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Czas pogardy I mistook stars reflected in a pond at night for those in the sky The narrative commences at what seems like a time of contempt indeed The Kings aren't conversing with the Mages as they have previously the Nilfgaardian army is still planning for war and the Scoia'tael Suirrels are attacking humans in forests and villages Many parties are all still looking for the elusive Lion Cub the child of Destiny Cirilla After an interesting and uite tragic point of view chapter following a King's messenger called Aplegatt where the worrying and uneasy times that the world is currently facing are expressed we are introduced back to Geralt Ciri and Yennefer Geralt is doing typical Witcher work and trying to find out about the mysterious magician Rience We are unfamiliar with the mage's motives or who his employer may be but it's clearly known he wants Ciri Yennefer and Ciri are travelling to Thanedd which is where a conclave of mages and enchantresses is set to take place shortly to discuss these times of contempt and how it affects the magic wielders of the world Whilst here it transpires that Ciri may be left with the enchantresses to study at the female magic school of Aretuza This is a difficult book to review not because it is bad but because the book seems to be split into two distinctive styles of telling the story One of these two styles generally features fan favourites such as Dandelion although not as much as I would have liked Geralt Ciri Triss and Yennefer and includes some of the finest and well crafted scenes that have been created in the series to date Two of my favourites include a spectacular dual with someone who I'm sure is going to become a huge character in the saga and also reading into the intrigue politics backstabbing and agendas at the mages 'meet and greet' buffet prior to the conclave A war is brewing and through unfamiliar point of view characters or slightly boring chapters where a member of the ensemble talks to another we are relaid complex political happenings that are occurring in all states across this world These often include many complex and unfamiliar names of people places alliances etc It was difficult to keep track of who was supporting who It also wasn't really obvious that some of the point of views were from the Nilfgaardian perspective until I was halfway through that segment and had to reevaluate what I'd just read These later sections take up about 25% of the book Honestly I just forced myself through them knowing that I wouldn't follow every exact detail but it wasn't enough to truly affect my enjoyment when the scenes with less info dumping were reintroduced a few pages later There are also a lot of names of mages to remember when the magicians' meeting arrives about forty percent through the story Of the scenes that aren't information dumps I'd estimated that seventy five percent follows the Witcher and Ciri although not necessarily following the same storyline and the rest tracks the action of Yennefer Dandelion and others Geralt and Ciri are my favourite characters so this was fine for me Please be warned that as well as typical fantasy violence presented in line with what has been presented previously there is a potential implied rape scene towards the end of Time of Contempt Although it is not graphic it is not for everyone so I thought I'd make you aware This happens around the ninety five percent mark and if you don't want to read that it doesn't actually take that much away from the story to pass it by Ciri is still having her visions and nightmares we meet the Wild Hunt for the first time Geralt slays a few monsters Yennefer is still beautiful charming powerful and manipulative Dandelion is still a world renowned poet We are also introduced to some very interesting new characters including Vilgefortz and Nilfgaard's ruler This book feels like a progression than a full story in its self Unlike some fantasy I've found that these books don't really have gut wrenchingly tragic or 'oh my god I did not see that twist coming' endings I believe that these should be read as one huge novel that same way that Stephen King thought of his The Dark Tower books That being said the ending does set up things nicely for Baptism of Fire and it looks like it might introduce a new dynamic for one of the main players So far this isn't my favourite fantasy series of all time yet something does seem to click with me I love the characters and the tales are utterly addictive Every single one of the four entries I have read so far has only taken me two days apiece to complete My original aim was to read this series before the Netflix show is released next year and I don't think I'll be the only person who has these thoughts If you weren't sure whether to dive into the Witcher's world then I would personally recommend you take the leap Geralt the Witcher has fought monsters and demons across the land but even he may not be prepared for what is happening to his world The kings and armies are maneuvering for position each fearing invasion from across the river each fearing their neighbours Intrigue dissent and rebellion are on all sidesThe Elves and other non humans are still suffering under decades of repression and growing numbers join the commando units hidden deep in the forest striking at will and then dissolving into the trees The Magicians are fighting amongst themselves some in the pay of the kings some sympathetic to the elvesAnd against this backdrop of fear and contempt Geralt and his lover Yennefer must protect Ciri orphaned heir and sought by all sides For the prophecy rests on her and whether she lives or dies she has the power to save the world or perhaps end it The person everybody was searching for in the previous book was still at large with Geralt being one of the two people who could guess the whereabouts This means everybody was still conducting the search but this time it became clear that the aim was to make sure the person in uestion is really dead just like the rumors started by Geralt stated As we all know sometimes little people can get in the way of movers and the shakers of the world and make them very much inconvenienced by just being alive and breathing This was exactly the case here A big political game went on with different parties hoping to outsmart and backstab everybody else In this climate nobody wanted any additional complications which Geralt and his protégé seems to bring despite the fact that he continued to do his damned to remain neutral Would it be a big spoiler to say he miserably failed at the end?The first half of the book looked exactly like the previous one lots of talk and behind the scene machinations but not much action Some secondary players that happened to be in the way of the mighty got removed but nothing major happened The moment I hit 50% according to my ereader I was sure I would rate this one with 3 stars as I already saw practically the same happenings in book 3 In the second half it all began innocently enough Geralt woke up in the morning in a castle and decided to play a sophisticated person So instead of peeing in the first available uiet corner of the castle yes this is what the nobility did in the Middle Ages he went looking for a real toilet The result made me gave one extra star to the rating the double crossings and back stabbings that followed would not put to shame even the true master of those in fantasy Glen Cook – read his Black Company if you do not believe meMy minor complaint would be that the most interesting characters do not get enough screen time Geralt included It is not that the ones that do are boring but in this case others are exciting Anyhow after all the excitement the fallout that followed is shown in a very unusual way The last part was a little too long in my opinion but not long enough for me to lower the rating 4 stars I am very eager to start the next book of the series If A Game of Thrones books were penned by Andrzej Sapkowski he would've written a whole installment on Red Wedding I am odds with this series The Last Wish is a million miles away from what these have become which is just generic fantasy that is badly written or translated In The Last Wish we have good battles with monsters re tellings of our own fairytales and interesting characters In this series which is made up of what are supposed to be full length books we have absolutely none of that and it's very disappointingThe dialogue is the worst thing of all There is an abysmal attempt at humour and an attempt to make the characters I suppose normal or at least not speaking in thees and thous However it goes too far and all the characters speak the same swear the same call every woman a slut the same and are just dull and ridiculous both I don't know if it's the translation the transcription or the original author but a translator can only do so much with what they're givenBeyond the dialogue everything is is pretty much just generic fantasy with battles swords magic and men calling all females sluts or bitches There is a small attempt to make interesting female characters but just giving them magical powers doesn't do that All the female characters are at odds with each other bitching about them behind their backs wanting their men talking about men doing nothing but bitching or talking about men There is a wonderful opportunity here to make excellent female characters with power working together being helpful to each other being friends being wonderful But no They just bitch or get their tits out It's getting oldOf course there is another female character who does none of these Ciri The most important character of all view spoiler and yet because she wields a sword doesn't wear make up and acts a little male she's obviously a lesbian because that's the only explanation hide spoiler Check out my review for The Time of Contempt on Grimdark Magazine at Grimdark Magazine Time of Contempt the second full length novel in The Witcher universe continues where Blood of Elves left off and thrust us back into the world that is now teeming with politics and inter race war “Always takes action Wrongly or rightly; that is revealed later But you should act be brave seize life by the scruff of the neck Believe me little one you should only regret inactivity indecisiveness hesitation You shouldn’t regret actions or decisions even if they occasionally end in sadness and regret”With Time of Contempt Andrzej Sapkowski moves away from the original elements of The Last Wish of monster hunting and develops the epic plot of Ciri as the child of Destiny The land of Geralt Yennefer and Ciri is changing kings not working with mages Ciri being hunted and Nilfgard are on the brink of war It is a strange time for our favourites Reading Time of Contempt made me miss the short stories of The Last Wish and The Sword of Destiny where Geralt had his intense bouts with the monsters Sapkowski had created There is still action a plenty some of it fantastic in Time of Contempt but I found myself longing for the original style that made me really love The Witcher universeThis being my fourth read by Sapkowski I am now confident I know what I am getting in one of his stories He has a style that is uniue to him with flowery and philosophical dialogue that tackles a whole list of issues that often than not reflect today’s societies I really wish Sapkowski would have built on these a lot as I feel there is so much to give in this series of books “That’s the role of poetry Ciri To say what others cannot utter”Due to the epic nature path that this story is now walking down we are introduced many new characters from the various nations of The Northern Realms Nilfgaard and the Scoia’tael I particularly like the non human’s that Sapkowski adds to The Witcher Saga With a new cast there is also a lot of room for confusion Whether it be as I was listening to the audiobook rather than reading the physical edition there are lot of new and alien names that aren’t structured as well as they could have been which added to the confusion of the story Geralt is the strongest character by far and I always love his scenes There is swordplay from him that I was looking forward to and it did not disappoint I’m just always wanting I love Geralt’s interaction with the heroes we already know such as Dandelion and I enjoyed Geralt’s stalwart personality in this volume If you have played the games like me then there are nice Easter eggs in Time of Contempt that the game used“It’s incredible’ the Witcher smiled hideously ‘how much my neutrality outrages everybody’”I am in part frustrated with this series as I was expecting lots I am still enjoying Sapkowski’s writing and have a feel for the characters there is just a lot of potential here with not much happening so far I am really hoping Baptism of Fire picks up the pace and progresses the story and hopefully will end with a big SCHOCKER or something like that I am intrigued to see what the series will do with the full length novels “But do you know when stories stop being stories? The moment someone begins to believe in them”355 hopingexpecting too much maybe but for one of the best selling fantasy series of all time it hasn’t knocked me off my feet yet There is enough to enjoy here and keep me ticking over to read the next instalment Geralt is awesome as always Dandelion is fun Yennefer full of cool moments and Ciri is growing Let me know your thoughts on The Witcher Saga so far ”You were all right Only I the naive anachronistic and stupid Witcher was wrong”45Wow this was a great book This was action packed political and war filled There were also some important revelations in reference to why Nilfgaard is desperately searching for Ciri Additionally there was backstabbing and people turning on each otherI really enjoyed this one as we were able to see of Aretuza where all the mages confer and are trained We also get to see Ciri really hone in her skills with magicThis focused on mainly the rise of elves and other races fighting and killing humans after generations of oppression killing and slavery It focused on Kings and their armies fearing invasion from nilfgaard and Elves as invasion and backstabbing from their neighbouring kingdoms It focuses on the uestions of What will people do for power? Also what people will do to kill the witcher and get Ciri to achieve power? This is my favorite book in the series so far Ciri and Geralt really go through some difficult changes which makes this novel all the interesting So whereas “Blood of Elves” sets up the idea of Ciri being at the center of courtly intrigue and politics with Geralt and Yennefer trying to protect her “Time of Contempt” goes deep into that same intrigue and politics with an absolute cluster of a battle in the middle of the story Though the focus is split halfway between Ciri and Geralt Ciri's tale is interesting this time around Her story manages to go through uite a lot of settings and conflicts over the course of the novel which I really enjoyed For the first half of the book things aren't happening as much as they are revealed Yet when things finally kicked off the book was impossible to put down The reader gets to spend time in a relatively central position during the inciting incident and most of the story after that up close and personal instead of the typical description narrative afterwardsAndrzej Sapkowski's writing as always is impressive Whoever did this translation took painstaking care to make sure that the result is well written and beautiful “Time of Contempt” is many things It is a disturbing and deeply political novel about what life might really be like in a traditional fantasy world It is a deconstruction of traditional fantasy tropes and it is a devastating critiue of the racism sexism and nationalism that have done so much damage to our world and which are casually reproduced in much traditional fantasy Yet though the book is gritty as hell it's also funny charming and intimate It's playful with the source material not dismissive of it This only makes its core pessimism all the arresting Like the last book “Time of Contempt” feels like simply another episode in a much larger story without any real closure But this time around you get a better idea of what’s going on Everything about this book is intriguing whether it be the intricate characters the deceptively complex plot or the well crafted world There are no absolute truths and by the end of the book I can honestly say I am beautifully confused and excited for the next novel The ending is a bit strange and unexpected but I need to read the next book to properly judge Nevertheless an amazing read Ummmm These books are maybe not worth your time I'm reading them to get ready for the show coming to Netflix It's giving me great insight into the character but since I've never played the game I feel a piece is missingThis one was enjoyable than the first I wish they weren't so chopping and spaced out as I feel the first three should have been condensed into one long story I will keep chugging along but my DNF the next book After reading Blood of Elves I was hooked I could not wait to get my hands on The Time of Contempt Let me tell you it did not disappoint The action is non stop A war which was on the horizon in the first book is now in full force  And those that are trying to capture Ciri are getting closer every day In book two we get a glimpse into why she is being hunted Geralt The Witcher is still trying to protect her from falling into the hands of those who want to use her powers for evil   If you’re interested in the Witcher story in general or just dark fantasy give it a readThe Time of Contempt is an excellent continuation of the Witcher and a stronger book than book one

About the Author: Andrzej Sapkowski

Andrzej Sapkowski born June 21 1948 in Łódź is a Polish fantasy writer Sapkowski studied economics and before turning to writing he had worked as a senior sales representative for a foreign trade company His first short story The Witcher Wiedźmin was published in Fantastyka Poland's leading fantasy literary magazine in 1986 and was enormously successful both with readers and critics

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