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Bad Habits Simone Livingston wants desperately to start again She and her husband Keith have both agreed that their marriage is worth saving Despite the deep betrayal and lies she's suffered thanks to his infidelity Their arrival in a small town run by the wealthy conniving Hollingsworths tests her faith in her husband and the sacred vows of her marriage And when Keith's dastardly deeds unveil who he truly is Simone's bad habits of forgiving and forgetting despite her suffering brings about unbelievable conseuences The one man she shouldn’t trust throws a lifeline to her and soon it's a race against time to fight for her future escape the present that threatens to destroy her and save everyone she lovesKim Jensen is a widower The death of her firefighter beautiful husband while pregnant with their twins devastated her Two years later she has found a way to cope A dark secret that she keeps from the nurses and hospital she works for That is until she meets the dashingly handsome Dr Mathew Donnelly Immediately he steps into her life to become the hero she never asked for But will her bad habits put their careers and new found love in jeopardy or teach her the most valuable lesson in second chancesBoth sisters struggle to survive pain betrayal love lost and the prospect of new love gained Bad Habits is not your typical love story It’s an exploration in the human spirit Through suffering we achieve triumph through grief we learn the healing power of letting go and through change of spirit we become the women we are destined to be A graphic explicit tale that explores the avoided topics in romance infidelity drug addiction self loathing and ultimately forgiveness with a touch of love

About the Author: Sienna Mynx

Sienna Mynx is your naughty writer of Paranormal Contemporary and Historical Interracial Romance for readers that love the bad boy's but desire to be the women that tame them A current resident of south of Georgia Sienna Mynx has just emerged into the e publishing arena Her novellas reflect her thirst for romance told from a fresh perspective with the diversity she craves in erotic Romance E

10 thoughts on “Bad Habits

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    My first Sienna Mynx read was Before Sunrise and I just loved it It had the right amount of military suspense backstabbing drama and a adorable HH pairing From BS I moved on to The Mel Tia trilogy Funny Valentine uite a different story but very much enjoyable nonetheless Rough but sweet Irish hero funny but

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    This featured a few things that normally would not work for me For example all the lead characters are not likable As a romance this book doesn't work That said it was chick lit crack for me

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    I won't give away any of the story line you need to get the book for yourself The book is about two sisters who find themselves in very different circumstances but difficult all the same The book is full of drama intrigue suspense and action I liked the fact that our heroine's are flawed and have to work out their issuesI l

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    A lot longer than it needed to be and way too much drama for me Simone was dumb Caine was cute but a coward Kim was bitter and I don't really know what Matthew wasThe only character I had a genuine like for was Joan Diane and Charles Just wasn't feeling this one

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    The newest book from Sienna Mynx is different in that it doesn't just focus on the relationship and story of one couple but instead has two main story lines going at once This proved to be no problem at all and both stories flowed together well and I can not say that one story line was better than the other Simone and Keith Livingston have

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    I was torn over how to review this book I love Sienna Mynx and her writing She is one of my favorite authors because her writing speaks to me I could not wait to read Bad Habits Writing this review is very difficult for me because I did not enjoy most of this book It had nothing to do with the writing itself I am grateful for the full length novel

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    I've read many great books this year This book by far was one of THE best I've read thus far This was the story of redemption 2nd chances and overcoming your fears I loved it

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    Ms Mynx you did the damn thing with this book So many great things about this read one being 700 pages for a great price I was so in to this book that I don’t think I slept for almost 3 days and because of this was real cranky at work good thing The plotstoryline of this book is so captivating that I actually saw my self in the scenes observing the characters a

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    This is not your typical Sienna Mynx book and is so worth the time it took to read every last one of it's 747 pages I'm use to reading these hot steamy books from her which this one did have plenty but there was just so much to it There was a realness there between Simone and Kim They were so relatable and felt like they could be one of my own sisters The drama that the

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    This is a love story truly written as a daytime Soap Opera Six hundred ninety five pages of love hate joy and pain all written into one It's amazing how the author never missed a beat The complete story is a 5 star jewel The good characters got what they deserved and the not so good characters got what they deserved Everyone in the book had bad habits from drugs alcohol insecuri

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