Brain The Man Who Wrote the Book That Changed the World

Brain The Man Who Wrote the Book That Changed the World Brain The Man Who Wrote the Book That Changed the World was recommended to be by a book reviewer who told me you are an author you should read it Since I value this reviewer a lot I did The book exceeded my expectationsThe story begins like many stories about starving authors begin only the description is much funnierDaniel Waterstone has always known that he wanted to become an author stepping directly into footsteps of F Scott Fitzgerald Ernest Hemingway et al Right after graduating college he begins to write such brilliant novels only readers won't buy them After his first two novels fail to take off his agent Suzanne has to tell him that his next two babiesmaster pieces are not the kind of work that people want to buy right nowMore than disappointed almost destroyed Daniel heads home and accidentally meets an author who has everything he wants A bestselling book and adoring fans who ahh and ohh at each of his words at an author signing The bestelling book is a self help book of doubtable value Daniel observesYet here was the gullible and evidently misguided public lining up for an audience with a weird snake oil salesman who was either an out and out fraud or if he really believed in the idiocy that he was writing a certifiable crazy personAppalled and desperate Daniel decides to write a satire about self help methods of course in the tradition of the great satirists Orwell Dickens and CervantesDaniel pens You Have a Brain Use it under the under the nom de plume Charles SpectrumWhen he does not hear from Suzanne before his phone service is cut off Daniel falls into a depression Finally Suzanne can indeed make contact with Daniel after she pays his phone bill Daniel's book is on its way to become a national bestseller but not as a parody but as a self help book Readers are taking the satirical title literally following the funny meant suggested procedures to a T and often much longer than suggested Readers want Daniel to be Charles SpectrumFrom there the Brain The Man Who Wrote the Book That Changed the World takes off to a hilariously funny journey through the world of publishing and it's marketing as well as offering a critical perspective at the booming self help industryI read the book cover to cover and got up only once to get coffee; I just could not stop reading Brain is truly hilarious Highly recommended to authors and aspiring authors college grads and people who view the self help industry with bit of a critical eye The book reminded me of Being There book by Jerzy Kosinski and movie directed by Hal AshbyGisela Hausmann author blogger Daniel is a published author but no one wants to read his literary novels Even his agent isn’t interested in his latest manuscript In an act of desperation he pens a satirical work under a pseudonym which his agent and publisher put out as a self help book Suddenly he is a runaway commercial success and then life becomes really complicatedThis book is a wonderful satire on modern publishing and a clever exploration of degrees of sanity Although the early pages don’t seem to have the inventiveness of the rest of the book there are still some gems to be found I love the awkward restaurant scene when Daniel dines with his agent Suzanne which is reminiscent of one of my favorite scenes in Orwell’s Keep the Aspidistra Flying Daniel’s first contact with his potential love interest Clare and his relationship with elderly librarian Mavis are both delightfulOnce Daniel’s book takes off so does this one It soars with a glorious irreverence into the realms of absurdity becoming increasingly wild as his life spirals out of control There are many bizarre scenes to tickle the funny bone and some stand out laugh out loud ones too My absolute favorite is Daniel’s hilarious first visit to his agent’s office after his book has been published I won’t spoil it by explaining it – I just urge you to read itMy son was so intrigued by a book that made his mother laugh out loud that he read it – in one sitting His verdict “It’s entertaining” Praise indeed from a teenager I think any author who can entertain a middle aged woman and an adolescent boy has got to be getting it rightI’d like to thank the author for sending me a review copy of this book Brain The Man Who Wrote the Book That Changed the World Dermot DavisJust what makes a best seller Is it a good romance mystery or thriller with a plot filled with murder intrigue hot and steamy sex Aspiring writers hope that their novel will not only be on the Times best seller list but reach number one Some might be naïve enough to think they might write the next great American Novel Think again Vampire’s books self help murder humor satire which topic or genre would warrant being titled the Great American Novel Daniel Waterstone creates uite a stir at his college graduation when he receives the college’s literary award Thinking that he would just take a bow and then move on with the agenda for the graduation little did the Dean realize that the audience was in for a speech that would definitely change the entire course of the graduation Wanting to define Western literature the classics and hoping to revitalize interest in authors such as Twain or Hemmingway Daniel set about captivating his audience Ten years later with his car falling apart engine dying in the middle of busy intersections Daniel hopes that his literary career will skyrocket with his latest novel The Impossible Dream II But not every dream comes to be and not every novel regardless of the uality and skill of the writer will sell Meeting with his agent Suzanne Daniel sets his hopes high thinking that she is about to get him signings speaking engagements and hopefully a huge royalty check But instead she practically sends him out the restaurant door Even worse the advance he received for the novel they are not going to publish the publisher wants it back Money spent car on the double fritz threats of being evicted no electricity and no phones Daniel goes on uest to figure out how he can write something others might want to read But first he winds up walking into a bookstore and listens to a prominent and successful self help author named Randy Guswhite talk about his book titled Take Control of Your Life Listening to him talk to his audience you begin to wonder whether reality TV has taken over the world of literature and whether the public is really that gullible and believes everything they hear and read So Daniel decides right there and then to meet with his friend Mavis at his local library talk about his situation and then proceeds to take out every book by every major satirist and writes his own The book titled Use Your Brain is an instant wonder but not before his agent discounts it at first her assistant reads and loves it and members of her staff copy it and even try some of the insane and ridiculous exercises mentioned that would make their lives better Would you read the Bible backwards singing Happy Birthday to you Would you walk backwards singing If I Were A Rich Man banging two sauce pan lids together Well everyone reading his book thinks it’s great and he is an instant best selling author except for one thing He never wanted the book considered self help he thought he wrote a satire Wrong again Daniel But the book was written under the name Charles Spectrum and his agent is all over him to promote promote promote Even she wants him to speak to audiences in bookstores about his book and when he does wait until you see what he says and how the audiences react You just won’t believe Daniel loves the hype but is in danger of losing Daniel He even verbalizes to his audience that he is a fraud they are all frauds and that the answers to uestions that want answered are right in front of themselves Will Daniel become the next F Scott Fitzgerald or Hemingway Will he make it to the rankings of Twain or Dickens Just how gullible is the public and just how far will he go to be a success With an audience lined up around the corner to hear Randy speak will Daniel turn heads or raise eyebrows when the harsh reality of what he is doing sets in You Have a Brain Use It Will it change the world When his agent finally contacts him and pays his late phone bill what is her real motive for wanting to help him now Those reading his book are taking the title literally and believe everything Charles Spectrum spouts Funny humorous and yet sad to think that publishers are looking to publish and market books that will boost their sales five people want they want but uality writing well you decides after reading this book Once you start reading this book and get to know DanielCharles and hear Suzanne’s assessment of his work his career and her projection for his future you begin to wonder just where he might go with this and if he will really write a seuel Television appearances signings talks seminars and general appearances bring him instant success But is this really what Daniel wants and is this Daniel Will he continue down this road or will he go back to being Daniel DanielCharles has his own fans and following This book is uite profound in many ways as it gets you to think about the inner workings of the publishing industry and just how far apart authors and publishers are when creating and publishing better works for readers Claire Peterson works for Suzanne creating music for many of her presentations as the author allows readers inside the meeting room and we hear what is planned for Daniel’s book we wonder just how far this agent will go to promote Daniel and for what reason So many venues that are out there and so many that she has tapped whether talks meetings speakers that would relate his message in different states cities and countries just what does Daniel really think and how does he relate his feelings to Claire Will he continue down this road to make money and be able to start over on his own Will he continue to compromise his own values and sink so low he won’t recognize himself Author Dermot Davis asks readers to think long and hard about what Daniel is doing and if in the same position would they do the same How far would you go to get fame fortune and recognition How much of yourself would you compromise Events spiraled out of control as Daniel decided to air his feelings on national television Suzanne disappeared before the may lay occurred a blackmailer thought he’d cash in on his fame truths come out about what he wrote but the ending will definitely astound readers Daniel looks deep inside himself with the help of Claire trying to find his own niche and way in life Readers claiming they hear and see spirits on national television Elementals come to life and can be heard a woman claims she levitates and another winds up in jail claiming he was asleep when a crime was committed But just what is real fiction or just strange Are people sane or insane or has the world gone mad Would you chuck it all for two million dollars Wait until you find out what Daniel decides to do the revelations he makes and his definition of truth integrity and hope As Claire shares her music with Daniel and he listens to the special sounds she creates readers can get caught up in the music as she allows it to flow choosing different instruments to play which melody tempo and the volume for each part allowing listeners Daniel and readers to understand the emotions that music evokes Joy happiness sorry and excitement Just where does Daniel wind up and what will be his final great novel Will there be a Great American Novel or will he take another path Where does Suzanne wind up What happens to the Brain organization What about Daniel’s book Brain The Man Who Wrote the Book that Changed the World Dermot Davis Wrote a book that is filled with humor satire sarcasm anecdotes that are hilarious stunts that I know he would not want any of his readers to try as they are a figment of Charles Spectrum’s imagination and Read this book and you decide if this is not a book that will make you think the next time you read a Twain Dickens Fitzgerald Hemingway Oscar Wilde Thoreau or Louis Stevenson if they are the only ones that can write a novel that changed the world This is definitely a FIVE STAR KEY OF C NOVEL Fran Lewis Reviewer Brain The Man Who Wrote the Book That Changed the World by Dermot Davis is a hilarious and clever satire about the world of publishing audience tastes and manipulationA very talented writer is unable to make a living on the strength of his high uality literary books but when 'selling out' he lands a hitWith sharp with and observational humour the book depicts not only the hype of marketing but also the gullible nature of readers and human beingsDaniel Charles is a great character who has several excellent interesting and stimulating conversations with a librarian about books and publishing which lend this comedy an air of gravity and credibilityI laughed out loud many times while reading the book and found myself and others in the story The story is written and paced perfectly and was a pleasure to read in almost one sitting I came across Dermot's work because his books have received several award nominations and I must say I am not surprised in the least A talented writer with great ideas and a gift for telling them well Brain The Man Who Wrote the Book That Changed the World is the second book I've had the pleasure of reading by Award Winning Playwright Dermot Davis his book Zen and Sex having been the first I'm not sure which I appreciate about this talented author his unfailing and at times uirky sense of humor or the fact that he so effectively avoids writing variations on the same tired old themes I see many other reviewers have introduced a few of the characters and shared parts of the storyline so rather than repeat what's already been said I will simply add that on than a few occasions I found myself alternately nodding in agreement with his spot on observations of the world of publishing and laughing out loud over the trials and at times zany actions of the book's protagonist Daniel Waterstone Dermot Davis has a refreshingly uniue story telling style and while it isn't normally my practice to add must read to any review I find there really isn't any other way to convey how highly I recommend this book Sometimes we forget how much effort work and sacrifice goes into the creation of the books we enjoy be they fiction the great American novel or a self help guide Brain The Man Who Wrote the Book That Changed the World uses satire some times tongue in cheek sometimes just shy of absurd to remind us what it really takes to give readers what we craveDermot Davis offers us a well crafted humorous story of a young idealist Daniel Waterstone Fresh from college Daniel sets his sights on literary greatest until eviction hunger and the abandonment of his car leads him to an act of desperation writing a self help book Created in a stupor Daniel believes he has written the greatest work of satire of the modern era only to find himself not just a best seller but the center of a corporation created to exploit his devoted followers Naive Daniel struggles with guilt over his new found fame and wealth never once seeing the world through any perspective other than his own idealism It takes a caring follower Clare threats against his life and the appearance on a TV talk show to realize how self centered he has been And in doing so Daniel finds that he can make a living be true to his art manage commercialism have love and raise a family My rating is based upon the readability and entertainment value of this book I don't think that Dermot Davis will get rich or receive great fame from having written Brain But he deserves our appreciation for what he does And he deserved winning the 2013 USA Best Book Award HumorI received my copy of this book as a random drawing winner through Goodreads It's the classic dilemma of the writer Do you write what's in your heart or do you write what sells In this modern age of publishing there is a huge chasm between the best selling authors that are rich beyond their dreams and well everybody else All Daniel Waterstone ever wanted to do was write the great American novel and change the landscape of modern literature forever He has two literary books in print but no one's buying His agent won't even accept his latest masterpiece which he poured his soul into apparently it's not commercial enough In a final act of desperation Daniel decides to write not what's in his heart but what he thinks will sell Boy did he get that one wrongworst of all most likely lose the woman of his dreams I devoured Mr Davis’s other novel Zen and Sex in forty eight hours so I was very pleased to discover a new release from him Brain is a comedy about writing and about the vagaries of the publishing business It’s a comment on what sells and what doesn’t and whether artists should aspire to be artists or simply try to produce a work that they know will sell It’s a satire about a man writing a satire and it’s very very funnyThe book starts out predictably but amusingly enough but there are plenty of surprises in store As a starving artist myself though not uite so literally as Daniel the protagonist of Brain I identified strongly with the author’s plight – when I wasn’t laughing out loud at the writing and the plot developments It has the feel of a comedic parable but twists in the plot send in down unexpected but exciting routesLoved it When’s the next one Brain is a must read for all authors trying to make sense of the world of publishingIt reminded me of Bonfire of the Vanities and Tom Sharpe's workEssentially a comedy and satire Brain is a modern fable about the power of imagination and marketing with unforeseen conseuencesIt also includes some great set pieces and observations about life which resonate with this readerI loved the story and I believe it would make a great comedy film in the right hands Monty Pythonwould be a great touchstone for the tone and humor Roll on the follow upOh and I'd love to see 'You Have a Brain Use it' published I loved this book It's funny imaginative and captivating I connected with the themes immediately which kept me reading with vivid interest until the end The characters are rich and the protagonist Daniel is someone that I looked forward to spend time with at each opportunity I had to continue reading Dermot Davis' writing style flows like a river in the summer it's easy to get along with and a joy to experience This is a must read for anyone interested in writing or anything to do with that field but also I would recommend it to everyone purely because it will make you laugh and it will make you smile

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