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The Death of Reginald Perrin Reginald Perrin is fed up with his boss and sick of selling ices Driven to desperation Reggie begins his battle against consumerism driving off in a motorized jelly and creating the world's biggest loganberry stick on the way He dumps his clothes on a Dorset beach and starts a new life Reggie Perrin suffers a midlife crisis The humor is wonderful—farcical and odd like a 1970s British sitcom The plot lost me in the middle as Reggie plots to run away from his life but the is genuinely moving and uite hilarious Part 2 in my ongoing series Stuff I Loved as a Kid That Is Still Ace And Reggie Perrin is perhaps even MORE ace now that I know what it is to be a glassy eyed commuter and cog in the capitalist system It helps of course that in my mind's eye all the scenes are re enacted by the incomparable Leonard Rossiter Rest in peace Lenny Rest in peace Deceptively simple If there's a better depiction of a mid life crisisnervous breakdown I'm unaware of it Funny and poignant superb cast of characters and almost documentary in its detailing of middle class middle England in the mid 70's I didn't get where I am today by not giving this 5 Stars I didn't get where I am today by not saying that this book is hilariously funny but also very poignant in ways which perhaps don't uite come across in the excellent TV series The incestuous affair enjoyed by Reggie's daughter was uite a surprise

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