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The idea of evolution is the most life changing concept to have emerged in modern times but most people know of it only in fragments The evolution of the universe of planet Earth of life and of human culture is a truly breathtaking story that can be told in many ways In one continuous story this book combines cosmological and biological evolution with the subseuent development of human thought made possible by the emergence of languageSir Lloyd shows that the commonly supposed conflict between religion and science arises from a failure to appreciate the role of what he calls the 'human thought world' The realm of the gods created by human imagination was the ancients' way of understanding nature For them it was both their science and their religion By sketching the history of 'God' Lloyd shows that the centrality of this idea provided an essential premise for the emergence of empirical scienceThis has enabled the human species to dominate planet Earth and usurp roles once attributed to God The story of evolution helps us understand the past — but the future of the human race now rests on our shoulders From the Big Bang to God

About the Author: Lloyd Geering

Sir Lloyd George Geering ONZ GNZM CBE is a New Zealand theologian who faced charges of heresy in 1967 for his controversial views He considers Christian and Muslim fundamentalism to be social evils Geering is Emeritus Professor of Religious Studies at Victoria University of Wellington He turned 100 in February 2018

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    This covers some of my favourite topics like evolution and religion However because it is meant to be the whole big story of Big Bang to now it was a bit once over lightly for me I enjoyed the cosmology stuff the most as I am less familiar with this topic Recommended for people wanting an introduction to spaceevolutionreligion

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    Immensely readable and thought provoking

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    Loathed it Lloyd Geering writes in his usual know it all have the answers to everything way to produce a book that is veritable propaganda of the atheist sort Specifically his reinterpretation of Christianity Geeringism is espoused Geeringites will eat this book up yet those who actually can think for themselves will see that his conclusions do not necessarily follow from his premi

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    Excellent review of evolution Geering presents Teilhard de Chardin's views Teilhard was a Jesuit whose progressive views caused him to be suppressed by the church I found the book both scientific and spiritual

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    Lloyd Geering has done a couple interviews related to this book which people interested in reading the book might like to check out to get a feel for what he is hoping to accomplishYou can read an interview with him in honor of Evolution Weekend 2014 at the Westar Institute blog You can also listen to podcasts of his radio interviews with pastor John Shuck of Religion for Life and happy

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    I like the idea that the world evolves by chance rather than by any ordered force Gods are the produce of human thoughts and are the way by which acients understood the world due to the limits of knowledges and sciences at that time

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