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A Beautiful Lie Jesse Reagan has had than his share of tragedy and he may have been dealt another blow when once again cancer threatens the sister who raised him Faced with the possibility of being left behind Jesse vows to care for her young son though he’s not convinced he canWhen Trip Cantrell returns to town he’s blindsided the instant he’s reunited with his kid brother’s lifelong friend Jesse His inability to find happiness in the years he’s been gone suddenly makes sense Love’s been waiting at home all alongLife begins to look promising except for the fact that neither have come out of the closet publicly and that’s not even their biggest problem Someone has a secret so shocking they may never find a way past itWill they be accepted in their small Texas town or will secrets lies and the threat of tragedy destroy everything 35I liked it yes there were some editing issues yes the I Love You came uickly yes some of the pretty major issues were resolved with minimal conflict or drama Yes it could have been so easy but they had to make it hard ohpunny yes it had a lot of often used tropes So what?Sometimes I like a story that has some serious and heavy issues but they don't weigh the story down too muchHere we have two sets of siblings both with less than stellar upbringings yet all their lives are entwined to make their lives better and foremost one little boy's life betterFriends brothers lovers siblingsfamily is what it comes down to at the end of the day I picked up this book from Evernight Publishing because the blurb sounded interesting Tyler Robbins is an author I am familiar with and enjoy and Evernight Publishing usually publishes shorter under 100 pages stories and I wanted something short to read after finishing Amy Lane's incredible Racing for the Sun I was playing guinea pig as there were no other reviews to go on but I'm good with that and will do that from time to time no problem So imagine my surprise when about half way through this book it doesn't have an official page count but it comes in at over 200 pages I realized I had a gem on my hands I absolutely loved this book A Beautiful Lie is the story of two parentless sets of siblings Jesse and Joss Reagan and Eric and Trip Cantrell The four have been friends since they were kids and have recently come together to provide support for Joss who has an aggressive form of cancer and a five year old son Jeremy with no father in the picture It's all a big 'ol soap opera as Jesse and Trip fall in love and try to keep their feelings for one another hidden from their siblings There are a lot of secrets and lies they are keeping from each other and because I had next to no knowledge of this book it was extra delicious for me to watch them unfold without spoilers If you enjoy a sexy read with real emotional characters a messy tangled web of lies romance passion and heaps and heaps of angst I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND A Beautiful Lie to you And if that weren't good enough my favorite thing? A one year later epilogue that was worthy of throwing your arms in the air and singing with joy I just love when that happens 35 StarsThis one was pretty good It didn't wow me though Lots of lying going as indicated but the title But the lies and drama didn't drag out like I expected There weren't big blow outs once the lies were revealed that was a plusSome good steamNot a bad readand it got another one off of my TBR 45 Heartbreakingly Beautiful Stars When you look at me like that I Jesse shuddered I'd almost risk anythingTrip gave in and pressed his lips to Jesse's palm Go before I do something stupid and kiss you Jesse Reagan's life hasn't been exactly easy He is a closeted gay living in a small town with his sister Joclyn and her five year old son Jeremy His best friend's Eric Cantrell brother Trip Cantrell comes back to town after leaving their small town as soon as he graduated Jesse has always had a big crush on him and now finds his feelings for Trip rekindling but he's not sure Trip feels the same wayTrip is also a closeted gay who has come back to his roots after living an unsatisfying life in the city He feels like something is missing but he doesn't know exactly what it is When he sees Jesse the attraction for his younger brother's best friend is intense He doesn't know for sure if Jesse may be interested in men but Trip is willing to find out When things seem to be finally going well in Jesse's life now that Trip is in it they recieve another blow Joclyn once again has cancer Jesse doesn't think he can handle a relationship and risk being discovered as well as take care of his sister and her son But then they find out that someone has been keeping a secret A Beautiful Lie was truly a wonderful story When I read the blurb I thought I would get a sweet story with a bit of heart ache about two guys falling in love but I didn't expect what I got Yes it was sweet but it was also so heartbreaking and very steamy I was able to connect with the characters from the start and didn't want to put it down There were also some twists in the plot that made it very entertaining I think Jesse's probably the most amazing guy I've ever known I'd probably fall in love with him than I already am Jesse was an overall great guy He was supportive and caring to those that are important to him He had to deal with a lot at his young age with taking caring of his sick sister and helping raise her son but he never complained about having those responsibilites I thought he really deserved to find his own happiness and I was so happy he found it with Trip It was so sad to see him find out the truth and I totally understood why he would be so angry Jess I'll be here as long as you want meJesse eased backward and sat on the bed Good because I've never wanted you than I do tonight Trip I really loved He was the one most affected by the lie and I liked the way he dealt with it He was strong loving and a really big person for being able to forgive I felt it was so unfair all that was kept from him I also didn't like how Jocelyn acted towards him when it wasn't even his fault I don't think he deserved it I loved watching him fall in love with Jesse though it was really beautifulEric was the never going to grow up best friend He was super funny and a very laid back guy He never really had a family growing up and felt alone once Trip left town So now the only family he knows is Jesse Joclyn and Jeremy and he would do anything to protect them I really liked him from the start but I did become annoyed with him a little bit because he was turning really selfish I know he was just really confused about all the emotions he had kept hidden for so long and I ended up really liking him once I knew whyJocelyn I felt bad for because of how her life seemed to be surrounded by tragedy but I didn't like the way she seemed to manipulate everyone I thought she was brave and tough for pretty much raising herself and her brother Jesse I don't know how she could do it She was the one keeping a big secret from everyone and I don't like that she kept that from everyone for so long I just didn't understand her judgement and anger towards Trip I think she should have let people make their own decisions Still I found her to be a good characterOverall it was an amazing mm read It was really high in the steam department and the story was really fantastic I definitely recommend all those mm readers give this a try

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