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The Feeling Body A proposal that extends the enactive approach developed in cognitive science and philosophy of mind to issues in affective scienceIn The Feeling Body Giovanna Colombetti takes ideas from the enactive approach developed over the last twenty years in cognitive science and philosophy of mind and applies them for the first time to affective science the study of emotions moods and feelings She argues that enactivism entails a view of cognition as not just embodied but also intrinsically affective and she elaborates on the implications of this claim for the study of emotion in psychology and neuroscienceIn the course of her discussion Colombetti focuses on long debated issues in affective science including the notion of basic emotions the nature of appraisal and its relationship to bodily arousal the place of bodily feelings in emotion experience the neurophysiological study of emotion experience and the bodily nature of our encounters with others Drawing on enactivist tools such as dynamical systems theory the notion of the lived body neurophenomenology and phenomenological accounts of empathy Colombetti advances a novel approach to these traditional issues that does justice to their complexity Doing so she also expands the enactive approach into a further domain of inuiry one that has generally been neglected by the embodied embedded approach in the philosophy of cognitive science used in thesis

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