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A vida sossegada de Max McDaniels está prestes a nunca mais voltar a ser como antes Durante uma visita com o pai ao Instituto de Arte de Chicago uma velha tapeçaria celta ganha vida à sua frente e pouco depois Max recebe um enigmático convite para ingressar na Academia de Rowan The Hound of Rowan

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    Reading the first few chapters I found myself comparing this book to Harry Potter As one of the most avid reader of HP I have to say that I was a little disappointed But when I got past reading chapter 4 I found myself falling in love with this book There's a significant difference between this book and HP The main plot unlike HP this book does not exactly use magic per say it's based on the real

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    A decent first effort I see these books as a cross between Harry Potter and Fablehaven The story is fast paced and interesting The characters are a bit flat but I expect will flesh out a lot over the course of the series I have a difficult time not comparing these books to Harry Potter and that is unfair since I've read all 7 of the books in that series Going back and reading the first book shows tha

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    A solid start to one of my MOST FAVORITE Middle Grade series

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    I was originally going to go 4 stars on this book but on reflection I decided I had to go 5 We'll call it a borderline 5 I try to give few 5 star ratings as any book I give a 5 needs to be exceptional or the rating fails to mean muchI went there in this case as I think it will remain a reread book for me if I ever have time to do a reread I have less time to reread books now as there seem to be so many I h

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    I love when I pick up a book knowing very little about it and discover that it is just what I was looking for Because this is a book about a young teenager who goes to boarding school to learn magic the comparisons to Harry Potter are inevitable but this is so much than a Harry Potter read alikeBasically this is the story of Max While visiting an art museum with his father Max sees a vision in a tapestry Thi

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    Don't you hate that moment when you've just finished reading an amazing fun book with an immersive storyline well developed magic system and deep characters and you naturally and eagerly decide to check out another one of the author's books in hopes of amazingness only to have said other book end up falling far far short of your Reasonably High Expectations so far in fact that it can only be described as a Garg

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    Okay it might turn out to be what some reviews keep saying a Harry Potter knockoff with no merits of its own But since Jo Rowling stole freely from her predecessors and just happens to be a good writer who revived an old formula at the right time I'm willing to give this one a chanceUPDATE 4709And I'm glad I did Lots of wonderful touches people keep mentioning Mum the reformed well mostlyhag cook with good reason s

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    Novels about magical boarding schools were ubiuitous following the 1997 release of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and I suspect Henry H Neff's The Hound of Rowan partly owes its existence to JK Rowling's success Twelve year old Max McDaniels from Chicago Illinois seems to be an ordinary boy His mother disappeared some time ago and may be dead but Max's father refuses to forget about her which leads to the pa

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    So I think just about any premise involving a young boy going to a school filled with magic and the extraordinary would set up an automatic comparison to Harry Potter just as any obscure title would be compared to its genre's classic Knowing that I did not going in here drawing comparisons; I'm rating this book totally as its own work giving it the respect it deserves That being said maybe I read this with the wrong pers

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    This was an excellent read like Harry Potter mixed with Celtic mythology and a good spy school novel The characters are distinct and interesting and the worldbuilding in this book WOW I love it so much 12 year old me would have given anything to attend Rowan Also ALL the mythological animalsThe one thing that confused me was the characterization of the father Mr McDaniels is a slightly controlling confused lonely man but I

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