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Introducing Linguistics Introducing S More than anything else language is what makes us human Linguistics the discipline which studies the structure function and phenomena of language has uncovered many surprising and fascinating things about the nature of our human language faculty But these findings are often presented in opaue technical terminology which hides their simplicity and beauty of what linguists do how they go about it and what they have achieved so far A summary of the history of linguistics from Aristotle to Chomsky includes the chief contributions of its leading figures Saussure the Prague Circle the American structuralists Sapir Bloomfield and others Illustrated by Bill Mayblin this book provides a review of the most recent and dramatic advances in the field such as first language acuisition by children language in the brain sign languages language change and linguistic prehistory men's and women's language language engineering and the universal properties of languages Here is the ideal companion to related titles in this series on Chomsky semiotics mind and brain and consciousness

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Robert Lawrence Larry Trask was Professor of Linguistics at the University of Sussex in England He was an authority on the Basue language his book The History of Basue 1997 is an essential reference on diachronic Basue linguistics and probably the best introduction to Basue linguistics as a whole He was also an authority on historical linguistics and had written about the problem of th

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    The Introducing books are a fun series like a mini version of all the college classes you wish you took back when you had the chance Available editions include Budha Time Foucault Logic Feminism the list goes on and onMy daughter bought me the linguistics book after I commented that I wished I'd studies the

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    In general the book is interesting and sums up the most important facts Still there are two downsides Firstly some major linguistic terms and concepts are just left out Great Vowel Shift Grimm`s Law Secondly the author is very biased towards Standard English calling all dialect speakers uneducated I think that this i

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    Think a fun review of or introduction to linguistics by no means is this comprehensive nor is it intended to be Rather it briefly goes over the core ideas of linguistics I bought these for me to test out interest in several topics and found that these books are delightful They can be finished in a night and may be appropriate

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    The book serves its purpose by providing a sprinkling of many of the important ideas involved in the study of linguistics If you were interested in something you can go look it up elsewhere I particularly enjoyed the way photos of young Noam Chomsky show up everywhere to comment on the ideas of different thinkers

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    It was a uick easy read that gave a very brief introduction of linguistics It is not in depth by any means but it had some good references at the end I also liked the comical illustrations they provided

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    I recommend it because it is interesting and light to read I will defenitely read Introducing books I don't give it stars because some of the examples felt completely deactualized witch made me think that the book didn't change much since first edition in 1996

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    Only I could have a great time procrastinating my linguistics assessment by reading a fun linguistics book

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    A nice introduction using heavy doses of graphics arts to make it a very easy read The first part covers some historical schools of analysis starting with grammar and is less interesting Language depends on common metaphors but these are cultural eg direction of time for Greeks is reversed Human languages unlike signaling systems assemble sounds into units and are infin

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    Language sets us apart from other non human animals but exactly when or why we developed this abililty is still unknown and might never be known However describing how language works and what its functioning elements are is part of studying linguistics This short book explains basic theories and definitions of linguistics and presents important linguists lots of Chomsky tbh and

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    Introducing series does a good job in explaining big subjects in simple ways Who doesn't want to understand in simple terms? As I am really into Linguistics I got this book I am fascinated by the different schools in Linguistics Something that caught my attention in the book we learn rules of language not the words Secondly language could define our way of looking at reality for example

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