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Frankenstein; or The Modern Prometheus Obsessed with creating life itself Victor Frankenstein plunders graveyards for the material to fashion a new being which he shocks into life with electricity But his botched creature rejected by Frankenstein and denied human companionship sets out to destroy his maker and all that he holds dear Mary Shelley's chilling Gothic tale was conceived when she was only eighteen living with her lover Percy Shelley near Byron's villa on Lake Geneva It would become the world's most famous work of horror fiction and remains a devastating exploration of the limits of human creativityBased on the third edition of 1831 this volume contains all the revisions Mary Shelley made to her story as well as her 1831 introduction and Percy Bysshe Shelley's preface to the first edition This revised edition includes as appendices a select collation of the texts of 1818 and 1831 together with 'A Fragment' by Lord Byron and Dr John Polidori's 'The Vampyre A Tale'

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    My apologies but this review is going to be a bit frantic due to my brain being so oxygen starved by the novel’s breath stealing gorgeousness that I'm feeling a bit light headed So please forgive the random thoughtsFirst Mary ShelleyI love youSecond Dear Hollywood you lying dung pile of literature savaging no talent hacksyou got this all wrong Please learn to read and get yourself a copy of the source material before you

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    SoI finished itWarningIf you are a fan of classic literature andor are utterly devoid of a sense of humor this review may not be for youAlsoYes I realize that I'm a moron with zero literary credibility So stop reading right now if the sound of an idiot whistling out of their asshole bothers you too terribly Sure you can comment below and tell me how stupid I am but it probably won't make me a better person Or will it? I've always w

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    “I have love in me the likes of which you can scarcely imagine and rage the likes of which you would not believe If I cannot satisfy the one I will indulge the other” From the 1994 movieThe worst thing about this novel is how distorted it has become by constant movie adaptations and misinformed ideas about the nature of Frankenstein and his monster For years like many others I thought Frankenstein was the name of that slightly green d

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    No stars That's right Zero zip nadaIt's been almost 30 years since I've detested a book this much I didn't think anything could be worse then Kafka's The Metamorphosis Seems I'm never too old to be wrong This time I don't have the excuse that I was forced to read this for high school lit class Oh no this time I read this of my own volition and for fun Yeah fun Kinda like sticking bamboo shoots between my fingernails type of fun Watching paint dry

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    Some books teach you something new each time you revisit them I picked up the tragically wonderful Frankenstein for a fourth time this week and I was totally mesmerised by the descriptive language used to describe the natural world In all my previous readings I focused on all the classic tropes of man and monster though I never considered the importance of the serene beauty that surrounds the story The natural world dominates the background of the novel I

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    It's been fifty years since I had read Frankenstein and now—after a recent second reading—I am pleased to know that the pleasures of that first reading have been revived Once again just as it was in my teens I was thrilled by the first glimpse of the immense figure of the monster driving his sled across the arctic ice and marveled at the artful use of narrative frames within frame each subseuent frame leading us closer to the heart of the novel until we hear

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    This was awesome I listened to an audiobook on YouTube as it is under the public domain You can find it here It was great The narrator did a great job of building the atmosphere and excitement in the story I always love reading the original stories behind some very iconic pop culture figures Frankenstein is obviously incredibly popular It was great to read and do a little bit of a personal independent study on major nerd here The perfect Halloween read

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    Don’t get why everyone spends so much time talking about “the theme of science versus nature” and how this is “the world’s first science fiction novel” when clearly this is the world’s pre eminent text on the subject of the dire conseuences of procrastinationBut whateverThis book rulesFirst off it’s very funny to imagine old timey 1800s people being scared by this It’s in the same vein as thinking of that urban legend about the people who watched the first movi

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    REREAD UPDATE September 2018One of my bookclubs Click to check out Reading List Completists is reading this for September 2018 I figure it was a good time for a reread since it was one of my favorites and it has been over 20 years since I read it I did enjoy it again this time and it stands up to the 5 star review and designation of classic There were a few slow parts mainly when Dr Frankenstein would stop the narrative to wax poetical about something but not enough t take a way from my

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    The anecdote is legendary Mary Shelley a teenager at the time was spending a vacation in Switzerland with her fiancé Percy Shelley their mutual friend Lord Byron and a few other people Was the weather gloomy that summer of 1816? Were the companions bored to death? For amusement one evening they challenged each other into writing the scariest ghost story they could come up with No one remembers what the fellows wrote on that occasion Everyone has at least heard of the creation of the young woma

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