Balmoral Bad Reputation #2 MOBI ☆ Balmoral Bad PDF

Balmoral Bad Reputation #2 In the 2011 novel Bad Reputation Larry the talented and dedicated cook at Dink's Diner a popular Balmoral meeting spot met a 37 year old loner named John Caul Unknown to Larry at that time John Caul was hatching a wayward plan to bring harm to the town of Balmoral for the lifetime of ostracization he’d been experiencing Ostracization brought on by the accidental damage John himself caused the town twenty years earlier when he was a teenagerBalmoral takes place nine months before the events of Bad Reputation Larry has yet to even discover the town of Balmoral and sadly having recently given up on his artistic dreams he’s floundering through life without purpose which leads to an unfortunate but inevitable arrestWhile serving the community service portion of his sentence delivering meals for senior citizens Larry meets Mr Herman in the town of Balmoral Mr Herman is a somewhat unlikeable recluse who enlists the reluctant Larry to help him complete a task to right a wrong he caused earlier in his own life Larry doesn’t uite realize it then but the steps he takes in assisting Mr Herman will be the catalyst he needs toward becoming the man he is to soon be

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