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What Janie Found This book explored a suspicion I've had since book 1 It was deeply satisfying to finally have that explored answered It was also another rapid must keep reading story I'm sad to think I only have one book left Ill definitely fondly remember this series and refer to it as something that ate a weekend in august 2017 😁 This is an alternate cover edition of ISBN 0440227720 9780440227724Janie Johnson's two families appear to have made peace Life seems almost normal Janie has even decided to speak to her former boyfriend Reeve again But then Janie's Connecticut father suffers a stroke and the tragedy leaves her mother reeling Janie must step in to manage family finances and to support her mother emotionallyWhile handling her father's business matters Janie discovers the one undeniable fact that could destroy both of her beloved families And she alone must decide what to do I am a Janie fan but I felt that this one was by far the weakest link I will say Janie has matured in this novel she now wants to drive on her own she takes care of the finances for her mother since her father has had a stroke but most importantly she makes it clear to Reeve that he is not forgiven for the liberties he took in exposing her story to the world Janie has been seen to have a sort of unhealthy infatuation with not only Reeve but marriage I think her mother's struggles in having to take on so much after being taken care of by her husband have made Janie reconsider the notion of happily ever after But the cons take over the story never reaches the climax They find out that Frank has been sending money to Hannah over the years and Janie is upset and tries to find out where Hannah is living but comes up with nothing Stephen and Brian are the best parts of the story as they are the ones who are not seeming to be damaged but rather curious and moving on Stephen's gf Kathleen is a b She seems a bit too interested in Stephen for his history not his present; her constantly calling Janie the kidnapette was than a bit insulting But the story is just a theory and mystery that has no build and no real need to be there In fact all of these events were rehashed in Janie Face to Face coherently than they were in this book I'm still looking for what Janie was supposed to have found What Janie Found is the final conclusion to the JANIE uartet The story of Janie Johnson first began with Caroline B Cooney's The Face on the Milk Carton a book that was made into a TV movie about a teenager who recognizes her own three year old face on a milk carton and discovers that she had been kidnapped years before Two additional books What Happened to Janie? and The Voice on the Radio continued the remarkable story of a girl who somehow needed to blend her present life and family with the life and family from which she had been taken Readers who followed Janie's trail from the first discovery of her real family to her final decision about which name to use are in for even revelations in What Janie FoundThe highlight of the series came when Janie thought she had found out her real birth mystery and the kidnapping case that changed her life forever But then she found puzzling clues that did not match her theory then As Cooney's latest book opens Janie is as angry as she has ever been Mr Johnson has had a stroke; Janie is paying bills for him when she comes across a file and discovers that the life she has so carefully sorted out is in fact a fantasy spun by people who supposedly loved her Reeve her former boyfriend and Brian the younger brother from her original family immediately sense a change in Janie and set about trying first to uncover the secret Janie's found and then to help her solve the additional mystery that surfaces Janie however has determined never to let anyone close to her again A part of Janie feels guilty trying to touch the past and make logic out of her life but she devises a plan that includes taking Reeve and Brian to visit Brian's older brother Stephen in Colorado Things don't go exactly as planned Janie and her estranged brother Stephen must grapple with the residue of the long ago kidnapping searching for ways to reconnect to their families and to each other By solving this additional mystery they are able to find a way back home They simply need to find the courage to do the right thing Janie's life also seems to be moving along smoothly as she adjusts to her two sets of parents and learns to love her brothers and sister While going through files in her father's desk she makes a startling discovery This must have been very shocking for Janie who thought that this mystery was long solved and ended This discovery takes her Reeve and Brian to Boulder to try to find the reason why Hannah Javensen took Janie away from her family so many years ago Finding Hannah could mean betrayal and hurt for both of her families Is it better to forget revenge and leave the past buried or to try to locate Hannah? The decision she makes will affect both of her family's lives forever Can they handle any ? Moreover can Janie handle dredging up the past or is it time to forgive? In the end she pays Hannah the full amount of 'ransom' her adoptive parents had paid all these years And the story ends with her saying that she had found her true family This is the beauty in the Janie uartet lying among the twists and ups and downs of the plot and I believe was also what the author had hoped to find in writing the series Finding your one true place Home I felt glad when Janie finally discovered the full set of the truth despite many heartbreaks and pauses in her pursue of the truth What she got in the end was just as good a reward Janie's father the one in Connecticut has had a stroke and a heart attack The responsibility of his papers and bills that need paid have fallen into Janie's handsWhile going through the paid bills Janie finds a file about Hannah And what she finds is hard for her to processIt seems that her father has been sending money to Hannah for years Despite all the trouble she put her parents through with the cult he still worried about herAnd all it did was make Janie angryJanie found the address where Hannah picked up the checks She figured it is time to pay Hannah a visit and finally get some answersThis book continues Janie's story It seems when it was originally published it was said to be the conclusion to the series It's not apparently since there is now a fifth book in the series Even though it was originally the conclusion to this series I felt the ending left it open for future booksI liked the book It was intense at times and often very emotional All most of the characters had something they were going through as what happened had affected them all in somewayStephen was much likable in this book I can't say that I really liked Stephen's girlfriend or her father all that much To me they seemed insensitive Asking uestions about Janie and the kidnapping even though Stephen said he didn't want to talk about itThe book was good though and I will read the fifth book in the series to see how it all ends Cooney finds a new way to destroy Janie I mean as a character in a series that's her function but you got to cringe a bit when you see there's a new bookJanie's adoptive father has had a heart attack and stroke Her mother thinks this is a great idea to teach Janie about the paperwork involved in running a household with the unfortunate side effect that Janie discovers her father has been sending uarterly payments to Janie's kidnapper Hannah With her father unable to communicate Janie must decide if she will continue to support the woman who is both her father's true daughter but also the person who ruined her lifeJanie goes to a pretty dark place here centered on revenge but also on filial duty But what filial duty does she owe to a man who shares none of her blood and who in fact raised the child that would come to snatch Janie from her true family? And in the process of dealing with the Hannah problem what might Janie be doing to her own family both that by blood and that by chance?This story is very well set up to be a final book in the series but there is a new volume out just recently socan't wait to find out how Cooney torments Janie again Janie is a smart and independent girl who lives in a small town with her parents and her brotherHer father has a stroke and a heart attack and Janie is now stuck with paying the bills and taking care of her mother emotionallyOne day she came across a mysterious file she has never seen beforeShe reads it and realized her father has been sending money to a girl that went missingJanie gets mad and tells her brotherShe finds out where the missing girl and wants to fly over thereHer and her brother decide whether it is a good idea to go visit the missing girl While Janie is helping her Connecticut family manage their taxes and things she finds something Something that could destroy both of her beloved families What is she going to do? Was she really kiddnaped? Why would somebody want her? Who is to blame? Who is she? Will she live happily ever after? So many uestions Janie needs answers I can't not read these but I really haven't liked any since the second I was excited to learn about Hannah but this book lacked the punch I was expecting Some parts of it were still good though so I can give this 35 stars

About the Author: Caroline B. Cooney

Caroline Cooney knew in sixth grade that she wanted to be a writer when the best teacher I ever had in my life made writing her main focus He used to rip off covers from The New Yorker and pass them around and make us write a short story on whichever cover we got I started writing then and never stoppedWhen her children were young Caroline started writing books for young people with rem

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