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Flawed Perfection Eve Sumptor #2 I absolutely devoured the first book in this series This book falls flat in comparison to the initial book The main characters Eve and Lainey They still have a dynamic enchantment with each other but they both have gone back to their respective husbands They have a hard time dealing with their feelings this book leaves it open ended So off to read book 3I go Eve Sumptor Riley’s life is perfect She’s married to the love of her life has a beautiful daughter and the best friend any woman can have With her businesses flourishing and her husband’s professional life expanding Eve’s life was finally happy Or so she thoughtSomeone does not want Eve to be happy They are determined to take everything away from her Once again Eve must battle her past this time from an unknown foe Will she be able to triumph again Or will she lose everything she worked so hard to achieve I had a really hard time trying to follow this story The writing style didn't help I found it 'choppy' for want of a better word One minute it was spoken in present tense and then in the same paragraph it would change to past For example 'it is' to 'it was' Similarly at times it was like the author was talking for a character and then at other times you were reading the characters thoughts It's hard to explainThe relationship dynamics between Eve and Lainey didn't make sense either but I now see there was a book about them before this one Had I read it first maybe things would have made sense maybe notThe sex scenes between 'Adam and Eve' yes that's right 'Adam and Eve' were mediocre There are no FF scenes just a jealous ex female lover aka best friend So Lainey was supposedly her best friend but she went off at Eve when she sensed she had had sex with Adam her husband no less before going to Lainey and her husband's place for dinner yep Lainey was married as well To uote Lainey I feel so bi polar sometimes One minute I'm wanting nothing but happiness for you and Adam The next I'm wishing it was back to the way it was when we were togetherI did enjoy the crime element of the story the author did a good job of throwing in a few red herrings to keep me guessing to the end This author certainly has potential and once again had I read the first book this one might have made sense to me Ok I absolutely loved the first instalment Something About Eve It has everything you could want from a love story romance sex humour intrigue mystery angst and most importantlylove I read the book in one sitting and didn't really sleep the evening after I started reading 5 stars for sure Jumped on the second instalment immediately the following morning to see how the relationship between Eve and Lainey developed and must say that I was a bit disappointed that this focused on Eve and Adam While Adam and Eve's relationship was sweet and far from biblical I wished that in this instance Eve continued to be tempted by Lainey's fruit Ha I could not resist Overall good series and looking forward to reading Jourdyn Kelly Disclaimer I received an e copy in exchange for an honest reviewWe continue where we left off with Eve Adam and Lainey This one is written from Eve's perspective which I greatly enjoyed and we get to keep reading about Eve's new marriage to Adam and their sweet baby girl Bella Unfortunately they don't stay happy go lucky for very long as once again there's trouble afoot for Eve It starts when some of her newly acuired paintings go missing and the ones that do make it to the gallery are forgeries While trying to figure out this mystery Eve gets pulled into yet another game of cat and mouse one that she may not be able to winThis is a great series and the relationships are easy to identify with Eve is in love with Adam Lainey is in love with Jack but Eve and Lainey both love each other Now that it's been two years we can see how they've changed but we also get to go along with them as they try to cope with the feelings that still exist between them How will they handle it while dealing with this new and dangerous conflict? You'll have to read that for yourself4 12 stars That Ending “I love you I will always be with you no matter where I am” “It will always be there Lainey” Eve whispered “It was too deep too intense to just disappear” “Let yourself love and be loved because it will be the one thing in life that brings you the most joy”Loved the journey of attraction recognition understanding love as it developed intensified— all while in the midst of a redefining self discovery of understanding acceptance their transformed identities It was crafted marvelously Although not as amazing as the first book was this book was still enjoyable— even if its due to the familiar beloved characters good writing style rather than the actual plot storyline developed The ending resolutions just seemed to wrap up than a lil bit too nicely conveniently efficiently once a direction was decided on After all the build up the conclusions seemed disappointingly insufficient for the fury of emotion drama energy that was built up through intense passionate experiences for two books Still all in all I would easily recommend this book I skimped this book and I read the last book first instead of this only because I was really invested in the characters It’s a good book I LOVE EVE but it’s just too much heart gutting for someone who sees Lainey and Eve together so I skimped this book I think the book uncovered a lot about sexuality The two women were placed in situation which are what we expected in modern day gender binary society and they succumbed to that expectation It also made one wonder what if there was an alternative choice earlier on in one’s life would they have realised and act upon their attraction beyond moral duty Eve and Adam’s scenes were raw and primal but with Lainey there was a kind of feminine understanding between them which strengthen their intimacyI recommend skipping to the last book for lesbian readers Jourdyn is awesome but the magic is at the end Loved ItThis story made me cry for so many different reasons Eve and Lainey’s story was tested a lot in this book and the sadness that they had to endure was so heartbreaking Eve’s life being in turmoil again now married to Adam and a mom to a baby girl added to the angst within her Again we had a villain looking for revenge against Eve wanting to take everything away from her The story once again was written with the intense need to get to the ending That is where a lot of my tears appeared Great great story To be critical of one thing; how after a fire and many threats on her life is there not a super high tech alarm system on the gallery That part bothered me But still great I'm infatuated with Eve and Lainey I was just in list with everything So many words I have to just believe in that love conuers all heart if just work for it The words take you away and when you end you feel justahhthat just grand feeling When you read theirs story you will know the hardship that they go through and you will begin to believe Flawed Perfectionism An Eva Sumpton Book 2 Another great read and story about Eva SumptonThis time her life once again is on the line but also family and friends The author Jourdyn Kelly did a good job writing this Having read the first book this one gives an insight into how she is allowing people in slowly

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