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Angel Mine Welcome back to Whispering Wind Wyoming where New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods proves yet again that family comes firstHeather Reed thought she was making the right choice when she decided to raise her daughter Angel on her own But three years later Heather realizes she needs help Her career as an actress is faltering and Angel's than she can handle alone It's time to track down Angel's fatheronly problem is he doesn't know Angel existsHeather's search leads her to Whispering Wind Wyoming If Todd Winston is dismayed to see his old girlfriend show up in town he's shocked when he looks into the angelic eyes of the little girl who is clearly his daughter Todd flatly refuses to open his life to Angel Heather flatly refuses to leave town until she finds out why Amazingly they discover that through compromise and understanding lies the road straight to family

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    The thing is that when I read After Tex I thought Todd was gay When I started reading Angel Mine I couldn't imagine Todd in a relationship with a woman add to it that Heather's reasons to seek Todd sounded shallow and I lost my interest in the main couple I kept on reading because I wanted to read about Maggie Henrietta and Tess No it wasn't the best from Ms Wood

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    This was very predictable and honestly I like predictable love stories I recommend this book if you just want to hear a good fight makeup sex and they lived happily ever after

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    When I started this book I thought I was going to hate Todd's guts But uite the opposite happened I ended up disliking Heather Not only she left the person she supposedly loved just because he made career choices she didn't agree with she didn't tell him she had had his child And as if that was not enough she continued pestering him about his current career after she found

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    I really liked the way this story went It held you interest and build a good base for a on going series It makes you want to continue to see where the character's goThe story is set around an airport being taken over by a new group of staff It tell the story from a stewardess point of view It deal with women gaining their rightful role in the business world There is love hate la

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    This was a good easy read Loved the eccentric characters that made Whispering Wyoming a very real and vivid place

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    It was a great book and story line Heather loves her work as an actress but raising a 3 year old on her own in New York has become too hectic It is time Angel's father Todd discovers the truth that he has a daughter Heather is on a mission to head to Whispering Wind Wyoming to tell him and make him take some responsibility for her and to help her out raising Angel It is fun to read how th

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    A good read with disfunctional main leads an eclectic small town in the west Heather Reed and Todd Winston both had issues Both were actors in New York city They split up after deciding that their goals were were no longer the same Heather was determined to make it on the Broadway stage but Todd decided to move on to a normal job with a regular job as a television producer in Whispering Wind

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    This is a fun read full of interesting characters The hero is charming and tortured an irresistible combo for the lady readers The heroine is spunky and likable The little girl they share is cute as can be and you look forward to each exchange between her and the other characters Characters from the previous book are heavily involved which is nice if you want to catch up with them I hadn't read the

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    Never thought I would see the dayNever thought I would see the day to be perfectly honest Thanks to a TV series called Chesapeake Shores I found this amazing wordsmith who is Sherryl Woods I just can’t put any of her books down

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    A love story and a halfThis was exciting and so much romance all wrapped up in one Loved how it ended with the double wedding

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