Their Blue Collar Girl The American Soldier Collection #4

Their Blue Collar Girl The American Soldier Collection #4 Lori Ann Shay her sister Maggie and nephew Ben have been on the run They finally reunite with their parents and learn to live their lives without fear But moving on is not so easy for Lori and her inability to forget she helped kill a man When she meets Charlie Dante and Trevor Henley sparks fly between them But she’s scared and inexperienced and these three brothers are intimidating untrusting and carrying around their own insecurities and fears They must learn to trust one another if this relationship is going to workThey’re jealous protective and possessive and caught in the middle of a business deal that’s about to place Lori in the ultimate danger Someone wants them to stop construction on their land When they abduct Lori and Ben in a plan to kill them can Lori help save Ben again and ultimately save herself Will her soldiers get to her in time or will tragedy strike again

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    Lori Ann Shay never imagined at sixteen that she would be on the run with her sister protecting her sister and her newborn son Her sister's abusive ex continues to try to find them finally causing a terrifying night and Lori doing something she never wanted to do playing a part in killing manAfter five long years Lori with her sister and son in tow get t

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    35 StarsI liked this book but I found it really slow in parts It felt a little dragged out at times I liked Lori she is selfless and a good person I adored the way she looked after Maggie and Ben She put her own life on hold to protect her big sister and nephew I have to admit that I wasn’t a fan of Charlie He was mean judgemental bossy and moody Yes I

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    I can't stop reading menage books I love dthe idea of being worshiped by three or men I'm being honest here Who wouldn't? Every red bloooded woman has had that fantasy Those that say they don't are lying That being said I'll start my review Ok Same plot line A petite stacked beautiful girl So she's 21 Big deal She is a virgin of course They're is absolute

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    FantasticI loved this story I do believe it is my favorite by Ms Dwyer I loved the fact that Lori was so independent and protective of those she loved She had to grow up uick and assume the role of adult and provider at an early age which shaped her character Charlie Dante and Trevor are the typical Alpha males who are scarred by their experiences in the mi

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    This has been my least favorite of the series The men were just too over the top domineering and possessive especially Charlie Yikes they would get mad if she even looked at another guy That doesn't bode well for a lasting relationship I didn't like any of the guys

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    I love Lori she is such a strong young woman At only 21 she has lived a life most people haven't even experienced Then she meets three men who pull her out of her insecurities and help her trust again What a great story and lovely characters

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    A friend of mine told me I should read this series and I am so glad I took her advice I am having so much fun reading this series I am about to start reading book five later today once you start this series you won't be able to stop lol

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    Could have done with some editing lots if mix up of characters

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    I'm so happy when I discovered this series The stories of each of the Soldiers are really different I like the way the author portraits the characters I will recommend this series

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    Loved it I've read it five or six times and could read it again

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