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The White Russian Evie a rebellious young American leaves New York in search of art and adventure in jazz age Paris where her grandmother lives But on arrival her grandmother’s sudden death leaves Evie compelled to carry out her dying wish to find a man from her past called ZhenyaThe uest leads Evie deep into the heart of the Russian émigré community of Paris With the world on the brink of war she becomes embroiled in murder plots conspiracies and illicit love affairs as White faces Red Russian and nothing is as it seemsWith Jean a liberal Russian writer by her side Evie finally seems to have found the passion and excitement she's yearned for But is she any nearer to discovering the identity of the mysterious Zhenya or the heartbreak of her grandmother's past This book gave good insight into the conflict between the Whites and the Reds in Paris during the 1930's While it started out strong it petered out uickly Evie's grandmother has been estranged from her family Evie decides to go to Paris and get to know her Immediately upon her arrival the Grandmother dies The Grandmother Constance has left a piece of paper instructing Evie to find a person This results in a dull search for the person and a dull romance The ending has Evie coming back to America married to the Russian The reasoning behind the determination of who Constance was looking for is not explained This book was a bit of a let down 35 starsInteresting novel I learned a lot about the connection between Paris and white Russians in the 1920's and 30's I like how the author took historical events and created a fictional story based around them I discovered this book in the library when I had just finished Smiley's People which had bits about Russian emigres and I was pining for a similar book because my library didn't have ANY Le Carre novels and I had waited weeks to order even Smiley's People from inter library loan I thought of re reading Berberova's The Italics Are Mine which would have filled that yen but I wasn't ready for that yet ANYWAY this book filled that yen it has everything you could want in a Paris Russian emigre type book with cafes and vodka and mysteries and murder and people being kidnapped and forcibly taken back to the Motherland by the NKVD and everything All goodBUTI kept feeling as if the author was too modern in her writing and not immersed enough in the era I don't mean that she had to write Swell or You're elected with 1930s American jargon but just the psychological studies just seemed too modern I kept expecting that the White Russian of the title was going to appear with his Sony Walkman if not check his Facebook I dunno It's hard to describe the feeling that someone is just too modern in their rendering of a story that is in the past It's harder to do than you might think There's a bit of over the top melodrama with the White Russian's adopted son or whatever but it's a novel about Russian emigres in Paris what else? I loved some of the characters who were very life like such as her grandmother's friend the gypsy torch singer There were a lot of little realistic touches I still think this writer needs to read a long book Berberova would do or hang out in Russia for longer and then try again The reason I wanted to read The White Russian is because I enjoyed reading Midnight in St Petersburg by Vanora Bennett I found I was so engaged in reading The White Russian I was just turning pages after pages It is such a beautiful novel I just got completely lost into it The White Russian is set into four parts Evie did not know her grandmother until she turned eighteenOut of the blue Evie's mother gets a letter from Evies grandmother in Paris offering to pay for her to go to college Evie's unknown grandmother had enclosed a picture of herself Without Evie's mother knowing Evie took the picture and put it in her own room As Evie arrives in Paris to see her grandmother she is had not expected to be in a situation out of her depth as she stumbles upon her grandmother in bed that is frail and so very thin Her hair looked so very dull her hands frail and papery blue veined Evie's grandmother makes frantic mumbled sound MMMM she is trying to tell Evie something As Evie's grandmother was finding it hard to talk she took to writing with a letter with M on that was repeated several times The sudden death of her grandmother leaves Evie to carry out her grandmothers dying wish to find a man from her past Evie seeing her grandmother is just a little part of the story in The White Russian There is so much to this novel that is very touching and suprisingly waiting for readers to explore I look forward to Vanora Bennett's next novel Review by ireadnovelswordpresscom

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