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The ueen's Vow Isabel é apenas uma adolescente uando a forçam a tornar se uma peã numa conspiração para destronar o seu meio irmão o rei Henriue Acusada de traição e posta cativa aos dezassete anos vê se subitamente coroada rainha de Castela o maior reino de EspanhaMergulhada num conflito mortal para manter o trono está determinada a casar se com o único homem ue ama mas ue lhe é proibido Fernando príncipe de Aragão uando decidem unir os reinos de ambos sob o lema «uma só coroa um só país uma só fé» Isabel e Fernando deparam se com uma Espanha empobrecida e cercada por inimigosCom um grande interesse pela descoberta do desconhecido deixa se apaixonar pela visão de um enigmático navegador chamado ColomboMas uando os mouros do reino de Granada declaram guerra tem lugar uma violenta e terrível batalha contra um antigo adversário ue irá testar toda a determinação a coragem e a crença tenaz ue Isabel tem no seu destino

About the Author: C.W. Gortner

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    Spain is difficult for historical fiction readers Say Spain and thoughts trigger of bullfights bloodshed torture and religious fanaticism Spanish figures in many HF novels are usually saints heroic devout Katherine of Aragon

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    This was an engrossing and educational read about the reign of Isabella I of Castile a bodacious female monarch who made her indelible mark on Spanish history The timeline of the story stretched from 1464 when she was 13 and a

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    I've not been looking forward to rating this one I am a big fan of Gortner I have pre ordered his last 3 books and The Last ueen is one of my hands down favorites The only way I can peg what went wrong with this one was simply t

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    Where I got the book ARC from the LibraryThing Early Reviewer programThis is a worthy novel by a popular writer and yet somehow it leaves me flat I suspect I'm not the right reader for this book; for one thing I am rather tired of

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    Another magnificent release by CW Gortner He excels at bringing the indomitable ueen Isabella of Castile to life in this gripping and unputdownable novel Highly recommended

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    Read This Review More Like It On My Blog45 out of 5 The ueen's Vow is a great first introduction to a well known and well recommended historical fiction author I've heard and seen CW Gortner's name bandied about freuently as one of th

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    After my semi rant about there not being enough fiction about Isabella I was ecstatic when I saw this book A story from a notable historical fiction author about a woman and her husband who in a highly patriarchical age made Spain from

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    Find this and other reviews at consider myself a historic fiction reader It is my primary stomping ground and the genre I feel I am most competent reviewing and yet for some inexplicable reason it took me nine years to pick up and read an

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    I could not put this book down As he did with Juana of Castile in The Last ueen Gortner has once again taken a historical ueen and made her as interesting and exciting as any modern day heroine It's interesting to me how little I knew of Is

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    This book should be subtitled Isabella Tells You All About Her Reign because that is what Gortner does TELLS you what happened The narrative is full of passive description we did this we did that the reason for this was the reason for that wa

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