The Bowen Brothers and Valentines Day Bowen Boys #23

The Bowen Brothers and Valentines Day Bowen Boys #23 I know V day passed but I just saw this today How can you not love the Bowen brothers?? “What do you think is the bullet proof way to go; taking the romantic sensitive route or banging your woman’s brains out until she can’t walk straight?”James turned to him Cole too“I didn’t know these were mutually exclusive” James said “I’d say start with the first; then move fast to the second Why? You need tips?” i freaking loved the Valentines special hahahaha Loved this It was part of our Valentine's Day Book Boyfriends Messages and you can find heretoo many to mention Enjoy Laugh Out Loud funny great mini read x Grab a cuppa and spend a little bit of time with the Bowen boys A great short Makes me want to re read these fast and funny books again Cute short story LOLSteak and BJ Day vs a handy and a hamburger Short freebie from Elle AycartThe B bros in V day just hilarious the banter between the brothers This was a pretty good short with James Tate Cole and some of the other characters from the series It's basically James and his brothers talking about what James and Cole are getting Tate and Christi for Valentines day Max ribs on James and Cole and in general much amusement is felt It's a cute little story that you'll definitely want to read if you've read any of the previous book from the series D Great short read and if you are a fan at all of this series it is great to still see the brothers needling one another I find this story especially funny because it is Max trying to make sure that his brothers don't screw up Valentine's day for their women yet he is the biggest player of them all makes you wonder if deep down he just wants what they have but hasn't found the right woman so he is playing it off this way This is a great short read that I would recommend for anyone

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