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Forever Friday Ideal for readers of Nicholas Sparks Forever Friday is the heartwarming and captivating tale of an unlikely couple a weekly gift of devotion and a heartbroken man longing to discover the secret to lasting marriageAfter a devastating divorce leaves Adam Colby heartbroken he is not sure how he can put the pieces of his life back together He wonders if even God can make sense of the mess that remains until a package of mysterious postcards that direct Adam to the story of Gabe and Huck Alexander Drawn by her desire to find a true soulmate Pearl Huck Huckabee breaks a turbulent engagement with her fiancé to marry Gabe Alexander a man she's known just a few short weeks Wanting to celebrate and protect their love Gabe mails her a meaningful postcard every week beginning in 1926 for the next sixty years Designed to arrive on Fridays each postcard not only contains an original poem but holds precious truths the sum of which answer the universal uestion what makes a marriage last As Adam begins to uncover the Alexanders' secret he records Gabe and Huck's extraordinary romance It's a process that will change his life forever

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    This book typifies why I am thinking about phasing out reviewing Christian fiction Putting the label Christian fiction on a book does not make it so There's nothing Christian about this book Smoking drinking immoral behavior a so called guardian angel while almost no talk of God Himself much less anyone even TRYING to live a godly life makes for a very poor book indeedThe story line itself had some great promise and there are some very sweet moments but these are cheapened by the lack of any type

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    25 stars ✨

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    This is one of the best romance books I think I have read and it has been sitting on my shelf for years It is a story about the power or love and marriage After being married to the same man for 58 years I can tell you that there is a lot of truth in this book about how to keep a marriage alive What a treat it has been to read this book

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    I liked this book it was a good love story My only issue is that this is supposed to be a christian book and it's really not much at all This book is easy and Interesting to read though

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    25 starsPros Huck and Gabe are likable characters who display their deep love for God and each otherKnowing very little about Texas history myself the book seems well researchedCons It seemed with the exception of 3 or 4 very brief incidents with elements of risk and danger a mediocre tale of two average middle class Americans who were faithful to their marriage The evil Clark seemed inhuman almost a classic 'evil villain' from the Vaudeville era How could he be that mentally ill and Huck a lifelong

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    This book took me FOREVER to finish because there wasn't much excitement that happened in it to make me not want to put it down The book was just alright cute story but not much of a climax I did however like how it ended around the theme of hope

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    Nice love story between Gabe and Huck but I didn't care for ending Seemed like the author got bored at the end and just finished book

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    Some great romances worth telling are never told their lovers slipping silently between life's timeworn cracks only to be pitched with yesterday's trash As owner of a small estate sale business I'd witnessed evidence over the years of various couple's love lives So I'd learned to sift through the piles of forgotten memories Learned to appreciate a second lookand perhaps ease my pain That was how I discovered the postcards Bargain hounds and treasure hunters pushed through the heavy front door of Gabe an

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    Please rank my review over at WaterBrook Multnomah at Friday is a very uniue way to tell a love story The author sets the story up by introducing us to Adam a man who does not know if it is possible for true love to last He is disheartened by his wife leaving him two years earlier After discovering a set of postcards with love poems on them that spanned sixty years of a couple’s marriage Adam set out to learn the secret to this now deceased couple’s lasting romanceThe first portion of the book moved

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    This struck me as a very different novel from the norm but at first I couldn't figure out why After some thought I decided it was because of the instant intense 'love at first sight' theme between Gabe and Huck the two main characters I'd just finished reading a string of novels in which the romantic duo were antagonistic toward each other until the plot drew warmer feelings out of them As that scenario may be what we come to expect from romances I was wondering why 'Forever Friday' seemed to work I've he

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