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The uest of the Unaligned In the city of Tonzimmel where hover cars zip over anonymous crowds contracts are king and education is everything Alaric has worked hard to make a decent life for himself As a level nine security chief he needs no one and nothing and is in control of his fate Or so he thinksWhen a stranger from neighboring Cadaeren suddenly appears however babbling of magic uests and long lost princes Alaric finds himself contractually obligated to undertake a journey that his training hasn’t prepared him for the uest of the Unaligned Accompanied by Laeshana a Cadaerian native who has reasons of her own for helping him on his uest Alaric is soon plunged into a perilous adventure that will force him to confront a seemingly impossible truth and embrace his destiny even as the fate of Cadaeren hangs in the balance

About the Author: A.L. Phillips

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    I loved this adventure Reading the reviews printed in the book had me thinking this was going to be some dry study on sociology Thank the Balance it wasn't I fell hard for the main character Alaric This is not some science fiction book with a lot of romance but it does have good character depth and the romance brews at a uite respectable pace true to the characters Laeshana is

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    This was an enjoyable read but not particularly complex or fancy The characters were well defined and understandable the world was consistent and the direction was clearly shaped and planned but there were no flashes of brilliance The plot is a fairly standard orphan discovers he's special and goes on a uest with a bit of fish out of water Nothing wrong with that the Belgariad's amazin

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    25 out of 5 starsI thought this book started off a little shaky but definitely picked itself up in the middle As the story opens we meet Alaric a level 9 security officer who has been raised all his life in Tonzimmel Tonzimmel supports a Gesellschaft culture where each person fights for themselves in order to move up the social ladder When we meet Alaric he seems rigid and unimpressionable simi

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    The uest of the Unaligned AL PhillipsA complex fantasy story with a large cast of characters The pronunciation guide does help and at the end of the book there was a glossary and a list of discussion uestion This book is for the serious fantasy reader it is a bit hard to follow but the plot was good and the characters were likableAlaric the city of Tonzimmel and words as a security guard One day a stran

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    This was a fantastic book By far my favorite part of this book was Phillips' skillful writing Each scenario was described so vividly that I as the reader felt like I was with Alaric on the uest of the Unaligned every step of the way The story itself was a highlight a very epic uest which leads up to a very worthy climax The ending of the book was just perfect leaving the reader satisfied but still wanting Other

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    I enjoyed this story which was as much about the clash of two cultures and the progress from skepticism to faith as it was about a uest The main characters were fairly well developed There could have been complexity with minor characters and plot lines The king and ueen Alaric's parents were a little too unbelievably superficial and it felt like there were unanswered uestions there as well as with the main bad guy The r

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    Enjoyable read

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