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uick on the Trigger What’s a divorced mother of four want for her 30th birthdaySingle mommy vacay Siri knew anywhere a swimsuit was reuired was out her thighs wouldn’t be on display in swimwear likeever After her husband of 11 years had an affair she had no intention of getting involved with another member of the male species But she sure as hell didn’t mind looking at their species especially cowboys and her cousin Chassie a barrel racer knew where to find the hottest cowboysone cowboy in particular not that she’d filled Siri or Jamie of her matchmaking plansHis breath actually caught when he saw her Siri had hips that brought thoughts to his head and the thoughts got dirtier until he reached the most beautiful pair ofbaby blues he’d ever seen He’d ridden some of the meanest bulls known to rodeo but this woman knocked him on his ass before the buzzer Everything in him screamed to keep her well past an eight second ride could he convince her She was the furthest thing from the buckle bunny’s he was used to and after an interesting game of truth between them with Cuervo leading the way Jamie might just get his shot with Siri

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    This was my first book by this author but it won't be my last I have already purchased the second book in this series There are so many things I liked about this book The h is a strong woman working through the heartache of an bad marriage and her ex cheating The H is a to die for sexy hot bull riding rodeo cowboy It is a fast moving fall in love romance but I love the way Jamie shows his love

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    35 to 4One of those heroines everyone falls for a little too perfect but there it is Liked that she was 30 and he was 35 Loved the bull rider plot Little OTT in several instances The book had some editing issues too honestly but enjoyed the story and would definitely read of the series

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    I am a big fan of Cowboy stories and this one didn't disappoint at all it's fast flowing with a great story plot and character's you will grow to love to be honest there wasn't one character I didn't likeYou even like all the side character's especially the Hot CowboysRide 'Em CowboyI wasn't going to write a review without using this most famous uoteSiri certainly did that alright Wow there was a

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    This book was so great I will be honest here the only reason this is a 4 instead of a 5 is because of the editing issues There were uite a few and usually that's a stopper for me and I will say that I'm truly surprised at myself for making it through with the number of issues That right there should tell you something because not only did it not stop me but I still absolutely LOVED this story It was

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    I loved this story I loved that Sidda used real life characters It was beyond refreshing to have the lead female be a real woman A woman with curves insecurities and normal issues Siri is a mother of 4 and divorced due to a cheating husband A revelation with her best friend Carly on her 30th birthday leads to a kid free mommy vacation These two friends were adament about not going on vacation that reu

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    This was such a fun read with a female lead that was real 30 and curvy She may have a little left over after having 4 kids but she's real about it has her share of insecure moments but powers through and does her best to enjoy herself and be a positive role model for her girls Siri's realism stole the book and her attitude made me fall in love almost immediately It's because of this that Jamie didn't st

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    This book is so excellent It has some very steamy scenes sure to warm you from your toes to your head It has a love story that EVERY woman would love to be a part of and has characters that draw you in and after reading for just a short while you are hooked and want to know thank goodness this is just the first in a series because you are for sure going to want to know about this group of characters tha

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    A steamy love story Siri a recently divorced woman with four children takes a vacation with her friend Carly They go to visit Siri's cousin and Siri meets Jamie a bull rider That's where the love story begins The author did a great job in developing her characters She made the reader care about them I'm hoping to find out what happened between Siri's brother and Carly in the author's next book in The Dirty

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    Well I know now why they say save a horse ride a cowboy This book made me laugh cry and hot as heck If you Love or fantasize about hot cowboys getting it on and off the bull read this heart throbbing Heart stopping story Sidda takes you on one heck of a ride and makes you feel like your right there with Jamie Siri and the whole gang Hope you enjoy the ride

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    Hot CowboysSmokin' Hot Cowboys and two friends celebrating their 30th Birthdays What could possibly happen? One of them meets a Cowboy and the Cowboy meets his Fantasy They have week long fling No way it will last; he won't want a mama with four daughters Will he? Will she trust her heart again?

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