things What do they do when they aren't doing useful cat things like keeping their coats clean procreating and eating? Something wild probably I can't picture Carbonel wild though He's one of those cats you wonder what do they get up toI loved that Rosemary's hardworking mother wasn't overlooked It made me uite upset at first when Rosemary asks her to do some emergency seamstress working for the theatre troupe they wouldn't get the important witch's hat for the freedom spell without it Oh no her one real day off She admits that she was disappointed to lose that I loved that I can see that she was probably a lot like Rosemary when she was young Her daughter would be trying to live the lost longed for treat in her mind before having to give it up to do the right thing But it all works out because she gets to have the rare job that you like doing Wardrobe mistress for the theatre company Anyway I thought it was great this relationship between mother and daughter They really did have a cozy life despite being poor Sleigh and reminded me a lot of CS Lewis in this way goes Oh you know what it's like sometimes in lieu of describing the fancy fair foods or dinners It's a tradition between them for mother to tell daughter about how the other half live I kind of wished she would have kept in mind future generations who didn't know what it was all about It's a sweet version of the urchin with their nose to the glass when Rosemary and Mrs Brown do it I have watched many travel videos for places I'll never be able to afford to visit I get it I liked reading about the cozy poor food that they do eat anyway When I was a kid I'd love to read that kind of stuff like Matilda finally getting to eat real butter on her toast a fellow margarine consumer It's all in the spirit of liking the street urchin window feeling You don't get to be Carbonel and it feels good wishing you could be like when it's time to go to workThe ending claims that the witch is a reformed dishwasher Well I know from the plot description of the second book Carbonel and friends have three in all that this isn't true There are ways to stick it to the cat who wouldn't break to her will She probably works her sneaking kind of ill meaning mischief in the tea shop too I can see her reuesting any day off that she knew a coworker had their heart set on That would be the sort of thing the old woman would do I remember this from primary school junior section so I was about 910 the edition above says 2005 but it's close to what I remember would have been 1980 It was so good stuck in my head Must read This was a favorite book from my childhood and it's still excellent 40 years later I just ordered it for my own daughter who just loves cats We have three Even though she's 15 she still loved reading Carbonel The King of Cats I'm so pleased that it's back in print Some children's books are so good that you don't have to be young to enjoy them This is one From the 1930s to the 1960s roughly speaking there was a golden era of children's literature Many of the authors were British E Nesbit Arthur Ransome C S Lewis J R R Tolkien Mervyn Peake and so many and some were American Madeleine L'engle Barbara Sleigh belongs to this era and her Carbonel series is a wonderful trilogy of books about the King of the Cats and his adventures with some British children who through various magical means can understand his language Carbonel is the first of the series In it we meet Carbonel in straightened circumstances and the children help him regain his throne The plot is straightforward and the jeopardy gentle; these books are best for the younger kid set 6 8 or 9 The fun is in the witty presentation of the cat's attitude toward humans which is often scathing and only occasionally kind The British did this sort of thing particularly well; the heart of the book is always in the right place but doesn't becomes sappy because of the dash of clear eyed reality never far from the action There's a great danger that these classic books will get lost in the shuffle of time With all the other claims on kid's attention who will read them these long leisurely wonderful tales from another era? At least The New York Review of Books has done parents and kids a huge service by bringing out these beautifully printed and illustrated editions of classics that do not deserve to be forgotten Long before Harry Potter the Carbonel series captured that same British magical whimsy Carbonel and its seuel were among my favorite books at the library when I was about 9 12 Imagine my delight when this book originally published in 1955 was re released followed by two seuels I didn't even know it was a trilogy I completed my set and now I'm reading through them from the beginningreturnreturnYoung Rosemary plans on cleaning houses to make her summer break pass by However when she buys a ratty broom from an odd old lady at the market a black cat is thrown into the bargain But this cat is no ordinary cat he is Carbonel a kidnapped Prince of Royal Blood He has spent his entire life as the witch's minion Rosemary's purchase broke part of the curse but there is still a spell of Silent Magic that holds him in bondage To make things worse his now dead father's kingdom is in disarray with cruel usurping alley cats in charge and Carbonel cannot take his rightful throne as a human's minion Rosemary and her new friend John set out to solve the mystery and set the cat free by hunting out the artifacts used in the original spellreturnreturnThis book is just as magical as when I first read in twenty years ago I look forward to reading this with my own son in the coming years This was a raving good time I loved all of the characters and it is consistently funny well written and action packed I love the way she phrases things and I also love the way she writes dialog Every character has a uniue voice and most have a funny way of saying things I'm so glad this is only the first in a series of 3 novels because I want to read about Carbonel Rosemarie and JohnI realize I can't read all the NYRB Classics so I've a mind to read all the NYRB Children's books instead since there are considerably less of them This was only my second in this series hopefully I'll reach my goal one day This is the story of a cat a broomstick and an ordinary schoolgirl called Rosemary She bought them both in the market uite cheaply Of course neither the cat nor the broomstick were just what they seemed and they turned up just when Rosemary badly needed something nice to happen to her A good cat is apt to be independent so she did not have things all her own way and as Carbonel proved to be a Royal cat in a very special sense that was understandable Between the cat and the broomstick Rosemary picked up some useful spells and magic and the adventures they brought about turned a dull looking holiday into one long to be remembered for its unexpected excitements and rewards Very nice ordinary magic story but it seemed a little too long There was the curious idea of not describing things by saying I'm not going to describe this food just think of the most wonderful meal you can imagine uite the opposite of Elizabeth Goudge in The Little White Horse Collector's Edition where everything gets described in mouthwatering detail

About the Author: Barbara Sleigh

Barbara Sleigh 1906 1982 worked for the BBC Children's Hour and is the author of Carbonel and two seuels The Kingdom of Carbonel and Carbonel and Calidor

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