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Coaltown Jesus Walker shouldn’t have been so surprised to find Jesus standing in the middle of his bedroom After all he’d prayed for whoever was up there to help him and to help his mom who hadn’t stopped crying since Noah died two months ago But since when have prayers actually been answered And since when has Jesus been so irreverentBut as astounding as Jesus’ sudden appearance is it’s going to take than divine intervention for Walker to come to terms with his brother’s sudden death Why would God take seventeen year old Noah when half of the residents in his mom’s nursing home were waiting to die And why would he send Jesus to Coaltown Illinois to pick up the piecesIn a spare and often humorous text renowned poet Ron Koertge tackles some of life’s biggest uestions — and humanizes the divine savior in a way that highlights the divinity in all of us

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    Favorite line Jesus nodded I know He was mad whenhe prayedNoah prayed?Oh yeah One night out on Bethel RoadHe was by himself and he got out of the carlooked up at the sky and said 'Who am I anyway? Really who the hell am I?That doesn't sound like a prayer to meJesus said Sure it was He leaned and pe

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    “You're a miracle Walker Your fingers are Your toes are Your crushing sadness and guilt are”Walker and his mom are trying to survive after the death of Walker's wild brother Noah Walker prays for comfortfor his mom What he gets is Jesus in the flesh walking beside him asking him uestions getting

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    This book was sacrilegious and heartbreaking As someone who has recently experienced major loss this book really hit homeJesus moved closer 'Walker listen to me okay? You ask what happens when someone dies Well the body decomposes and the worm play pinochle on your snout but Walker my dear Walker the

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    This story so reminds me of what my own personal relationship with Jesus is like Pure Simple Honest It's hard to take Him at His word when our emotions fears and doubts run interference Walker finally learned an important lesson Jesus may not answer prayers the way we want him to but He does answer th

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    I don't know what to say about this book except that it touched me

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    Why was Jesus at the foot of Walker's bed and why couldn't he just perform a miracle to stop Walker's mom from crying over Noah?  Turns out miracles take time and a lot of effort  Besides it's not just anyone that Jesus visits  So why Walker?  Told through a series of poems Koertge expertly tells

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    I read about Coaltown Jesus somewhere either the New York Times or the Horn Book review I believe I reuested it from the library and by the time it arrived I had forgotten whether I reuested it for me or my daughters Turns out it was really for both My thirteen year old read it first and told me it was g

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    An amazing book about loss family and Jesus Written in verse Recommended by the Unshelved Bookclub page

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    This is a wonderfully written story about a 14 year old young man as he tries to emotionally deal with the death of his 17 year old brother Both he and his mother are struggling emotionally his father died when he was an infant and he prayers for God to help his mother To his surprise Jesus shows up in per

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    Richie's Picks COALTOWN JESUS by Ron Koertge Candlewick October 2013 128p ISBN 978 0 7636 6228 3 Never been a sinner I've never sinnedI've got a friend in JesusSo you know that when I dieHe's gonna set me up with the Spirit in the sky Norman Greenbaum 1969 'So Are You Going to Fix My Mom?' 'I'm sure going t

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