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The Fiery Heart UPDATE Review TeasersTeasersWhen I got out I heard the Love Phone ring with a text message I hurried to it Did you get it asked SydneyGet whatLook under your doorI did and found that a room key had been slid inside Not even bothering to respond to her I uickly dressed and headed out into the hall turning toward the room number on the key I nearly knocked but then decided I must have an open invitation and unlocked the doorI stepped inside shutting the door behind me and found the room was even nicer than mine Most of the lights were off and a blazing fire crackled in the wood burning fireplace Sydney sat on the bed and rose as I approachedAnd she was naked“You want to get breakfast” I asked“We can’t go out together It’s going to be bad enough if someone sees you leaving my room”I glanced at a clock “Nah They’re all going to bed right around now”“Then how are we going to get breakfast”“There are a couple of twenty four hour places since there are always some people coming in and out from human schedules” I kissed her neck “I’ll lift your coffee restriction since this is a special occasion”he watched him with amusement and then turned back to me sobering a little “I also figured you’d want a cigarette Must have been rough going what three hours” she teased“Three hours Hell Rose I’m going on about six weeks”The complete shock on her face was one of the best things I’d seen all day To be fair her surprise wasn’t entirely unwarranted I’d kind of uit while dating her though I’d cracked a few times and then completely relapsed afterward “You uit”Why are you so sad You aren’t stupid You’re my brilliant beautiful boy You’ll figure a way out of thisI could hear Aunt Tatiana’s voice as clearly as if she stood beside me I buried my face in my hands “Go away Aunt Tatiana I don’t need to add hallucinations to my growing list of problems”Since when was I problemReviewThis is one of my favourite series of all time and this book surpasses its predecessors which is really hard to do It’s got everything that made me fall in love with this series but it takes all that to a much higher level and you can feel how high the stakes are and how much Adrian and Sydney are risking by being together The romance is definitely the thing that stands out and it’s foremost a love story Adrian and Sydney have the greatest chemistry ever and reading their scenes is wonderful Sydrian takes up most of the book and their fans will literally die of feels They both bring out sides of each other that we’ve never seen before and it’s amazing to discover of them through their interactions with each other There are some very HOT sydrian scenes and I LOVED them I personally love all the characters in this book but sadly they didn’t appear much And Zoe appeared too much Can I kill her I knew from her first appearance in Bloodlines that I would loath her and she didn’t prove me wrong There are instances in the book where I sort of understood her and thought she may not be so bad but she really is a total bitch and all she cares about is sucking up to her dad As for Eddie Jill Trey and Angeline their love suare is kinda resolved ish but honestly they needed page time Neil was also introduced and we barely get to know him but he’s likeable and I’m looking forward to seeing of him The non sydrian part of the plot is about blood and spirit experiments and stuff It’s interesting but it takes a back seat to the romance – not that I minded BUT because of these experiments Adrian and Sydney do visit the moroi court and we meet RoseDimitriLissaChristianAbeand some other characters from VA It was really nice to see them again especially Abe and I really hope he plays a bigger part in the next book I think it’s possible because he kinda knows what Sydney is up to Basically this book is a love story and if you’re in it for Sydrian it will be heaven If you want something like VA then you might be disappointed with the lack of action The ending wasINTENSE It’s what I have been expecting for a while now and although it’s painful I was very excited by it and can’t wait to see where it leads UPDATE Am I the only one who hates the cover The Adrian model looked alright in TIS's cover but his haircut sucks in this and the Sydney model looks weird too DisappointedOMG I love the title 'The Fiery Heart' And its gonna switch between Sydney and Adrian's POV Did I mention how excited I am to get into Adrian's head GIMME THE BOOK Still waitingRelease date isn't until 2013 Sydney Sage is an Alchemist one of a group of humans who dabble in magic and serve to bridge the worlds of humans and vampires They protect vampire secrets and human lives In The Indigo Spell Sydney was torn between the Alchemist way of life and what her heart and gut were telling her to do And in one breathtaking moment that Richelle Mead fans will never forget she made a decision that shocked even her But the struggle isn't over for Sydney As she navigates the aftermath of her life changing decision she still finds herself pulled in too many directions at once Her sister Zoe has arrived and while Sydney longs to grow closer to her there's still so much she must keep secret Working with Marcus has changed the way she views the Alchemists and Sydney must tread a careful path as she harnesses her profound magical ability to undermine the way of life she was raised to defend Consumed by passion and vengeance Sydney struggles to keep her secret life under wraps as the threat of exposure and re education looms larger than ever Pulses will race throughout this thrilling fourth installment in the New York Times bestselling Bloodlines series where no secret is safe OMG I have so many thoughts But for right nowChapter 1 from Adrian's POVhttpshelf lifeewcom20130729rI won't lie Walking into a room and seeing your girlfriend reading a baby name book can kind of make your heart stop OMG We get Adrian's POV So excitedAnd we'll have Adrian's POV in the rest of the series Why did you choose to make an Adrian's POV in the fourth book Is it just for fun or you needed to do it for the plot Richelle Mead It is because of the plot It's going to be getting bigger and not all of it will happen while Sydney and Adrian are together In VA I could follow Rose and Lissa both because of the bond but I can't do it here so it's time for another POV Not as good as The Indigo Spell as a lot of it felt like filler really cute filler that made me giggle uite a lot but filler nonetheless but the ending makes me want to immediately dive into the next book Silver Shadows Richelle Mead is a fantastic writer and even her weaker books are immensely entertaining and will get you out of a reading slump as it did with me just now Now please excuse me I need to get to reading Silver Shadows This installment is really Adrian's story It's really fun being in his head and there is some serious Sydrian chemistry Full review is on the blog seriouslyWhat Happened To Everyone's HAIR First of all this may be a little off topic and have nothing to do with the actual story in this book but I do not like this cover Is it just me or does it seem very cheap compared to the others The same goes for the 5th book Silver Shadows What happened here guysAnd second I have no idea where I'm taking this review for The Fiery Heart I mean it was amazing mind blowing even and yes simple perfection which isn't a surprise when it's about a book that has Adrian Ivashkov in it but oh the ending killed me It really did And the thing is I had a feeling this would happen but still I wasn't prepared for it to shock me like it did It's just the most awful ending I have read about in so long I really hate cliffhangersSo Sydney and Adrian Ah they're perfect together Simply perfect I was a little wary at first when I started this book because I had no idea where Richelle Mead would take their relationship to So I'm really glad and relieved about the way she did it Really nothing has changed except for the hot make out sessions they have to do in secret but let's face it that makes it just the sexy But it's not just about sex it's They love each other so much you see it in the way both Sydney and Adrian talk to and about each other It just makes the ending all the terrible Aside from their relationship we can totally see how both Sydney and Adrian have grown I mean seriously you wouldn't recognize them if you'd go back to reading the Vampire Academy books And that's just one thing I love about both these characters But of course they haven't changed too much Sydney is still the same brainy girl who plans ahead and Adrian is still the witty charming guy who makes every girl drop their panties And we love him for it Seriously I can't press enough how much I love Adrian If it wasn't obvious before I came to love him even because of this book He was simply put awesome in it Still my #1 book boyfriendBut anyway I feel like I'm straying from the review here So the overall story Loved it And not just all because of Adrian though of course he plays a big factor in me loving this book and series No the story was pretty great too Especially with Adrian's point of view Oh yes baby Being inside his mind was thrilling and exciting and just totally amazing His chapters show his highs and his lows but I still love him anyway I also felt like it isn't just Sydney's story any Adrian did pretty impressive things Again he's grown so so much Damn I love himI also love all the other characters And I mean it when I say this series has a lot of great ones Of course there's the usual ones like Jill Eddie Trey Angeline And I must say I'm really liking Jill now I used to be not a big fan of her but also she has grown up a lot Pretty impressive I just want her and Eddie to be together already Come on Trey as usually was his awesome self and I'm glad he was in the book uite a lot actually And Angeline She's just a riot isn't she Then there were the newer characters like Neil the new British guy I wasn't too sure about him in the beginning but after what he did for the greater good I think he's pretty great Oh and Sydney's sister Zoe joined them I wanted to pretty much choke her all the time because she was so annoying and kept making it harder for Sydney and Adrian to be together And of course she played a role in that awful ending Boo She's definitely on my kill list now together with her and Sydney's father I should also mention this book was like a Vampire Academt reunion Pretty much all the major characters appeared in this book not once but several times And when I say major characters I mean Rose Dimitri Lissa Christian Sonya Abe So yep pretty much the whole gang It made me smile I miss them all so much The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead definitely is one of my favorite Bloodlines books It had everything I crave in a good book Kick ass action passion and romance drama and one hell of an ending with a cliffhanger although I could've lived without that last one But even with how totally shocked and sad it made me it's a pretty good ending if you want to give your readers a heart attack and make them crave the next book like they're hooked on drugs Also this book has been one of my most anticipated books of the year and I read it like two days Yep that's what this series does to me Turn me into a reading zombie But it was one amazing ride that I wouldn't want to forget even though I'm in need for some hugs to help me get over this book And now the only think I can do is wait for the next book Silver Shadows Can't it be July 2014 already For this review to take place I feel as though I have to split myself into two people One is the completely bias fangirl who obsesses over characters and a world she loves This is the same girl who shrieked so loudly when Dimitri made a reappearance that someone came in to check if she was okay Looking at the book through this persona I was happy Adrian and Sydney really grew as a couple even with the drastically cliched the centre will hold motif and they had some cute moments with cupcakes and car sex woohoo Sydney onya girl I loved seeing all the characters that I've come to love and I had a heart attack when Jill FINALLY kissed Eddie I mean come on it's been four booksThe other part of me is the objective reader who's sifted through classics trash and every other book in between She was unimpressed with the slow pace of the plot the predictability of the ending and the lack of any real definitive action There were things I liked but nothing that drove me to pick up the book and obsessively read it cover to cover in one night It just seemed like a load of teenage angst bear in mind that I love this series and it kills me to say that so you know it's my honest opinion rather than just plain ol' book bashing I was disappointed I know Mead and even though it's the characters that drive her books I was thoroughly disappointed in the story itself And even the characters plateaued I know we were supposed to recognize that Adrian had changed so much and grown as an individual but to me it felt as though we saw that last book and this was just reiterating something we'd already known With the exception of Sydney and how her character developed I'd say most of the characters just stayed in their own little background roles adding fluff here and there Like a nice backdrop in a photo which was clearly centred on Sydrian Now don't get me wrong I LOVE Sydrian I live for Sydrian The fangirl part of me was super happy with that But the other part was NOT Hence my confusion and a 35 star rating And now because I've been so kind I'm going to go and crawl up in a corner and cuddle Dimitri for a little bit while I wait for the next book to come out and amaze me By the way we're all taking bet's on what's going to happen next book over here if you want to pop in and have your say I AM EXCITED My re reading of this series has been a blast so far I love Sydney I love Adrian I love my memories attached to these books This was goooooooood Just finished writing what may be the most powerful scene in the VABloodlines series And I don't say that lightly after Shadow Kiss Richelle Mead about the ending of this bookOH MY GODKinda scared I meanShadow Kiss was woah I have a feeling Fiery Heart will be like Shadow KissA crying festival Am I right Richelle I don't know if it'll be a crying festival but I think a lot of books will be thrown across the room 062013 Update The next Bloodlines book The Fiery Heart comes out November 19th That's going to be a big one in the series For those familiar with the first series it's kind of like what Shadow Kissed and Blood Promise were—the point where the plot just really jumps up It's told through alternating POVs of Sydney and Adrian and it's just—there's a huge almost heartbreaking intensity to it We finally deal with the issues of spirit like mental health and things like that So that just really tugs at you but at the same time we see Sydney and Adrian's relationship escalate considerably So fans who liked how hot Indigo Spell was I hope they have their smelling salts for this one It's going to get turned up in there too It's just another one of those things I like I like the contrasting things I want you to be excited and laughing one moment and gasping in the next and I think there's just a lot of that It's got a big semi cliffhanger ending so I apologize in advance for that 060913 Update Richelle Mead talking about this book Anyone else scaredHere are two mini excerpts One from Sidney's POV one from Adrian's POV Love is a flame in the dark A breath of warmth on a winter's night A star that guides you home Richelle Mead did it again Oh yes you're probably tired of reading that in my reviews But really can you say otherwise This book has given me all the Sydrian dose I needed and so much It's that good kind of overdose you'd never recover from Certainly worth the agonizing waitOur favorite couple or should I say one of our favorites Since we have tons of ships in this series is finally together Yes I know it started in the last book but I've been so excited to know of their progress since that time And this book did not disappoint at all I feel like I would spontaneously combust every other page THAT'S how great this book is Of course it's not Sydrian without the lows And we did get a few of that here Nonetheless you can definitely say we've come through a long long way from Vampire Academy Or even Bloodlines that isSydney is well it's like the old Sydney has been abducted by aliens and been replaced with a new one And I'm not even exaggerating I mean have you ever imagine Sydney is capable of this I never claimed strength in the face of your charms Sage I'm just an ordinary man Now put the shirt back onI leaned forward testing the strength of his hold Or what With my free hand I caught hold of one of my bra straps and started to pull it down I know you've heard and read this a million times but Sydney had come a really long way There are a lot of things in this book you'd never thought the old Syndey would have done Things you'd never dream she'd be capable of or even confident enough to do ahem that freaking lodge sceneOf course the same things could be said about our beloved and ridiculously handsome Moroi Yes Adrian surprised us a lot in The Indigo Spell but it's nothing compared to the Adrian we see now that they're together Not that I'm surprised Adrian has always been the sweet type to people he liked And Sydney well she's the love of his life Of course you'd expect nothing less than to swoon every page of his chapter POVsI wish I could say it'd be nothing but happy times for Adrian now that they're together He's within grips of spirit's craziness after all It's totally different now that we're seeing how spirit can affect someone directly now that we have his POV Not a good insight at all And in addition he'll now be forced to face his own demons Nothing our Ivashkov prince couldn't handle Or so we'd hopeBut as what I mentioned earlier Adrian has come a long way We do get another chance to meet well loved characters of the past Including Lissa and Christian Yep most of the old gang will have a cameo And if Dimitri bothers Adrian before he could now make jokes still at our favorite dhampir's expense of course without bitterness Nah we've got to be all responsible and stuff to deal with the spirit problem right We can celebrate later Besides Belikov can't hold his liuor But what I love most is the fact that despite all the magic and otherworldly stuff now filling the lives of the characters of this series we keep coming back to main focus of this series The focus on morality and beliefs And it's not just Sydney's beliefs and morality any but other people's as well So that being said let's visit our other ships' lives winkTrey and Angeline These two dysfunctional people is cute Especially when they become Dimitri like people with their Zen wisdom It's funny how this couple of all people would be the one Sydney would admire and even be jealous of But Angeline would really surprise you in this book Oh she's still crazy but you'll see sides of her you've never seen beforeEddie and Jill exasperated but fangirl crazy sigh Finally Well I was kinda expecting that when Eddie won't shut up but I didn't know Jill had it in her You go Jill I'm so proud of you screams that's my otpI even ship Neil and Olive Gosh the couples won't sop coming How are we even expected to survive all these cuuuute ships dreamy sighBut as much as I would love to stay in that wonderful wonderul chapters of the book I have to face the fact that that last 3 chapters happen So let's talk about despicable Zoemajor spoilers belowThe most torturous of torture is not even enough as Zoe's punishment I know I know that if we stop and look at it in Zoe's perspective she thinks that she's trying to save her sister though if I'm going to be honest she's probably trying to up herself in her daddy's eyes But if only she hadn't come interfering Ugh I so so hate Mr Sage Still I might be heartbroken about the ending but I'm most definitely excited to see where this will leadwhispers Can I have the next book NOW please This review also appeared on

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