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The Collector Discover John Fowles’ compelling classic first novel‘Short and spare and direct an intelligent thriller with psychological and social overtones’ Sunday TimesWithdrawn uneducated and unloved Frederick collects butterflies and takes photographs He is obsessed with a beautiful stranger art student Miranda Coming into unexpected money he buys a remote Sussex house and calmly abducts Miranda believing she will grow to love him in timeAlone and desperate Miranda must struggle to understand her captor if she is to gain her freedom

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    Rather than go into the plot details I'd rather touch on the larger metaphors of the book in this review Although the basic plot is chilling enough on its own A man kidnaps a beautiful and intelligent young girl the parts that truly disturbed me had to do with what I believe Fowles was saying about modern culture and the rise of the middle clas

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    Fredrick is a clerk and butterfly collector who wins some money that lets him retire Fredrick is lonely and has trouble getting along with others the only people he really has are his aunt and cousin He watches an art student named Miranda who starts to become his obsession When he suddenly has a lot of free time and money on his hands his daydre

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    I read this when I was very young Young enough that anything with a sexual connotation was interesting to me Even really perverse deviations like this A collector of butterflies 'collects' a girl and holds her prisoner His deviation is far deeper than merely sex But of course sex is implied all the timeThere are two sorts of kept women those gold

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    This is one of those boy meets girl chloroforms her throws her in the back of the van and stuffs her in his basement type stories I knew that already and so I was really not expecting to be coshed on the head and chucked down in the basement as well and tied hands and feet and gagged so that all I could hear was the uiet reasonable voice of working

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    This novel was unlike anything I’ve read before and the character of Frederick will certainly leave a lasting memory I don’t think there’s been a character that’s made my skin crawl or forced me to talk back shout at a book on so many an occasion – well done FowlesI definitely think Book Readers should have this book on their shelf

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    Impotent sociopath kidnaps beautiful art student Told partly from the sociopath's perspective That's my jam I should have loved this bookBut something left me cold I suppose it may have been all the bitching and complaining the beautiful art student did in her stupid diary What a helpless twit Not to imply that I'd be brave and cunning or anythingif

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    This novel is over fifty years old and it holds up very well It is the rudimentary skeleton that is upheld fleshed by current events given a brain by contemporary writers ad nauseum by CSI Law and Order Law and Order SVU Medium Criminal Minds et al Though its semi predictable the end is nonetheless terribly terrific That there are two strands of narr

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    ’I am one in a row of specimens It’s when I try to flutter out of line that he hates me I’m meant to be dead pinned always the same always beautiful He knows that part of my beauty is being alive but it’s the dead me he wants He wants me living but dead’The Collector is the story of Frederick Clegg an extremely odd and lonely man who also co

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    It's been hard for me to focus lately – gee I wonder why?Over the past month I've begun several books lost interest shelved them I once imagined that if I had hours and hours to read I'd finally get around to War and Peace or Remembrance of Things Past Instead I find myself studying grim news items and statistics scrolling through memes on social medi

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    35 stars Thought by some to be the first psychological thriller this book left me slightly wanting The Collector is broken into three parts The first part is from Clegg's point of view Clegg is a man obsessed with a young woman and decides to collect her much as he collects butterflies The second part is from the woman's point of view once she's been col

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