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Think Think #1 Think critically learn to uestion everything and don't let your own brain trip you up  This fresh and exciting approach to science skepticism and critical thinking will enlighten and inspire readers of all ages With a mix of wit and wisdom it challenges everyone to think like a scientist embrace the skeptical life and improve their critical thinking skills Think shows you how to better navigate through the maze of biases and traps that are standard features of every human brain These innate pitfalls threaten to trick us into seeing hearing thinking remembering and believing things that are not real or true Guy Harrison's straightforward text will help you trim away the nonsense deflect bad ideas and keep both feet firmly planted in reality  With an upbeat and friendly tone Harrison shows how it's in everyone's best interest to uestion everything He brands skepticism as a constructive and optimistic attitude a way of life that anyone can embrace An antidote to nonsense and delusion this accessible guide to critical thinking is the perfect book for anyone seeking a jolt of inspiration

About the Author: Guy P. Harrison

I write about many things but my primary focus is on science and skepticism I believe that our world could be a little better and a lot less crazy if people simply understood how science works and appreciated the protective value of skeptical thinking in everyday lifeI've held numerous positions in the news industry including editorial writer world news editor sports editor photogra

10 thoughts on “Think Think #1

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    If I could give this book negative stars I would It's that bad; a complete waste of paper time and book space Harrison's book reads like Think; For Dummies I picked this book up randomly with the idea that this would be a book that applied logic to a few well se

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    Poorly edited childish over simplified and strangely lacking in self awareness for a skeptic book The illustrations are absurd and given the simplistic and condescending tone of the book make me think it was originally targeted towards childrenHarrison's main goal see

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    I want to give 5 stars to this book Totally waste of my time I'm so disappointed It's childish and i feel like a teenager wrote it I thought the Author's goal is to help people to be skeptical when it comes to thinking about our choices in politics social awareness and some

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    Think Why You Should uestion Everything by Guy P Harrison“Think is a fantastic and inspirational book that will teach readers how to think like scientists uestion everything embrace doubt is a recurring theme that accomplished author historian anthropologist Guy P Harrison driv

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    I am a scientist and skeptic I did expect the book to be written at a slightly higher level than it is so I was a bit underwhelmed The author tries to hard to be uncontroversial and soft peddling in his presentation As a result the whole book is repetitive and generally boring Intellec

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    Thought I was getting a book on critical thinking Not so much; so a book on beware of bigfoot the loch ness monster area 51 the Bermuda triangle etc Really disappointed

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    I was disappointed with this book I was expecting a advanced book The information in the book is very basic I learned this in a general science course in high school Harrison claims that too many people accept information without examining it critically He discusses alien abduction miracles Bigfo

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    Not even worth a rating This was the most pointless book I've ever skimmed Yes skimmed Read the intro and skimmed the rest How it landed on a Forbes must read list is beyond me I should return it to the library and tell them to put in the farm animal section because it was clearly written for sheep I'm

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    Honestly must read and well written

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    The best part of this book is that it includes a section on Resources to Keep Learning Which the author based his chapters on but weakly presents a summary of those findings Note also reiterated with a bit clarity at the end of each chapter under the heading of good thinkingThe biggest draw back is the condescendi

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