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With their large round ears patchwork coat and bone crunching jaws African wild dogs are some of the most distinctive animals roaming the African plains And their pups are among the cutest of all canines African wild dogs live in large packs led by a male and female The female gives birth to her pups in an underground den and she and other members of the pack work together to care for and protect the furry babies until they are big enough to hunt for prey on their own In this coming of age introduction to African wild dogs readers will see how these pups learn how to hunt and live in a pack The lively text colorful pages and exuisite photos are sure to delight and engage emergent readers African Wild Dogs

About the Author: Jane P. Gardner

Jane P Gardner North Chelmsford MA is a freelance writer and editor with than six years of experience writing for school aged children She has a master's degree in geology from Virginia Tech and a master's degree in education from the University of Massachusetts Boston Ms Gardner has also worked as a classroom teacher predominantly with middle school and high school students She left

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