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Surfer Girl Alternate cover edition for ASIN B008L0G9O2 College student Arena Schmidt never wanted to be a secret agent She interferes in a priority mission and steals a coveted technology but is caught and imprisoned Threatened with permanent menial employment unless she joins the CIA she surrenders herself to the life of spyAssigned to a geeky unit of CIA spies known as The Misfits she struggles to recover the technology Each Misfit offers a uniue perspective and unconventional methods from martial arts master Nate to enigmatic analyst Sterling to bubbly enthusiastic Lorna Slowly the Misfits win her over with their charm and their loyaltySinister organizations move against the CIA to capture than just the technology fragmenting the Misfits and shattering their resolve Arena finds herself in the middle of gunfights and high speed chases on the run from the organization's treacherous double agent out to claim her and the technology for their own

About the Author: Lynn Blackmar

Lynn Blackmar is a graduate of a small college in Virginia and a former education writer She lives in Atlanta with three cats and a two foot koi where she enjoys video games tabletop gaming ethnic restaurants and siege weaponsThe Misfit Spies is the first action adventure fiction series written by Blackmar Book one Surfer Girl was released on Kindle and paperback Rebel book two o

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    Surfer Girl is a fast paced thriller appropriate for YA and adult audiences It features a strong cast of characters detailed enough but not overly detailed such that many of them remain mysterious The main character Arena is a college student who is coerced into joining

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    This is a fast paced fun spy novel that moves uickly and never lingers too long in one area The characters are diverse and interesting and you can tell that delving further into their personalities and back stories is going to be the driving force behind both this book and th

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    Surfer Girl is an action book basically within the spy genre with an interesting angle the main character is not a male spy but rather a fit smart college girl with a board surfing skill Her talent brings her to the attention of CIA recruiters for an outfit called the Misfits speci

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    Surfer Girl is a story of how an amateur surfer became a member of a CIA team tagged the “Misfits” She accidentally demonstrated her capability to operate a novel piece of technology the hover board and became involved in the world of espionage and decamping agentsThe book handled he

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    Did Not Finish

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    Loved the action the team and the teamwork The hoverboards are awesome cool and I want one What I like most of all in this story is how they didn't let circumstances red tape jerks etc stop them from doing good Making things work regardless of the situation That's so coolArena her middle name is bea

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    Surfer Girl is a fun spy story set in California as Arena a college student is dragged away from her studies to join a CIA team named The Misfits The story is fast paced and it's clear the author had fun writing about Arena and her collaborators Without giving away too much of the plot a mysterious group

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    This book was so awesome This is the kind of book that I obsess about Arena is a very bright character and was able to just hop onto the CIA scene out of nowhere I really want to read the next book and am trying to calm myself down from reading this book Surfer Girl was funny and so fast paced Everywhere Arena

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    A fun read Looking forward to of the series

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    I really enjoyed this action packed teen spyCIA novel

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