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Brotherhood The year is 1867 the South has been defeated and the American Civil War is over But the conflict goes on Yankees now patrol the streets of Richmond Virginia and its citizens both black and white are struggling to redefine their roles and relationships By day fourteen year old Shadrach apprentices with a tailor and sneaks off for reading lessons with Rachel a freed slave at her school for African American children By night he follows his older brother to the meetings of a group whose stated mission is to protect Confederate widows like their mother But as the true murderous intentions of the brotherhood— now known as the Ku Klux Klan— are revealed Shad finds himself trapped between old loyalties and what he knows is right A powerful and unflinching story of a family caught in the enormous social and political upheaval of the period of Reconstruction

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    Based on ARCThis book depicts literary conflict flawlessly Young Shad is reminiscent of Huck Finn he is steeped in the ways of the South including the KKK but finds himself attending a secretive Colored school to learn to read He has to choose between the Brotherhood which includes his family and neighbors and his new friends To make sure his friends are safe means to betray his family

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    Brotherhood by AB Westrick is a powerful lesson in situational ethics how our upbringing world events and personal ties shape us and how we struggle to distinguish right from wrong in our own minds and hearts Brotherhood is about a young boy coming of age uestioning his conscience wondering who to trust; it’s about family country history race prejudice injustice and so much I found myse

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    “The Civil War has ended but the conflict isn’t over” Outstanding treatment of a sensitive and controversial topic the rise of the Ku Klux Klan in Reconstruction South specifically Richmond VA Appropriately the protagonist is a white teen boy caught in conflicting currents of loyalties commitments and aspirations The reader is swept along with his ambivalence and occasional stupidity as

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    this book surprised me

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    “The Klan was a good thingthe brotherhood the chickensMen supporting on anotherthey were part of a brotherhood that cared for widows and Confederate orphans and the rest But this business about burning a colored school? Shad couldn’t let the Klan do it” Pg 229Ah yes a YA novel on the Reconstruction and the Klu Klux Klan told from their point of view—poor white men scared and reluctant to ackno

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    When a book starts out with a disclaimer from the author about a subject matter it can be either a good sign or a bad sign In the case of AB Westrick's Brotherhood it's a little of both Set in Richmond Virginia in 1867 Brotherhood follows the story of Shadrich Weaver who wants nothing than to be a man like his older brother Jeremiah but in the process of doing so learns about right and wrong than he eve

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    Exciting story about a boy growing up in Richmond Virginia a few years after the Civil War has ended Westrick's in depth research about the era shows The story and characters remain with me long after I've finished reading this book

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    The book Brotherhood by AB Westrick is a great book It tells the story of a young boy named Shadrach in 1867 During that time in the book racism was very real and scary for any and everyone affected by it This is because of a group called the KKK or Ku Klux Klan people in this group terrorize people and their homes because of their skin color Shadrach has an older brother who happens to be in the group and Shadra

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    In Brotherhood by A B Westrick is a historical fiction book published in 2013 is based off the KKK In 1867 in Richmond Virginia a 14 year old boy named Shadrach Weaver apprentices with a tailor Shadrach's brother Jeremiah is a KKK member and one night when Shadrach tries to follow his brother to one of the meetings he is caught and joins the KKK When Jeremiah is arrested by the Yankees for killing a white man Shadrac

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    Great read Very cool to see a perspective of someone that was in the KKK Even though it was fictional

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About the Author: A.B. Westrick

A B Westrick is the daughter of Southerners who sought to leave the South behind Raised in Pennsylvania she later moved with her husband to Virginia and spent hours walking Richmond’s brick streets wondering how her ancestors had fared during and after the War between the States BROTHERHOOD grew from those wonderings AB Westrick has been a teacher paralegal literacy volunteer administr