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Gold Rush I had not heard of this author before but the thing that drew me to Gold Rush was the cover I love how a simple picture of a girl and a guitar can really catch your eye added with the interesting synopsis I had to reuest this one to find out The protagonist is possibly the only person in her school who is not fangirling over the arrival of Gold a hot boy band that has everyone drooling literally She does everything she can to avoid them but ends up being asked to show them around school Within the first few chapters we know she is hiding something about herself but we don't know what it is Being the tour guide and not all fan girly enables Gold to develop a friendship with Iris and her friends Chloe and Kevin and I really enjoyed seeing the sparks fly and the parties get bigger and wilderGold were a great group of boys and I loved how different and distinct their personalties where it made it easier to differentiate who was who by how they acted This also made for a lot of hilarious moments when they get up to stuff or say things that they are not really meant to do or sayGold Rush was a uick read that I enjoyed than I thought I would The friendship between Iris Kevin and Chloe felt real and solid I loved the comradery and bromanship between the boys in Gold but also between them and Chasing Silhouettes When Iris's secret is revealed it explained how she is so calm around Gold but I also felt sorry for her having to hide part of her identity from others to basically protect herselfThe ending of Gold Rush was bitter sweet and I would like to see another story come from this maybe following the characters to see what happened after school and their college or if they follow their dream It was alright a very average plot The only thing is though I can't take such books seriously which I why I won't give it a rating Full of fun and flirty moments with an enjoyable plot Gold Rush is entertaining read perfect for any contemporary romance fansEveryone and anyone has heard of the band Gold and even so when the band enrols at Oakwood Academy Iris is possibly the only girl in her school who isn’t swooning over the boys even when they befriend her because she acts so cool around them Iris suddenly finds herself surrounded by the boys and soon she finds that there’s to the members of Gold than she once thought – especially the lead singer Rian Iris finds herself getting closer to him but could she ever have a serious relationship with a famous rock star or will she be the one getting hurt?I liked Gold Rush in fact there’s nothing not to like about this story Its fun and a very uick read It’s one that keeps you entertained throughout even though it’s slightly predictable at the end but still thoroughly enjoyable The members of Gold are likable and just that little bit swoon worthy All the boys had different personalities so it was great getting to know them Iris and her two best friends Chloe and Kevin were just as likable as everyone The whole gang fit together and it was enjoyable listening to the banter they have back and forth Iris’s and Rian’s relationship wasn’t as insta love which I really enjoyed It was a slow one one where they started off as friends and things moved along from there It was pretty easy to spot Rian’s feelings for Iris before Iris did so that was fun too In all Gold Rush is an enjoyable read – one that will keep you smiling throughout Actual Stars 053 words to describe it Tedious repetitive fan fiction Favorite part The bit where I stopped reading The description of this book had potential but from the start I could see where this novel could go very very wrong I was intrigued that the author was from wattpad and figured I'd give it a try I don't have a very large Did Not Finish pile but at 85% I couldn't carry on It was like reading a teenagers fantasy about Harry Styles the worst kind of fan fic with very little plot repetitive language and boring dialog How many times can you say cute in one book? There was no chemistry for me between Rian and Iris I found it all very childish and meandering without any storyline to support it The characters were flat and shallow and certain parts of the novel referencing their fame and how fans would react were wildly unrealistic Also why does every main character appear to have super bright eye colours? Sigh I can't think of a positive I found in this at all apart from the cover on the version I had was uite nice to look at this book was a big NO for me sadly This review was originally published at Fluttering ButterfliesGold Rush by Jordan Lynde is an ebook that is being published this month by Random House I find it really interesting that books such as this which was originally published on Wattpad by the teenage author are attracting the attention of mainstream publishers I can't say that I loved Gold Rush but I did enjoy parts of it especially the diversity of sexualities within the book Gold Rush is the story of a girl Iris who is charged with showing around new classmates Noah Luke and Rian at the private school they all attend Iris is class president and really focused on her studies and doesn't need any distraction And she also seems to be the only person in her school who doesn't lose her head and sensibilities around the new boys as they are the members of hot new boy band GoldWhile I did feel like there needed to be character development and something else to the story besides Iris and her friends' interactions with the members of Gold it was still a fun book to read and I read it in a very short period of time A lot of the story revolves around Iris and her two best friends and how they become friends and love interests to the three Gold band members We do see a little bit of the fan frenzy that Gold face on a daily basis and we do see a little bit of them trying to be normal teenagers doing normal things I thought it was great that the tables are turned slightly in the second half of the book where it's Gold who become a little starstruck by another band Overall though it was a little bit too cheesy and slightly immature for me It's a bit too much 'OMG you want to buy me a donut?' in parts and there's very little conflictWhat I did enjoy about the book the most though is the fact that there is a character who identifies as bisexual He's open about it and accepted by his peers and because of the reactions this character has had about his sexuality it pushes another character to come forward and tell people that he is gay I don't come across enough bisexual characters in YA so this story line really kept me reading despite my problems with the rest of the story 35Super fun cute uick read and I loved itIf you didn't know Jordan Lynde is my favorite Wattpad writer and I always love her books And this was no different This made me smile a lot and brightened my day Thanks Netgalley for this free EbookIris' life is changed forever when the ultra popular band Gold enrol at her school Sounds like something any teenage girl would love right? Not true Iris in fact isn't too interested to her school is all about maintaining her scholarship But when Iris meets the band in the library she is given the task of showing them around This begins a complex set of relationships between Iris Gold and her two friends Chloe and Kevin Oh and the band Chasing Silhouettes Iris' brother is in an even popular band than Gold coincidence eh?One thing I can say about this book is that I really admire the author Jordan Lynde Purely for the fact that she gained her popularity on Wattpad and because of this she got a publishing contract from Random House I think it's brilliant that writers are getting recognition from posting their work onlineWhat did bother me about the book though was the band itself I didn't really know WHO they were At first I thought they were your typical One Direction act due to the hysteria which overtakes Oakwood Academy when the boys enrol But then wait then they're actually just skinny guys with piercings which is cool I guess they could still be a boyband right? Until wait for it they're actually a pop punk band I like to say we're pop punk Or alternative Not that I have anything against pop punk I have a lot of pop punk records myself but I honestly can't see even the most popular real bands of that genre Fall Out Boy? All Time Low? creating such chaos from an entire school But what do I know? Maybe I'm just being picky Or I might have just been too old for this book It was like something I would daydream about age 13 However Gold Rush does redeem itself it is fun and it is uite cute if you don't want to take a book too seriously then I would recommend it to anyone those who want a lighthearted YA novel 35 star review to be exactI was actually uite excited to start Gold Rush As I read a partial of the unpublished version I was really curious to see the changes I wanted to see the transformation of a first draft to a fully polished novel and though the transformation was great the novel itself failed my expectations a little bitWe have the typical good girl who dedicates her school life to studying When the super popular boy band Gold become the newest students at Oakwood Academy Iris finds her life tipping in a different direction She didn’t fall at their feet like all the other girls and that’s how she finds herself surrounded by the boys in an insta friendship But Rian the lead singer of the band finds himself wanting Iris as than a friend but she isn’t too sure with his playboy tendenciesIf you’re looking for a fun and light read then this is your book It was something I found easy to read it was entertaining and I liked the diversity within each character all enjoyable to read Also without spoilers I really liked how there was a ‘never be ashamed of who you are’ message embedded in there because that’s a message everyone should live byThe one thing I would have liked is character development Throughout the story we don’t see any changes in the characters They were a little too immature and cheesy for my taste; they weren’t really mature for their age and some of the “Do not” and “Do too” dialogue didn’t seem fitting for their age group That being said their immaturity reminded me a lot of school years and I liked that I was able to relate to the characters somewhatOverall it was a good read It was fun light cute and just the right lengthAlso I wanted to mention that Jordan is only 19 years old For her age she’s rockin’ the publishing process 355 starsGood story It's predictable but it's fun to read Gold is an extremely popular boyband consisting of three gorgeous young men; Rian Luke and Noah When they choose to attend the private academy Oakwood most of the students are besides themselves with excitement Then there's Iris She likes the band sure But she's not as starstruck as some of the others Having a famous brother will do that to you Which is why Gold takes notice of her and why she's suddenly entangled in their shenanigans and in some cases their love lives

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