DAY OF THE DOGS Day of the Dogs speculates on what would happen to our advanced society if a solar flare burnt out our electric grid and reduced us to an 1850's level of technology The book explores how people and governments would react in the final week before the CME Coronal Mass Eruption impacts earth Liberals may not like the conclusions the author reaches about how people would react to this disaster The book describes the final week of modern society from the viewpoint of the leading character living in Portland Oregon The book also takes you to Homeland Security meetings where overwhelmed officials try and respond JPL and NASA try and fail to give intelligent advice about what to do Day of the Dogs asks the uestion of whether the various religious cultural ethnic racial and class fault lines in the USA today will lead to a breakdown in law and order followed by a break up into regional republics Will Hispanics who are already agitating for a return of the American Southwest based on Spanish claims going back to1600 declare independence Will thousands of gang members pick up their AK 47's and unleash a wave of urban chaos authorities can't control Will the Islamic terror sleeper cells many say are already in the USA take advantage of the incoming solar flare and strike a blow at the Great Satan Will US Marines have to be deployed into our major cities in a frantic effort to maintain order Day of the Dogs asks and then answers these uestions in a fast paced exciting and very insightful look at what could happen if the American people realized they only had a week of civilization left Day of the Dogs is a Doomer novel It not only actually tells the reader what to do to prepare for a solar flare but takes you behind the scenes as individuals and groups try to deal with a civilization ending natural disaster This natural disaster unleashes the cultural racial ethnic religious and class fault lines not just in the USA but all over the world What would you do if you really knew society would collapse in 5 days How would people around you react; how would India or Pakistan react if they knew their nuclear weapons would be useless in 5 days Day of the Dogs not asks these types of uestions it answers them Day of the Dogs is the Uber Doomer novel written by the man who has had the Internet handle of Doomer Doug for nearly 15 years now Nobody does doom like Doomer Doug and Day of the Dogs shows why The glass isn't half full; it isn't half empty it is full of gasoline vapors and about to explode Day of the Dogs asks the hard uestion if the people of the USA knew the USA wouldn't exist in five days what would they do about it Day of the Dogs explores possible results based on current trends in the United States today How would the rest of the world react to the imminent collapse of the only superpower left Would they take the opportunity to settle scores before their own military forces were destroyed by the solar flare Find out in Day of the Dogs

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