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Hell Fire Freedom For the last five years Brynn Langley has lived her own version of Hell on Earth Married to her abusive husband Carl in an attempt to give her sister a better life than the one she had she’s finally reached her breaking point Escaping is the only way to save her life Can she find the freedom she’s dreamed of forever or will everything go up in smokeBlaze Prescott one of New York’s finest falls hard and fast for Brynn the beautiful brunette he meets in the coffee shop He knows there’s to her story than what she’s letting on but can he handle Brynn’s past and give her hope for a brighter future or is the heat too much for even this sexy firefighter to handleword count 77350 or 35 Story about abuse running way and starting a new life It's an easy read would recommend I did enjoy the whole story of this one an abused wife running from her sadistic violent husband to hide in the obscurity of a big city The abuse side of this was all handled very well the systematic abuse over the years and the final decision to get away and the execution all very well handled There's great world building too all the scenes lived vividly in my imaginationIt fell down a little for me as I felt I was constantly being told rather than shown what the characters were feeling too much narrative not enough reaction Blaze although being a fantastic alpha hero never really did get much time to show how his feelings for Brynn grew he was just infatuated right from the very first moment he saw her I'd have preferred to see this aspect of the book expandedBrynn runs with her younger sister Marie who is at high school and has only been raised by their neglectful selfish alcoholic mother To me Marie sounded like a sage old best friend she sounded far older than her yearsThe abusive ex was really rather too much of a stereotypical bad guy he's 100% bad 0% human I would have liked to have seen his character better developed and understood his motivations better I think he may have a Norman Bates style mother fixation but this was never fully exploredThis is the author's debut novel and I think it shows potential and I will try the next book in the series3 stars For reviews please visit Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews or visit us on Facebook I was expecting from this book Maybe too much and it didn't deliver It was not bad but I have many issuesFirst I don't get how a woman after 5 years of hell beatings rape mental torture can even look at another man How can she even contemplate kissing a man Not to speak about getting in bed with him But that's what Brynn doesShe'd escaped travelled half the country to get to New York with her sister She's exhausted but when she sees Blaze in the coffee shop she notices him and feels attraction So not something I think an abused woman will doI understand that she's trying to get on with her life but it was done too uickly The whole story covers one year and they're happily together with children Mah Never heard a seriously abused woman get well so uickly It would have been much believable if the story was stretched in time following the time line that could have allowed her to heal at a reasonable pace This way it just felt rushed and not believableBlaze too was a bit over the line At first he's tender and gentle but very soon he's hitting on her heavily After just a couple of weeks he takes her to his home this is another thing I didn't get Brynn going to his house and get his way with her He also orders her around; even if it is for her own good I don't think it was the right path for him to takeThe sex parts I found them very mechanical I didn't feel the connection just the heat Maybe it was because I had all the above perplexities but I found them highly improbablySo why did I gave it even 3 stars?Because of Marie and because I want for all the abused women out there to have such an easy recovery and to find a good man for them About a year ago my mother in law the lovely woman that she is bought my husband and me a Nespresso maker It’s like having your own personal Starbucks at home Just pop in a little capsule fill your milk container add a little sugar press one tiny button and voila You’ve got yourself a little sip of heaven My husband has always been vehemently against coffee in any form Yes I do realize that there must be some major malfunction in the area which should house his brain Recently he’s broadened his horizons and stepped into the world of lattes and cappuccinos At this point you’re wondering what in the name of all things holy this has to do with my book review When I make him a hot steaming glass of goodness I of course have to make one for myself Nespresso Hell Fire Freedom one completely satisfied overly alert dark eye circle sporting book a holic I just could not put this book down – not at all I even found myself reading while attempting to make coffeeTrapped isn’t uite the right word; blackmailed might fit the bill a little better You see Brynn Langley has been living a nightmare for the past five years Five years ago Carl promised to send Marie Brynn’s little sister and their mother an unemployed alcoholic waste of space food each week while paying their electric bill in exchange for Brynn’s hand in marriage Oh and the stipulation that she never sees of speaks to her sister – ever She finds herself married to the lowest of the low He’s horrid We’re talking worse than the gunk you find built up in shower drains – all that old hair and gross moldy shampooconditioner mess I’m shuddering just thinking about it THAT is Carl He’s a bully of the worst kind and he’s using Brynn’s sister to keep her as his slave I mean wife I should have seen Carl trying to control me from the beginning as an ominous sign but I just couldn’t see past the fact that this marriage was going to help keep Marie warm and fed That was all that mattered in the end wasn’t it?One fateful day things begin to look up for Brynn She’s finally able to make her escape and is even able to bring Brynn along for the ride The two escapees make their way to NYC If you can make you can make it anywhereat least according to Frank Sinatra Her new life takes an unexpected turn in a small coffeehouse called Frothy Moustache It’s where she meets Blaze Prescott A hunk a hunk of burnin’ love – no really he’s a firefighter Part of me giggled when I read his name You have to admit that a firefighter named Blaze is a little corny Corny in a good way of course but corny none the less He’s a sexy mess of man and has his sights set on Brynn She’s a little reluctant at first Who wouldn’t be? She just came out of the marriage from Hades As the two get to know each other Brynn learns just how determined Blaze is to have her as his own He’ll do ANYTHING to keep her safe “I’m sorry Brynn I really am I swear I’m not angry with you I just I guess I’m not processing this very well am I? You are perfection to me in every sense of the word You deserve to be cherished and loved not beaten and broken You never have to worry about that with me” he promisesAs of late I have had the best book luck ever I just keep getting winners When Madison asked me to review Hell Fire Freedom I wasn’t too sure about it In fact I spent a good half hour annoying my husband while trying to pick which book I’d like to read next It’s always hard to move on when you’ve just finished a book that knocks your socks off I finally settled on this one and I could not have been happier with my choice God help the book that follows this one Eventually I’m gonna land on a stinker – for now I’ll ride this high Hell Fire Freedom deals with some tough subject matter; it’s uite possible that you may spring a leak or two while reading this one so have some tissues handy It’s impossible not to love Brynn and her unbreakable spirit The love she has for her sister is a thing of beauty And Shannon’s writing? Yeah it’s amazing The girl’s got talent I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next You NEED to add this book to your TBR list

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