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The Heartbreaker He left a trail of broken hearts behind himMike Tremayne had come home After eight years of drifting he was finally ready to face beautiful Beth Nightingale the woman who'd haunted his dreams since the night he left her But running into Beth proved him wrong She was just as he remembered and caring enchanting desirable He'd wanted her before he needed her nowBut Beth had no intention of falling for a maverick Mike Tremayne again After all he'd already betrayed her twice first when he became engaged to her sister and then again when he walked out on both of them

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    Creo ue nunca le había dado cinco estrellas a un libro de Harleuin pero este me encanto La historia se me hizo entretenida y odie ue fuera tan corta uería seguir leyendo más y más

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    leído el 07122011LAS RAZONES DEL CORAZÓNProtagonistas Mike Tremayne y Beth NightingaleArgumento Mike Tremayne había vuelto a casa después de ocho años erráticos para enfrentarse a la hermosa Beth Nighting

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    An entertaining story from VLT I liked the characters and the plot was pretty good However I think the conflict between the sisters was resolved a little too uickly Overall a good story with some laughs and some cri

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