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Youth Ministers Survival Guide It's a refrain heard all too often by youth ministers Why is it so hard to survive in youth ministry Len Kageler a 22 year survivor himself set out to find the answer He looked into the case studies of nearly 200 fired youth workers asking tough uestions The answers he got back form the backbone for this practical refreshingly honest survival guide Kageler takes on the real life issues that they don't teach you in youth ministry class like What to ask about a new position How to work positively with your pastor How to deal with discouragement How to know when it's time to leave How to work with problem kids How to relate to parents How to handle conflict What to do when the ax falls How to face the big temptations Money and Sex Plus Kageler provides dozens of practical tips to help you get off to the right start in youth ministry including a six year curriculum plan and a performance evaluation form to keep you ministry on track The Youth Minister's Survival Guide will help you not only survive but also prosper in youth ministry perhaps even as a career

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