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If he never had to be responsible for anything ever againit would be too soon for him Jake Thompson never realized how many decisions he used to make in a day until he lost the nerve to make any and was forced to leave the army But he's starting to believe this horse therapy program they've put him in might actually help to get past the nightmare of indecision he's faced since losing his troop And it's all because of instructor Charlotte Nicholson As if the recently widowed single mom in charge of the rehab farm doesn't have enough on her plate without Jake adding his problems to hers But being with Charlie makes him think beyond his pain to the future If seems as if he's being offered a second chance at happinessand all he needs to do is make the decision to take it Something far easier said than done Taking the Reins

About the Author: Carolyn McSparren

Carolyn McSparren started writing when she was a teenager and always planned to be a professional writer and a college professor That is until she fell madly in love dropped out of graduate school and became a wife supporting a burgeoning opera singer husband That led to a three month trip to Germany that stretched into five yearsShe wound up living in Germany France Italy and came home

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