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Taut Rook and Ronin Spinoff #2 BR with Patty Jennifer Kyle45 Can I be on your team Stars This book takes us back to the Chaput New Year's Eve party in Denver where Ford confesses his feelings for Rook and then leaves town and runs away with his broken heart He just gets on the road and drives as far as he can He ends up in Vail in a snowstorm near his family's home in the mountains When he is about two miles away his car breaks down An old friend that has a tow truck picks him up and takes him to a motel At the motel he meets a single mom named Ashleigh Li Circumstances throw them together and Ford helps Ashleigh and her child during the blizzard They end up stuck with each other for a week and then both head to LA together They really get to know each other and find they have plenty in common They both seem to feel misunderstood and are sad Ford is very set in his ways and doesn't seem to have a positive opinion of himself He thinks he's weird He can't stand to be touched and has always been different from others He likes to be in control but isn't wanting a submissive any They really have just been a distraction for him He likes the kinky stuff but also wants someone strong who will challenge him I really enjoyed this book I loved seeing the softer side of Ford and him really putting himself out there He fights for what he wants and is a stand up guy We see what a big heart he has and how vulnerable he is Ford is such a complex guy but is the total package I was thrilled he gets his HEA enjoyed all the Ford sexy time As usual he is delish D I take care of myself I'm well educated I'm not bad looking I'm sorta hot actually I know this I have no trouble finding sex when I want it It's like I have a sign on my fucking head that says I like the weird ones I might like to try a nice girl or at the very least a semi nice one with a little freak to her I'll just warn you A night with me my undivided attention that's not something you'll ever forget I might ruin you for life I might make it impossible for you to ever be with another man again I might I wrap my arm around her and pull her close Were both naked and her warm body feels so perfect next to mine She thrills me Everything about her thrills me You take all the bad away for me Ford When I'm with you all that stuff disappears Love is a risk and I can live with it 5 ThereAreNoAmountOfStarsHighEnough Stars There are certain authors who just “take you there” We as readers have our favorites; we devour their books; wait feverishly for the next; talk endlessly about the characters from them I think you get what I am saying Well of this group of authors for me J A Huss is in the top ten She came to my attention with a little book I found on call Tragic She introduced me to this girl Rook She was not cookie cutter romance material she was fighting to be independent showed intelligence and major street smarts We met her in survivor mode and took a journey which was unlike anything I had ever read before I was extremely lucky as the next book Manic was already out so I click clicked and was right back where I was drawn with the crew Ronin Rook meeting Spencer and this uestionable fella Ford As I completed Manic I learned the next book Panic was coming and had to learn a new skill Waiting I learned how to play the game of anticipation of revisiting the crew of re reading certain passages to keep it fresh so when my peeps returned to me I would be right there The joke was I didn't need to catch up with the story of the people in it; the minute I picked up the book I felt I had never left them that they had been around the corner the whole time And although the story was still focused on Rook and Ronin there was this draw to Ford he would enter the room be there for Rook; pushing and prodding her to see herself as the warrior she was and live up to her best potential which in turn made Rook love and see Ford for the good person he hid from everyone Because Ford had “uirks” Ford came across as cold not user friendly at all and he had this thing with “pets” No not the 4 legged kind I am talking female sexual partners with no names; who were not allowed to touch or speak; who were disposable Ford was so comfortable having these “pets” he brought one to a party with the crew as if it was an everyday thing So this was the Ford Huss introduced us to but she also teased us with sparkling glimpses of vulnerability; of longing; and even of humanity so intense in their showing they would ripe your heart out and you would fall for this Ford uirks and allHuss is brilliant in her laying the foundations for her books and so at the end of Panic Any devout reader of the series would be like the character in Oliver shouting “Please sir I want some ” about Fordand like the savvy writer she is She promised she gave us a place holder in Slack A Day in the Life of Ford Aston a taste a morsel which was so packed with intricate layers of goodness it was staggering in its briefness The promise of continued in the dangling of Ford’s complete novel Taut and again the waiting But this type of waiting I could do this was the waiting you did for the limited addition sports car; the numbered coveted handbag or the priceless bottle of wine up for auction this was an experience I knew would be like no other that was how confident I was about Huss and FordWell I can testify it was everything I thought it would be and then became one of the most emotional experiences I have had with a book We may have thought we knew who he was revealed in Slack we saw softness and kindness with his interaction with a young girl and we already knew of his loyalty to his crew of Ronin and Spencer but in this book Any preconceived notion you may have about Ford; everything is laid bareThe players primarily are Ford leaving and going to Los Angeles and a woman with child he helps on the road Ashleigh and her baby girl What transpires with this meeting of these two is a work of art in writing The way we are taken through the peeling of layers the cat and mouse game the revealing of who these people are and what has caused them to be the way they are defies any description from me I can only say you will think you know where this book is going be excited for what is happening and what you are learning about our Ford experience great joy heartache and then be sucker punched You will recover and it will be good only to be spun and twisted so tight you cannot breathe Oh and the sex Well people this is FORD it is off the fucking charts it is hot caring controlling orgasmic and that is just the first few encountersThere is so much to say such as the baby is beyond wonderful and Ashleigh is the most fully formed woman this character is everything I wish most female characters were in books She is strong has such presence in who she iseven in her most vulnerable moments and ballsy there were times she was so strong she almost only almost stole the book from FordBut you see That is the beauty of J A Huss She is so confident in her writing in her telling of the tale and knowing her characters she can do that without harming the integrity of these people or story So if you wish to go on an amazing journey and experience the beauty of life with all of the ugly sadness and redemption which can be found everyday Then please read Taut In order to really appreciate this journey though in my opinion the other books should be read first You can come to this without reading them though as Ms Huss has provided enough back story to give the reader a reference of it all The good news is Ms Huss is not leaving us high and dry Oh no Spencer's story is coming and it looks to be just as complex and intriguing in his way the biker gun obsessed wayisn’t that so Ms Huss I shall be waiting patiently Arc provided in exchange for an honest review For reviews Free E books and Giveaways Ford Aston is known for many things Being an emotionless messed up bastard a freakishly smart social outcast and a cold domineering master who keeps pets instead of girlfriends And after Rook broke his heart he plans to keep it that way Ashleigh is known for nothing and that's exactly what she's got going for her She's broke stranded in the mountains with a three month old baby and Ford Aston is screwing with her head Big Time And she plans to mess with his right back It's a coy game at first filled with flirting and innuendo but Ford soon realizes something is not uite right with Ashleigh In fact something is seriously seriously wrong and the closer they get to their final destination the closer Ford gets to the truth One night of devastation self loathing and emptiness turns into the best thing that ever happened to Ford Aston But one day of in your face reality threatens Ashleigh's whole existence Ford first appears in Rook and Ronin #2 Manic He has a bigger role in Panic RR #3 and then he has a novella called SLACK This TAUT book is only FORD It's not really part of the RR series as that plot has all been sidelined for this one romance book 5 I'M FORD FUCKING ASTON STARSARC received from the author Seriously love this woman BRING ON FORD I am going to really try to sort out the feelings that are bouncing around inside my head because this was just such a fantastic book I was not expecting to get such a complex view into Ford I know that sounds weird since this was his book after all but I expected to see a bit of the Ford we saw in Manic Panic We get a bit of that but we start to see the layers get pealed back throughout this story We get to see Ford how he grew up what matters to him how he handles the way he is viewed and in the end we see realize what he wants which proves just how normal he is His wants and desires are normal he may have a few kinks and a few issues with personal space but he is human just like everyone else So let’s get down to the story The book starts off with the farewell from the epilogue from Panic Ford saying goodbye to Rook and walking away This felt so much emotional reading this the second time not sure why Maybe it’s because that little bit of insight I got in Slack gave me perspective in to just how much Ford was feeling this time around So yeah we start with a little refresher and JA Huss ensures we get to see Ford at a low point so we can watch him climb Ford’s going to leave town he has a flight to catch the next morning to LA but tonight he just wants to drive But the weather gods have other plans in mind stuck in a blizzard he ends up on the side of the road in Vail But his night just gets a bit interesting when he extends an offer to a stranger Ashleigh is alone with her three month old infant in the cold with no money and a broken down car She’s stuck between running away and running to something Everything that she ever wanted has escaped her and she has lost all hope This trip was supposed to heal her to bring her closure but instead it brings her to a man that might just be as fucked up as she is When Ford offers the spare bed in his room to Ashleigh he had no idea that his life was about to change Since Ford’s already missed his flight and he isn’t uite ready to face life after having to walk away from Rook he decides to make the drive to LA bringing Ashleigh and baby along for the ride The feelsThese two have instant chemistry but it goes so much deeper than that Ford has a way of reading people seeing what they are thinking and breaking down all that information trying to figure out each piece He knows she is broken but he also sees someone that is feisty watching her care for her baby gives Ford a glimpse into feelings he has never understood before But those feelings evoke a bit of a new feeling in him as wellThey have one hell of a road trip filled with revealing moments of Ford’s past and some vague insight into Ashleigh And once we get to the final 20% of the story things start to get a bit intense Revelations new developments and so many new dimensions to Ford To say I loved this story is putting it lightly JA Huss created one intriguing character when Ford graced the pages of Manic giving us just enough of him in Panic to get us hooked but nothing that we had previously seen prepared me for the feels that came flooding out during Taut I was a little interested in seeing how a baby would be worked into this story of all the guys Ford seem the most anti baby so throwing this dynamic into the story was certainly unexpected But if I would to remove all traces of Baby Kate from this story it would lose so much One little bundle of cute baby allowed Ford to show yet another brilliant side to his screwed up personality But make no mistake Ford is the way he is because he was born that way Yeah he might be able to learn to be social bite his tongue but he is not going to be able to rid himself of the things that just make him who he is Those are the things we all fell in love with In conclusion this book gave us a great love story and insight into one of the complex characters I’ve read I swooned I melted I cried a little even got a bit pissed at him a few times and there might have been a few moments where a panty change was needed The story was just about as perfect as you can get I think a lot of us readers built Ford up in our heads and that can be both a positive and a negative thing But he lived up to everything I wanted and so much SLACK Ford Novella available 1218SIGN UP HEREBook Trailer I have so much to say about this book but whenever I want a review to mean something I freeze up and blurt “I love bubblegum” and hit enter TAUT deserves better so I’m spitting out my gum pulling on my big girl “Ford’s Pet” panties and getting to work TAUT is a stand alone novel yet you may have met Ford Aston before because he’s a secondary character in the Tragic series If you haven’t read Tragic Manic Panic you could start here Or the Ford Aston novella SLACK I’m glad I started with Tragic because I fell in hardcore love with Ford in book 3 and the anticipation of reading HIS book was delicious But if you’re behind on your reading want to start with TAUT go ahead When you fall in love with Ford you’ll have the added bonus of being able to go back read what he was up to before he met “the girl” So what’s the attraction to Ford Ford is a weird guy A hot genius computer hacking sexy weird guy He is the perfect level of weirdness that draws me in like a hooker to a pimp image error image error We met Ford in JA Huss’s Rook Ronin Series While everyone was cheering for Ronin I was thinking “WTF why isn’t she going after FORD” THANKFULLY Julie gave Ford his own book Taut Ford is a difficult man he is complex eccentric and a genius The brain of the operations but in his book everyone finally gets to see the compassionate and protective side of Ford I competed in a contest for JA Huss to win a trip to Vegas and be on her ST I am only telling you this to explain why I have a “life size Ford cutout” pictured below Also here are some teasers I made to celebrate my book boyfriend Ford Aston 4 Ford a licious StarsRoninI'm so so but you have officially been DE throned This book was nothing like I expected it to be but I really liked the direction it went There were a few things keeping it from getting the full five stars insta love and the ending The story begins with Ford walking out on Rook If he can't have all of her he doesn't want any of her Not as a friend Nothing Damn Ford He can't even stand to be in the same town as Rook so off he sets for LA in his BroncoOJ Simpson anyoneFord finds himself broke down in Vail two miles from his house He gets a tow from an old friend who has just rescued a mom and her baby meet Ashleigh and Kate Ford checks in to a hotel for the night only to discover the mom and baby sleeping in their car And so begins Ford Ashleigh and Kate's journey A journey of self discovery Of exploring intimacy Of learning to love and be loved Of being there for someone else and allowing others to be there for you Of opening up and going after what you want Finding happiness Moving onAshleigh's story literally nearly killed meDiscovering Ford's storyI did feel like Ford and Ashleigh were victims of circumstance then anything Their situations forced them together Ashleigh had no where to go and no one to be there for her Ford was looking for that connection with someoneanyone To feel wanted and needed and Ashleigh wanted and needed himI really liked Ashleigh's character She was fiesty and funny and didn't let Ford completely control her And in the end Ford didn't want to So his character really changed as well through the journey The endingI mean I kind of get why it had to happen like thatbut come on Ford you're a genius you could have come with another grand gesture right It just didn't feel real for me Despite that overall I did really Ford's story I was glad that Ford and Rook were able to make amends and find their place in each other's lives and that Ford was able to find his own happiness ★★★★ 12 Taut Duet Ford Aston while running from his problems runs into a mother baby Together they take a journey filled with reflection growth mind blowing sex and the possibility of“I’m not looking to punish people I just like to be in control I don’t want to hurt you I’m not into whips I don’t want to humiliate you or piss on you for fuck’s sake I just like to call the shots and I like to fuck girls who let me do that” This Duet is a spinoff of the Rook and Ronin trilogy Ford Aston first appeared in trilogy but you don’t have to read in order to enjoy his story Here is reading orderPreuel SlackBook 1 Taut In Slack Preuel we spent Christmas day with Rutherford Aston Ford He is the anti social guy in the threesome of Ronin trilogy Spencer spin off and Ford Diagnosed with Asperger syndrome AD as a child he grew up privileged and very much loved and nurtured by his parents but a bit of the social outcast amongst his peersFord had settled into the lifestyle of a Don with his assistant sending subs aka “pets” to his home to play with But Ford wasn’t happy He was frustrated because he’s in love with his best friend Ronin’s girl RookTaut opens up to the cliffhanger of Slack with Rutherford Aston Ford running away in his old Bronco He needs to be in LA to get started on his next production so he might as well drive there Unfortunately he gets caught in a snowstorm and his car breaks down just a few miles down the road from his family’s ski houseAshleigh Li Ash and her 3 month old daughter Kate have been caught in the same snowstorm It’s clear she is on the run; to or from what will unfold with the story Ford takes pity on her sitting out in her car in the snowstorm with no hotel rooms Before he knows it Ash and her daughter are tagging along on his road tripOf course there are many twists and turns along the way with both Ford and Ashleigh having to reflect and come to terms with their pasts Ford with his Aspergers finds himself with many new “first” as a bond is formed between him and Ash as well her baby daughter But much stand in their way; Secrets family complications and most importantly their pasts RUTHERFORD ASTON FORD 25 yearscon manhackerfilm producerbrown hairdark eyesgeniusAsperger syndromeDom Rutherford Aston Ford is a compelling hero He wrapped himself around your heart uickly in spite of or maybe because of his anti social ways which of course are attributed to his Asperger He will open up about himself on this journey and I saw some amazing growthEight words to describe Ford Vulnerable reflective blunt introvert private commanding perceptive and extremely smart “I’m not defective I want to be touched I’ve denied myself this most basic of human comforts my whole life and I’m ready to move on” ASHLEIGH LI ASH 23 yearsstudentmomblack brown hairbrown eyes5’2” Ashleigh Li Ash remained an enigma for most of the story That’s how it had to be Seven words to describe Ashleigh Lost broken reflective wise smart compulsive and secretive “And I’m not a worthless person Maybe I’ve got a lot of problems and pretty much everything is going wrong for me right now but I’m not worthless” Taut took us on a journey both literally and figurately all the way to a sweet and satisfying end for Ford and Ashleigh I hope to see some flashes into their future in next coming books The unfolding of story and mystery became a little anticlimactic for me as I had figured it out early on That said I see no other way for story to have played out Besides Ford and Ashleigh’s journey transpired over a few days so it’s very plausibleOff the charts sex Commanding compelling and memorable hero Excellent story telling I am highly recommending I’d like to see Tony get his own story What Well it’s possible “When my life is unraveling and everything about it is slack my poems are taut My poems take the fray and wind it back together” Hero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 35 starsSex scenes rating 5 starsSex scenes freuency 4 starsStoryline concept rating 45 starsStorytelling skills rating 5 starsStory ending rating 4 starsBook editing rating 5 no edits spotted 5 starsOverall rating 45 starsWould I recommend this series YesWould I re read this series Maybe laterWould I read future books by this author Yes 5 I'm in starsTAUT can be read as a standalone even though the last scene of Manic is the prologue for the this book If you have never read the Rook Ronin series the author does an excellent job of letting you know what is happening so that you don't feel lost when you dive into TAUTAshleigh is down on her luck and stranded in a snow storm when an angel of mercy offers her a helping hand Even though she has a lot of self respect and isn't going to allow anyone to make her feel worthless she has to learn to put her trust in this stranger Ford has been hurt by the only girl he has ever wanted He's on the run to escape his former life when he gets stuck in a snow storm Ashleigh has the best description of a young Ford a nerdy little prankster Ford's description of his well loved first vehicle best describes the type of relationship he wants But I wanted to earn my first vehicle to make it worth something to me I wanted to be invested in it and I didn't want it to be perfect It wanted it to be flawed I wanted it to be a work in progress I wanted to rescue it I love Ford He was perfectly flawed in this book Ms Huss does an excellent job writing his POV A lot of times when authors write the male POV they make his inner thoughts girly Ford holds to his true personality in and out of his head My pre review view spoilerFangirling for my man Ford I'll see you in January hide spoiler

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JA Huss never wanted to be a writer and she still dreams of that elusive career as an astronaut She originally went to school to become an euine veterinarian but soon figured out they keep horrible hours and decided to go to grad school instead That PhD wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and she really sucked at the whole scientist thing so she dropped out and got a MS in forensic toxic

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