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Repercussions Evie Cortez #25 After some pestering from his daughter Caleb goes to pay Evie a visit He finds her without her memory and at the mercy of the latest threat in her life With no other clear choice he takes her home where he’ll protect her with every claw and fang in his possession Third in the series following Anticipations this is told in Caleb’s point of view It's time to find out what HE feels about Evie

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    I liked this the best out of the series I like Caleb’s certainty at his feelings and how he is always there for Evie without trying to impede on her I find Evie a bit juvenile and when she loses her memory and starts acting like an adult she seems to come into her own Of corse she gets her memories back and starts running away from her problems Not a lot actua

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    I love this series I was so happy when I saw there books I really am looking forward to seeing the flow chart reveal itself

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    If you love this series like I do this uick book is just a teaser to tide us over until the next is available

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