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Leonardo The Santinis #1 a uick energetic funny sexy read The hero is Hot The heroine is brilliant strong and funnyThis is an awesome kickoff to this engaging new series I have just been purging my kindle of a lot of the unwanted free stuff that is clogging it and other than taking the time to read the blurbs in GR which I also do a lot the process starts with discarding all the excessively cheesy uestionable dodgy or downright horrid covers or titles So far so good I have managed to delete about a thousand over the last couple of weeks which makes me uestion why I add them in the first place I will blame and their daily emails But it was this elimination process that brought this story to my attention cheesy cover could I be bothered in finding out what lies behind But judging a book by its cover is obviously not very fair as I have EVEN found a couple of times pretty decent stories hidden behind covers using sans comic fonts an unforgivable faux pas that should send them immediately into oblivion but I am digressing This one had one of those ubiuitous sexy covers depicting a well built torso with a six pack and no clothes Or face I am sick to death of these covers They actually make me want to puke They are completely unimaginative Derivative Uninspiring Whatever However the story behind it was uite good short uncomplicated uite sweet with a little bit of steam and minimal drama What I did not like was the very abrupt ending which left me wishing for a few chapters I think since the stories about the remaining Santini brothers are also in my kindle and have been subjected to the elimination process I will be tempted to read them too before deleting them I'm happy I discovered this author I love all kinds of romance in particular military stories If they feature gorgeous hunks who have special skill sets and lots of brothers – in arms or blood well that makes it so much better Add a strong determined female lead and some conflict or issues and fireworks galore – both in and out of the bedroom and you definitely have a recipe for a great readLeonardo is the first book in a new series The Santinis by Melissa Schroeder who is already well known for her Harmless and Harmless Military series among many others I was provided with the ARC of Leonardo for a frank and honest review so here goes The cover of Leonardo is so sinfully sexy and drool worthy That alone is enough to make you want to pick up the book When you do start to read it isn’t like Melissa’s other military stories but boy it is still hot and sexy and a great read In Leonardo we meet the first of the Santini brothers Leo He runs into Maryanne Johnson when he goes to visit his friend who is recovering in hospital and undergoing rehab The dragon in charge of Jeff’s rehab is Maryanne and when Leo first sets eyes on her he is floored She isn’t the dragon he pictured rather she is uite the opposite and he recognizes that her bark is much worse than her bite Add a few hilarious run ins and misunderstandings where Maryanne manages to get the upper hand and the cool and usually unflappable Leo Santini is rather at a loss I enjoyed the fact that Leo was floored by a scrap of a female but he didn’t let that get him down The Santinis and the Johnsons are both military families and this is what has forged all of them and helped them become who they are and also influenced how they behave and for some it has caused some issues Leo and Maryanne are no different Leo uses his military know how to wear down the ‘enemy’ He makes a plan of attack and goes for it Maryanne on the other hand despite being military doesn’t seem to like military men all that much and it is obvious that she has some issues that hark back to her childhood her upbringing and the fact that her family members are all in the military well apart from her and her grandmother who helped raise her and her brothers The interaction between Leo and Maryanne is sweet and hot and sexy at the same time Leo is like water dripping on a stone and he worms his way into Maryanne’s heart before she even realizes what is happening She loves that he sees her for who she is and also that he takes the time to really get to know her Add to this the fact that the sex is super hot with beautiful sensual fireworks explosions in the bedroom and elsewhere and everything is wonderful until Leo says the LOVE word The fight that ensues after this is heartbreaking for Leo Maryanne and the reader I could feel Leo thinking that everything had just gone south but that he had done all he could at that point and really felt for him I was also angry with Maryanne for rejecting such a special guy but on the other hand I could also understand her insecurities were driving her to be that way and that there were obviously issues that she had to work out Can Maryanne work out her issues or will she lose Leo What happens when an angry and upset military mama is on the warpath and gunning for Maryanne This story is a great start to the Santinis series and I cannot wait to read about the rest of the clan I also hope that there might be a possibility of spinoffs featuring some of the Johnson siblings because they sound like very interesting guys as well If this story is any indication then this series is going to be another one well worth reading Well done Ms Schroeder I have been fortunate to get to read this novella before release and I must admit when I heard that Mel Schroeder was writing a new series I was excited because I knew that like many of her stories this series was going to have sexy funny and totally loveable characters with endearing tales of love and possible woesLeonardo does not disappoint This is the first of four novellas about the Santini brothers – each brother is a member of one of the forces Leonardo his friends call him Leo is a medic in the Army and stumbles across the luscious Physio therapist Maryanne MJ to her friends when he catches up with a buddy in hospitalAs soon as Leo sets eyes on the cute MJ he knows he wants her and will do anything to make this beauty his and to get her to admit that falling for a guy in the military isn't a bad thingThis novella is a uick fun sexy read and has all the elements that you would expect to get from a Ms Schroeder story Leo and Maryanne have both been brought up in the forces and there is a sense of strong family ties on both Leo and Maryanne's side This is where the humour comes in to play the over protective brother that is guarded of his MJ going on a date with an Army medic and the super hot sexy and extremely funny Vince Santini who loves to wind his younger brother up especially when he flirts with his potential love interest I really enjoyed this introduction to the Santini brothers and I am definitely looking forward to reading each of boy's stories and hopefully each novella will keep in tempo with this first instalment by giving us glimpses of the other brothers as they meddle into each others lives Leonardo Santinis #1Author Melissa SchroederRelease date May 3 2013Review by W JacksonI was gifted this book for an honest reviewLeo Santini is a man who always has a plan It is the way to live a well ordered life Maryanne Johnson doesn’t have time for a romance—especially with a military man This is a uick Sexy read that I couldn't put down I Love that Melissa Schroeder is doing a series with all the military branches There is a part of the book where she says that Military Brats either go one way or the other you love em or you run for the hills Being a Navy Brat I completely get this and started laughing because I love a man in uniform If you are a fan of Melissa's other work then you will love this book She weaves a story that makes you fall in love with these characters The only thing some people that read this book might not understand is the Acronyms she uses without explaination If you grew up in this enviorment you know these things but your average person may not example CONUS Continental United States so this aspect may confuse people if they do not know what they stand forI loved this book and can not wait for the nextWendy Leonardo was the perfect escape from the heavy stuff I’ve been reading lately This is the perfect beach read Who doesn’t want to relax on the beach with a sexy Army guy who isn’t bringing the military drama to the pages Leo brings a sweet romance with a witty gal to this fun and sweetly sexy read There was no major conflict the villain with nefarious plans is missing no need to gather the teammates to rescue the damsel in distress All of those factors lead to a completely new and different read for me I enjoyed simply reading a man and woman falling in love and the shock of figuring out what to with thatI loved reading Maryanne She is sharp She is the only girl and the baby of four Marine men raised by a Marine dad There is no room in that mix for a weak and timid woman She is made of tough stuff MJ is a physical therapist who does not coddle her patients She pushes them the way they need to be pushed She wants them to leave her feeling whole and ready for life Her interactions with Leo are highly entertaining He keeps her on her toes leaves her speechless she never knows what to expect out of him They were a fun readI have to admit I think Joey may very well be my favorite Santini and I do hope to see of that one in the future Santini books Readers are also briefly introduced to Vincente He is similar to his brother Leo when it comes to entertainment Apparently these Santini men come with ample personality Each book features a different service and a location where Mel was stationed with her husband The start of the Santini Brothers series definitely left me wanting Leonardo opens the series as a Army medic While this is a short novella the characters were well developed and it also gave us a glimpse of future characters Leonardo managed to win me over by his caring side In his story Leo was determined to win over the heart of Maryanne the physical therapist of his injured friend He took the time to get to know her and showed her things she didn't want to face within herself It wasn't a rushed love storyMaryanne had to learn to open up to Leo based on her past and the beliefs that have been set in her mind The wonderful thing about Melissa Schroeder's writing is that she allows you to understand the world of military life It goes through the different worlds Maryanne is a civilian dating within the military but she took advice from her granny who was a military wife The views of acceptance were different and that shows It makes the story believable and enjoyable I truly enjoyed the story and can't wait for the remaining books in the series Leo Santini is a man who always has a plan It is the way to live a well ordered life He never planned on dealing with the hardheaded physical therapist who is taking care of his friend He definitely never planned on being so totally infatuated with herMaryanne Johnson doesn't have time for a romance—especially with a military man Sure Leo is drop dead sexy but than one man in a uniform had hurt her before Unfortunately she can't seem to resist him or his kisses It doesn't help that the man is as sweet as he is sexy Falling for him is easy but she does her best to keep herself from admitting it to himLeo knows she wants to keep things simple but when a Santini is in love nothing will stop him from achieving his goal—even the hardheaded woman he loves This book had an expected HEA sexy military men a strong bossy woman and a little bit of angst I really enjoy military men and books about them Melissa Schroeder's next Santini brothers' book will be about Marco and set in Hawaii where we were stationed off and on for 15 years I'm looking forward to itThese books have HOT covers MMMM mmmm35 4 stars I love stories where the men are comfortable with themselves that they can be the romantic caring alpha man Leonardo fits that billLeo Santini joined the army after living a life as a military brat but under the marine arm He had a dream early on to be a medic and figured the army was front and center in the action that needed medical help So he ditched college and dug in We don't see him in his job during the course of this book unfortunatelyThe story opens with Leo visiting a friend in he hospital who was injured during battle and comes face to face with a hardheaded physical therapist He is put off by her attitude but totally attracted to her that he overlooks her hard edgesMaryanne Johnson I used to taking care of everyone and never allows anyone close enough to take care of her Her mother passed away while she was young and growing up with a marine for a father wasn't easy going let alone all the brothers who also became marines But one constant was her grandmother who eventually moved in with them to help raise MaryanneWith hard edges keeping her protected she tries to put distance between Leo and herself which Leo won't allow His kisses patience and sheer romantic side that sees past all her insecurities is grinding down her resistanceThe story is short but the timeframe passes in weeks So while we don't see everything that happens to them we do get time for these two to grow closer I didn't feel rushed into a relationship which I appreciatedHere is the biggest part I loved about this story Leo He comes across as strong trust worthy alpha hardworking and fun Yes fun He is romantic when needed but also he sees past the barriers Maryanne puts up all over the place Taking the time to learn about her he knows he is in love early one but can't tell her or she will freak out I just adored him and want to meet the rest of these menWe meet Momma Santini and all I will say is you don't mess with Momma's boysFull of Italian heritage wild hot sex a salute to restaurants Melissa misses and a visit to the zoo I can't wait for the next installment in this series

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