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The Order Saletti Blood #1 Ayana and Novella Lachlan are identical twin sisters living in Italy with their mother and military stepfather Having never been separated they're forced to make the choice of either staying together or going their separate ways when their mother decides to return to the United States Ayana having met the Italian man of her dreams who happens to be the same carabiniere she'd accidentally assaulted outside of a night club can't bear the idea of leaving him and chooses to remain in Italy Novella thinking neither of them should stay without their mother chooses to go to Miami Ayana warns her not to go Paladio Hijuelos has just been released from a South American prison where he was brutally tortured for three agonizing years Faithfully returning to his boss in Miami there's no mistaking that he's still the most sadistic man that most have ever met with no regard for anyone or anything That is until he's introduced to the young and breathtaking Novella Unable to control his newfound obsession for her he begins turning her entire world upside down leaving no doubt in her mind that she now belongs to him and him alone Vincenzo Saletti has dedicated his entire life to serving his beloved father who happens to be the head of the most powerful and feared criminal family in all of Europe Loyal to the death to those he loves the moment that he learns that his baby brother is missing last seen with an American girl he doesn't hesitate to go in search of him Needing to find answers about his disappearance what he finds is a tragedy and the young girl caught up in it Will his family give the order to end her life or will the beating of an innocent heart be reason enough to spare her

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    The Order is a big book well it is for me When I saw that it was 472 pages on my Kobo ereader I must admit that I felt daunted I tend to shy away from really long books Reason being that I don't have much time to read and I am a very slow reader yes I amSo I'll be honest and say that the first 25% of the book was a bit slow to start I'm all about the action

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    425 starsGenre Mafia romanceSetting ItalyPOVs Multiple shiftingTriggers? Yes view spoilerStatutory rape graphic violence parental neglect and child abuse hide spoiler

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    As the author I'd like to let everyone know that this book has been rewritten since it's first publication The new edition was uploaded in February 2014 so if you've downloaded it before that then you have the OLD version And believe me that's the version that frustrates my readers as I admit it wasn't written very well As my writing progressed over the last 3 years

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    So I started this book forever and a day ago and put it down around 20 cause honestly it was typical 17 year old dramatics and I'm 30 I don't care about all that mess but then a reviewer I follow on GR posted her review and I decided to give it another chance And holy crap am I glad I did Consider my mind blown because at around 30% I was HOOKED and at around 50% until th

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    By Vana VAt first I thought this was a vampire series but found the mob instead Lots of criminals injustice and unexpected twists and turns Super good Here is what it is about I also thought is was young adult fiction but happily found out it is definitely notIdentical Twin 17 year old sisters Ayana and Novella Lachlan are pulled around from place to place step father to step

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    Warning if you arent into abuse or rape this is not a book for youMe it doesnt bother me if there is hope that the person will get whats coming to them sometime and the victim gets a happy endingThis was filled with everything I love Excitement emotions easy to get into story and characters and then some Cannot wait for the next one

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    OMG just fantastic thanks to the lovely Jan for recommending this book that was fantastic if you like gangster books you won't be disappointed with this Vana V is such a good writer can't wait to read of her books

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    HOLY SHITThat was a total mindfuck Oh em geeI need to take a breather That was totally insane My emotions are at an all time high and completely out of controlThis is crazinessReview to come5 i'll be traumatized for life stars

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    I blew through this book SO uickly I'm always on the lookout for a good mafia book and luckily I stumbled across this book on listopia I was very pleasantly surprised just how much it captured and held my attention It was difficult to set aside last night so I could get a couple of hours of sleep before I had to get up for work It did start out a bit slowly but once it picked up it just sailed to

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    This book was fast paced gut wrenching devastatingly passionate it had my emotions all over I smiled laughed choked up sometimes I had to stop and take a breath in those grueling parts cuz it was just too hard to take I really enjoyed this book it was like reading a movie I liked the flow of the story and even though there was a couple of POV from different characters it helped me understand of their

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