Designed by Desire The Hamiltons Fashioned with Love #2

Designed by Desire The Hamiltons Fashioned with Love #2 Passion's in vogue A front row seat at Paris Fashion Week is the perfect pick me up for Brianna Hamilton eldest daughter of New York's most successful clothing dynasty The once burned designer has had it with men who care only about the bottom line Until she meets a guy who's impossible to resist Here in the world's most romantic city Brianna's giving in to desire with a sensual stranger she'll never see again As CEO of an international hotel chain Collin Childs has everythingexcept the one thing money can't buy So when fate reunites him with the woman who gave him the most unforgettable week of his life he vows to overcome every obstacle standing in their way From Paris to New York to a tropical St Thomas paradise—in the face of danger and sabotage—Collin is slowly winning Brianna over But can he convince her to take a chance on a love of their own passionate design

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    I really enjoyed Brianna and Collin's developing relationship while in Paris Being with them while visiting all the wonderful places and tasting the delectable food just made me eager to visit Paris myself However once they meet again in NY I lost interest I wanted to know about her sister Bailey and her brothers I felt they were kind of thrown in as props when needed to move the story

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    I really liked this It actually reminded me a lot of Harleuin Presents titles especially in the jet setting aspect The third party stuff wasn't particularly interesting to me I'd rather have had a little internal conflict regarding both the hero and heroine's marital history and justifiable relationship scar tissue But on the whole found this fun tor readRead for the Fashionista suare fo

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    Liked this one better than the first book in the series Now I want a Collin but who wouldn't Bailey's story is next I guess Daniel doesn't get one

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    Designed By Desire is the second book in the multi author series Fashioned With Love but it can be read as a standalone story It is a bewildering read but that's because of the bizarre double standards and logic holes rather than continuity issues This one has the same issues as the previous two books by this author that I've read it seems like she makes things up as she goes along instead

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    Designed by Desire is the first book I’ve read by Pamela Yaye It caught my attention when I read the blurb as I love fashion and a steamy romanceBrianna Hamilton is a fashion designer for her family’s design business Roger Hamilton Designs Her life is in a whirlwind due to an attack on her sister fighting the gossip of the tabloids and a new hot man that stepped into her life To get away

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    Rating 35 Divaz StarzReview Passion in the city of love Paris Brianna Hamilton is in Paris for fashion week and during the Fashion show her eyes meet that of a sexy stranger Brianna recently divorced is not in the market for another relationship but the magnetism and sparks from the stranger have her rethinking that decision After another chance meeting in the hotel bar Brianna decides to emb

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    Brianna is a fashion designer in her family owned design business Roger Hamilton Designs Ever the sturdy sister she was under tremendous stress with attack on her sister and trying hard to avoid any damaging gossips by the media on her family After the fashion week ended she took an impromptu trip to Paris and she met Collin Childs at a restaurant Collin is a sexy owner of an international ch

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    This is the second book in the Fashioned by Love series and picks up where that one Styles of Seduction by Jacuelin Thomas left off in the aftermath of New York Fashion Week The Roger Hamilton Designs runway show was a success but the other drama surrounding the day makes Brianna Hamilton want to get away for a bit so she heads to Paris to oversee the family's show there at Paris Fashion Week W

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    Another Hamilton Family WinnerI loved this book about Brianna Hamilton and Colin Childs This is an great series written by several authors I hated to see this book end I loved experiencing Paris New York and St Thomas through the main characters' eyes Brianna and Colin had unhappy pasts and they had to decide whether to hold onto past hurts and betrayals or look to the future Their journey accom

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    The full book review is available on my blog Musings of an opinionated woman the story was entertaining This is a nice light romance read for one afternoon or while on vacation The love scenes are not too scandalous but still uite steamy I would read another book by this author I like Brianna’s family and would read their romance stories tooI received a copy of Designed by Desire from Netgalley

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