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Ghostman I make things disappear It’s what I do This time I'm tidying up the loose ends after a casino heist gone bad The loose ends being a million cash But I only have 48 hours and there’s a guy out there who wants my head in a bagHe'll have to find me first They don’t call me the Ghostman for nothing

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    The main character from Ghostman makes some toast I went into the kitchen and put two pieces of sliced sourdough bread into the toaster You can use any type of bread to make toast but I prefer sourdough Other professional toast makers use whole grain or even raisin bread but I like the taste and consistency of sourdough when toasted properly Only a fool

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    The Trouble with ThrillersWhen you wander through your local bookstore or a drugstore or Wal Mart you’ll probably pass by a rack of paperback books with lurid covers that are usually labeled as thrillers Pick up one of these books and what are you likely to find? A superhero cop spy or private investigator — one who combines the strength of an Olympic

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    “I was doing a nickel bit in the hoosegowunder glass because of a loose jawed stoolie who'd snitched to the bulls” That line wasn't penned by Roger Hobbs Actually it probably doesn't even make sense but I've always operated under the notion that if I can't be a hardboiled criminal at least I can try to coopt their lingo So if for that reason alone read

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    Ghostman is a very good debut novel told from the first person POV of the Ghostman whose real name no one really knows though some refer to him as Jack He's a master criminal who lives way way off the grid and specializes in disappearing He only emerges when a job especially interests him Five years earlier Jack was part of a crew that attempted to pull of

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    The Ghost Man by Roger HobbsWell let's clear two interesting facts one this is a debut author second he finished this book when he was still at college in his early twentiesWhen a casino robbery in Atlantic City goes horribly awry the man who orchestrated it is obliged to call in a favour from someone who's sometimes called Jack While it's doubtful anyone kn

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    I wish I read Ghostman on a plane I have a set of plane reading rules1 Nothing too intense2 Nothing that makes me think too much3 Something that would make a good movie is idealSince I hate planes and wasn't going anywhere however I read Ghostman over a long weekend I only picked up the book because of the online hype filtered through the NY Times and Barnes

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    I decided to read this after seeing this Goodreads interview with the author I do not regret the decision I read the entire novel over a weekendThe story is fairly straightforward told from the first person point of view of Ghostman while he is working a job to settle an old debt Simultaneously there are flashbacks to the bank heist that put him in that debt i

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    Pretty good thriller The concept is a good one Every now and then a book or movie for that matter that's a relatively new idea and here we have a Ghostman A Ghostman vanishes people and thingsincluding him or herself apparently Ghostman is generic as he was trained by a woman and she is also called a Ghostman during the book's story Anyway our Ghostman can only

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    Jack is a Ghostman a criminal hired by other criminals to fool people and clean up messes A fixera cleaner a man who gets things done He lives completely off the grid No one knows his real name He lives for the action and the thrill He is a master of disguises and nuances In Atlantic City a heist is about to go down Two criminals are going to steal 1200000 in fr

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    This was fun if a bit over the top The Ghostman is 'a man with no name' which is apparently a sought after talent in the criminal underworld He can change identities take care of issues all part of the job description Everyone has a specific job talent in his world There are drivers jobbers others Rather neat it gives us some fun characters including plenty of ba

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